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Student days – Part one(Facesitting) – The temptress

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:41 PM

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My heart skipped a beat as I felt Becky's huge and  firm melons press against my arm as she leant into me and pointed to a text in the book I was holding, 'I think this is important to revise.' She said, looking up at me as if trying to gauge my reaction. Outwardly, I showed nothing, but inwardly, I felt a twitch in my boxer shorts. It had been like this every day for two weeks now and I was at my wit's end.
The problem with Becky was that she was a slapper of the first order – this in itself wasn't an issue (Nothing wrong with casual, no-strings-attached sex). However, she was the sort that would seduce a guy and then brag to his girlfriend about it afterwards! I was in a steady relationship at the time and I certainly didn't want Becky causing any trouble.  Don't get me wrong, I often fantasied about being boxed, wrestled and smother by Becky and if I thought I could of got away with it without my girlfriend finding out, I would have at a drop of a hat. Knowing Becky that wasn't possible
At the time, I was on work experience from uni and we were both being accommodated at a local college student accommodation. The blocks consisted of two floors, each with 4 bedrooms, a shared bathroom and kitchen and a communal area. Our work experience had run into the summer semester holidays so we were literally the only people there. Originally, we were both in separate blocks, but the staff had asked us to move into the same block so that they could carry out maintenance over the summer. Of course, Becky loved the idea but I knew what was coming........
It all started when I was helping Becky move from the old block into mine.  Becky handed me a few bags and asked me to take them to her new room whilst she finished packing the rest of her stuff. Happy to help, I set off through the block, out of the door and down the road to the building where our rooms were located. Upon reaching my block, I had to put down the bags to get my key fob out of my pocket and open the door. As I picked up the bags again, I noticed that the large blue holder was open. You could quite easily see what was inside and I caught a glimpse of a strap and some embroidered cotton. Knowing exactly what was inside, my mouth became dry. I hurried up the stairs and into the block so that I could have a good look at the bag's content. The first specimen I pulled out was a black full cup bra with a tiny red bow between the cups. This thing was huge. Feeling my hands tremble a little, I fumbled inside, looking for the label. 38G,wow! I rummage through the bag a bit longer and pulled out several others, all as equally sexy as each other. I couldn't help but rub my cock as I placed one to my face and imagined Becky smothering my entire face with her massive breasts. At that very moment, I realised that she had left that bag open on purpose and that she had started with her games. It took all my willpower to place the bras back into the bag and walk away. I knew I would need plenty of self-restraint as Becky was a natural at what she did and really knew how to turn up the heat. Apart from her huge chest, she was about 5'7 and had a very curvaceous figure. She wasn't bad looking and had long flowing curly hair that reached down past her shoulders. However, for me, there was something about her look that was incredibly erotic.
Over the next few days, Becky pulled out all stops and went to work on me. She took every opportunity to break me. These efforts ranged from pretending to yawn in front of me, exaggerating the stretching movement with her arms above her head and her buxom chest sticking out to bending down directly in front of me to pick something up or supposedly accidentally brushing her tits up against me when passing me in the tight kitchen. The whole situation was driving me wild but I just couldn't show it. If I did, she would go in for the kill!!! This worked for a few days, but then she spotted a chick in my armour – on the next occasion as she brushed past me in the kitchen, I couldn't help but let out a barely audible whimper of delight, 'You ok? She asked with an obviously grin on her face.
Smelling blood,Becky upped the ante over the next few days. Everywhere I went, she was there in a tight t-shirt or a low-cut blouse using every opportunity to rub herself up against me or make sexual innuendoes. The final straw came on Friday night, when Becky appeared in the my door wearing just jeans and a crimson red bra and a towel wrapped on her head in a turban style. I could feel my heart in my throat as I spied her huge firm tits fighting to get out of way too little material! Naturally, Becky was aware of my arousal and paused a moment before saying anything. As I finally lifted my eyes to her face she said, 'I am going to wash my hair now, did you need to use the bathroom before I go in as I will be there for a while.' I tried to say no but my excitement had dried up my throat and I couldn't get any words out. Seeing this, Becky smirked and simply left for the bathroom.
For my own sanity, I decide to avoid her the next day the best I could. I got up early and went into the local town for the day. I finally started to relax and went about doing some clothes shopping. After I had bought a few items, I found a quiet pub. Having got myself a pint, I sat down at a table in the corner with a view of the TV and watch a bit of footie. I was chilling out nicely, when I suddenly felt a vibration in my pocket. I pulled out phone and saw that I had received a text, 'Hi, just been speaking to Claire. We had a good chat. Looks like you and I have some catching up to do Becky' My heart sunk! The game was now truly over. I had shared accommodation with Claire in my first year at university. She came into my room once to chat but I had left out some mixed wrestling and facesitting magazines lying about by accident. I could see that Claire had seen them, but didn't say anything. I felt really embarrassed but as Claire didn't mention it at all, I soon forgot about it. Unfortunately, Becky had most likely extracted this information from her through her cunning ways and now she had the ammo she needed. I knew that if Becky offered to queen and smother me, I would cave in straight away!
I knew Becky was in when I got back to the block because I heard her TV running in her room as I tried to walked past quietly without being noticed. I had only just managed to get into my own room and take off my jacket when Becky appeared in the doorway. She stood there with either hand on the door frame, 'Hey, you. Had a good day?' 'Yyyes, thanks.' I replied with a nervousness in my voice that Becky could clearly hear. Becky strolled in confidently  and leaned against the desk. Feeling my legs give, I decided to sit down on the bed opposite her. 'I notice they have a boxing ring in the college gym. Shame we can't use it.' Said Becky wryly, not breaking eye contact as to judge my reaction. 'Would you like to use it with me?' She added, knowing she had me! Without thinking, I yelped, 'Oh yes, Becky', simultaneously realising  I had fallen into her trap. Becky was now smiling from ear to ear. 'Hmm, interesting.' Her words now flowing like silk. 'Problem is I am not sure what you and me would do in a boxing ring! Oh I know. Claire told me about some interesting magazines you have. Maybe if I saw them, I would get an idea.' I nearly froze with excitement as I listened to every syllable coming from Becky's mouth. I was shaking as I reached into the draw and pulled out a few magazines I had. 'Oh you do seem a little nervous.' Said a bemused Becky as she took them from my trembling hands. At this point, I couldn't stand as my legs began to quiver. I sat back down onto my bed whilst Becky slowly flicked through the pages with an engrossed look on her face. 'I like the look of this.' She said suddenly as she turned the magazine towards me to show me a picture of a topless woman sitting on a man's face. I don't mind admitting, I was at breaking point. I could feel a tingling in my groin that was moments away from becoming fully hard. The problem was, Becky could see it too! 'I think this is something I would like to do to you!' She smiled. My cock had now reached the point of no return and I could feel it push against my jeans. Nevertheless, in that moment, I dug deep and gathered my entire arsenal of willpower, 'The thing is, I have a girlfriend, Becky' the words came half-heartily out of my mouth. 'Hmm.' Said Becky, lifting her finger to her cheek in a thinking pose. 'I see your predicament. Tell you what, I am going to stand her for at least 5 minutes more. If you want me to do all those things the women in the magazine are doing to those guys, you  should to get on your knees, undo my jeans button and pull down the zip. Then I will know. Your choice.' Continued Becky as she flicked off her shoes.
To be honest the last of my self-control disappeared at the same time as my last feeble statement about not being able to have fun with Becky because I was in a relationship. Within seconds, I was on my knees, unzipping Becky's jeans. 'Looks like we are in business then.' Said Becky looking down at me with an extreme smug look on her face. 'Maybe you should take off your trousers and lay on your bed.' She added. Having complied to Becky's instruction, I lay there on the bed looking over at her. Becky grinned and smirked as she slowly removed her jeans, maintaining eye  contact with me the entire time. Once she had flung her jeans to one side she stood there for moment, her feet shoulder-width apart. She stroked the tops of her thighs softly, drawing my attention to her mound encased in her silk black panties as she swayed lightly from side to side. 'You ready for this?' She said. My erect cock twitched with the thought. Becky lifted her arms above her head and swiftly removed her t-shirt allowing her caged melons to bounce out. Reaching around her back she unclipped her bra and seductively removed it, giving me a glimpse of her fantastic jugs! They were huge and well-formed with large areolas. I let out a whimper of delight as I saw them, relishing the thought of having them shoved in my face. Standing there topless in all her glory, Becky decided to strike a victory pose. 'Do you like this? I notice the women in your mags do this a lot.' It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. One of my fantasies about Becky was to have her knock me to the floor in a boxing match, place a foot over my head and strike such a pose!
Soon Becky was ambling over to me, my excitement growing with every cm she drew nearer. She placed her one knee to the right of me and brought the other over to the left so that she was now directly above my face. As she look down at me smiling over her massive tits, I felt like I was about to explode in my boxer shorts. She then lowered herself to within a few inches of my head but then stopped. As she hovered there she said 'Oh but hang on. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean you do have a girlfriend.' Yessss!' I cried. 'Hmm, we shouldn't forget our manners, should we.' Said Becky sarcastically. By now, I was positively wriggling with anticipation, 'Please, Becky, sit on my face!!!' Becky laughed and lowered herself immediately onto my eagerly awaiting face. My nose was instantly filled with a mixture of the scent of Becky's pussy, the smell of her silk panties and a hint of sweat. I could feel the warmth coming from her thighs on my cheeks. I placed my hands under her knees  so I could image she had trapped them during a wrestling take-down. Becky soon started to work over my face as she slowly rotate her hips, rubbing herself off on my face. As she grinded away, she would run her fingers through her hair or squeezed her boobs together and much to my delight, every now and then she would strike victory poses. The entire time she didn't break eye contact with me once. Becky's movements became stronger and quicker and her moaning became louder and louder, it wasn't long before I could feel the damp patch through her panties. I felt her tense before she let out an enormous squeal before slumping again.
At first I thought she was all done as she lifted herself off my face. However, how wrong I was. As quick as you like, she simply turned around and I got a quick glance of her ample bottom as she lowered it onto my face again.  Becky briefly glanced back at my just to see my wide-eyed expression as her butt cheeks enveloped my face. She then leaned back and sat directly on my face. I was now totally at her mercy because I couldn't lift her off at this angle. I could feet Becky's hand reached into my boxer shorts and wrap her hands around my stiff cock. She giggled at the sound of my muffled moans as I laboured for air under her big rounded bum. The more she stroked me the more I moaned and the more she giggled with pleasure.
Coupled by the expert handling of my dick and the fact that I was being totally smother by this curvaceous woman, it wasn't long before I felt ready to shoot my load. Becky, however, noticing that I was tensing up and ready to unload, suddenly stopped. 'Not yet, big boy.' She said in an authoritarian tone of voice and promptly got up from me. She ordered me to get off the bed, sit on the floor and then lean back against the bed with my head resting on it. I complied straight away as I knew what was coming and nearly blew my top just thinking about it. As I looked up at the ceiling, Becky's dangling melons soon appear. Knowing that savouring the moment before would make me even hornier; she paused for a moment allowing me to get a good view of the monster airbags that were about the swallow my head. Becky then pushed her breast into my face and I gasped with pleasure. My legs shot up and I wriggled with pure arousal as Becky teased me, 'I could  knock you out with these things! Would you like that?' 'mmmmm' came my stifled reply. I didn't hear you.' Said Becky as she lifted her chest up briefly. 'Yes Becky, I would  love you to knock me out with your melons.' I gasped. Becky rolled her shoulders, forcing her tits smother every part of my face. I could feel the pressure in my balls and just wanted to cum there and then.
After a little while longer, Becky lifted up her breast and ordered me to change places with her. Of course I was quite happy to do so. I now sat there on the side of the bed whilst Becky kneeled in front of my. Still looking directly at me, she placed her heavy chest into my lap and started to rub up and down. 'This is my speciality by the way. I do this with all the guys.' She said smiling at me. With that she quickly pulled down my boxers and I watched in delight as my cock disappeared between her massive tits. I shook and moaned with utter ecstasy as Becky bobbed up and down, skilfully wanking my cock off with her jugs. She was elated with every expression of pleasure that came across my face. Becky giggled as I tensed up, knowing she was about to finish me off. She then gave a shriek of delight as a thick creamy bolt struck her just under the chin followed quickly by another that splashed against her tits.
Luckily for me, By the time I got back to uni after the holidays, I had broken up with my girlfriend before Becky got to see her again. Also lucky for me was that Becky was not really a good student and she would often pay me in facesitting sessions for additional help with her subjects.

Please feel free to comment on my stories or use any of the characters. I am particularly interested in comments about  the characters.

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