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The Pleasure and Pain of Dating a Soccer Girl -- Not My Story, Just Sharing it

Started by scizorlover, 17-Jan-18, 08:11 AM

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Hi all, this is my first contribution to the forum. This isn't my story, but i've been given permission to share it with you. enjoy!

The Pleasure and Pain of Dating a Soccer Girl

130 lbs
18 years old

Kayla is a beautiful and very down-to-Earth girl that I've had the pleasure of being friends with all throughout high school. She is a beast at soccer and is going to an upstate college on a soccer scholarship. Kayla is not only athletic and fit, but she is also pretty smart! Like in the story, she has a thing for pre-medical students. I've often fantasized about her and me together as a couple and what she can do to me with her well-toned body developed from years of varsity soccer.

140 lbs
18 years old

I'm Justin, an 18-year old high school senior. But this story is definitely not about me. This story is about my incredible girlfriend. I never expected that things would have picked up so quickly the first time I laid eyes on that green-eyed beauty. She herself, with her model-like good looks, has dated many better-looking guys. I've had only a few girlfriends my whole life, and none of them matched up to Kayla. I'm definitely lucky to have one incredible, tan, strong, and beautiful girlfriend who satisfies both of our sexual pleasures. When I met her, I never knew what kind of scissor and grappling prowess lied underneath her toned body developed from years of playing soccer. Kayla has shown me a new meaning to the words "She destroyed me in bed." I can only try to tell how just 1 day after school turned into a 6-month-and-counting relationship of sexual intimacy, and body-numbing and crushing dominance by Kayla.

Turn the clock back to last January. It was the final second semester I would ever have in high school, and soccer season was right around the corner in a month or so. I never cared for soccer at all, but that all changed when a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to go hang and watch the girls drill and practice one Wednesday afternoon. I tagged along and went to the fields behind my school. The junior varsity soccer girls were first to practice, and there were a few other spectators. I wasn't impressed by any of the girls there, and I was only there because Joseph was staying for his girlfriend on the JV team. About an hour later, the varsity girls rolled in as the JV girls left. I was about to leave, too, as Joseph left to meet up with his girlfriend. That was, until I saw HER. My god, this one girl on the varsity team was absolutely beautiful. Her brown hair shined in the late afternoon sunlight and complemented her tanned, glowing face and body. I just had to move down to the lower bleachers to get a better look. This girl was definitely very athletic, I could already tell, judging by her chiseled legs and well-toned arms. She wasn't totally ripped, but she seemed like the thin and strong type, with muscular legs that bulged with each step she took. There were thicker girls than her, but their bodies weren't anywhere near as muscularly defined.

Their practice started soon, but all I could focus on was HER. Damn, this girl can play soccer! She was faster than all of the girls on her team. She was faster than all of the girls on her team, and she helped score most of the points during their scrimmage. She looked so powerful and quick out there, and her athletic prowess was such a turn-on, as if her beautiful body weren't enough. I couldn't see much from up here, but I glued my eyes to her tan, shining, and strong legs. They weren't bodybuilder-thick, but they were definitely muscular enough for me to fantasize them wrapped around my neck, crushing the life out of me. I resisted the urge to pleasure myself when I snapped back to reality and realized that others were around me. Unfortunately, the scrimmage came to a quick halt, making me scream in disappointment on the inside. She huddled with her teammates and then walked back to the locker room with her friends. I wasn't gonna let her out of my sight; I NEEDED to talk to this incredible girl, more than I needed air at that point. I went to the front of the school, where all the soccer girls left to go to their cars. I was incredibly lucky that day, because she was the last to leave. I just couldn't help but follow her down the hallway as she went towards the parking lot. She looked so damn beautiful, her blue uniform showing off her sun-kissed and toned legs, her curvy thighs barely contained by her shorts, which also showed off her round ass.

She turned around. My heart sank. She showed her very pretty face and just gave a brief smile and kept walking. I kept following her, fixated on this beautiful, chiseled girl. It was getting harder and harder to control my urges to grab her sexy ass now, to resist feeling the bulging muscles in her beautifully chiseled legs. My erection was getting uncontrollable and was starting to hurt to the point that I couldn't walk as much. Then. SHE turned around again and walked up to me! Oh..... crap. "You're a senior, too, aren't you?" She said in her very gentle voice. I was completely shocked – I thought this vixen would call me out for following her, but she was greeting me?! "Uh, ye-yeah, yeah, I am! How did you know?" I nervously responded. "I've seen you around! I'm Kayla! Nice to meet you!" Kayla friendlily said. "I'm Justin, ni-nice to meet you too." Kayla gave a very cheery smile and asked, "What college are you going to?" "Oh, the one upstate." I responded, still wracked with nervousness. "Oh, really?! Me too! What do ya wanna study?" Kayla enthusiastically asked. "Uh, I guess I want to be a doctor, so—" I started to say, but before I could even finish, Kayla's gorgeous green eyes lit up and she ecstatically cheered, "Oh, a med student! I don't meet many guys like that! That's cool, I wanna go into nursing!" as she got really close to me and stuck out her knee in excitement, almost kneeing my erection (which I kind of hoped would happen). "Oh, th-that's cool! Maybe we'll see each other, then!" I nervously responded, trying to keep my nerves under control. Kayla and I then kept walking together. I asked her, "How long have you been playing soccer, K-Kayla? I saw your practice." Kayla smiled and said, "Since I was 6! I've been on varsity all 4 years...and I ran track too! And you got only a small piece of how beastly I really am! I led us to regional champs all 4 years, too." I was completely blown away by how athletic but beautiful Kayla was, and I said, "Jeez, you are good!" as we walked out the front entrance. "Oh, just wait til you see me in action in a month! You'll be talking about me all the time, Justin!" Kayla confidently gloated. Oh, I was already THINKING about this girl, let alone talking about her! As we departed ways, she said in her gentle voice, "I guess I'll see you in school, Justin. You should come watch me practice more often!" I smiled and nodded and watched her beautiful, powerful legs walk her away. As I drove home, all I could think about was Kayla, and this continued well into the next day and the next few days.

Even the next Monday, I was still infatuated with Kayla. I was sitting in the hallway as I always do in the mornings to wait for my friends to show up. "....did you hear that practice is moved to today?" I heard a girl whisper. I looked up and there Kayla was, walking with her friend in a tight t-shirt that showed off her round bust and a tight pair of jeans. She didn't notice me as they kept walking by, but I was definitely looking forward to seeing Kayla again and maybe getting the chance to talk to her again. School could not have gone by more slowly that day. When the 3:30 bell rang, I dashed out of the classroom and onto the soccer field bleachers. But there was no one out there. No girls kicking soccer balls around. No drills. I waited a full 10 minutes before my heavy heart told me that practice was probably canceled. I walked back through the gym to the main entrance. Before I opened the heavy door to leave, I was stopped by a giggling voice.

"You fell for it! Ya know, for a med student, you're not that smart!" Kayla giggled as I turned around to face her. Kayla looked so incredibly sexy in her pink sports bra that highlighted her curvy breasts and a small pair of black athletic shorts that stopped only a few inches below her hips. I walked over to her, wracked with confusion and nervousness. "Wh-what's going on, Kayla?" I asked. Kayla laughed and said, "There's no practice today! I just said that to see if you would come anyways! Couldn't stay away, could ya?" I was totally shocked to have been fooled by this girl, so I just nervously smiled. "Anyways, I didn't feel like making you wait a whole month to see what I'm really made of. I wanna show you what I can REALLY do! If you're up for it...!" Kayla said with a very strong passion as her green eyes sparkled. I could tell she was excited about something. "Uh...okay, sure." I said questioningly. Kayla smiled and said as she looked down my person, checking out my build. I'd hoped she didn't notice my throbbing erection. "I'm also a pretty good grappler! Being a quick forward is one thing, but being a fast grappler is totally different! You wanna see me in action, face-to-face??? Well, then, let's wrestle, Justin!" Kayla said very excitedly as she got closer to me, hands on her hips. Oh, god. How could I refuse rolling around with Kayla, my body grinding against hers? This was a total dream-come-true! "Sure, let's do it!" I responded, still trying to control my growing bulge. "Great! I'll get the mats ready!" Kayla cheered as she hopped away and went to go get some cheerleading mats from the pile on the gym stage. "You need help with those?" I asked. Kayla laughed, "No, I got it." I didn't know whether she meant to intimidate me with this, but it worked. Kayla singledhandedly lifted all of those mats by herself and placed them down on the gym floor. If I were doing that, I'd be winded before I even finished! When Kayla finished, she walked back over to me and said, "Okay, ready to see what I'm really made of???" I just smiled and nodded. Kayla giggled and took off her shoes, prompting me to do the same. Kayla then walked over to the other side and gently asked, "You wanna armwrestle before we do this?" I said sure as she got down on her stomach, her right hand ready in the air. I got down onto the mats with her and grabbed her hand. Kayla giggled, "You have really soft hands!" This comment made me blush in embarrassment, and I tried to get the upper hand on Kayla by pushing down her hand with all my might. Kayla was definitely surprised at this as my right hand forced hers down halfway down to the mat. I was going to win.....until Kayla giggled and seamlessly forced my hand back to the starting position and then to the mat, without much resistance, in about 3 seconds. Kayla laughed, "You couldn't win even with a head start!!!" as she let go of my hand. I was reeling from embarrassment and shock now as I tried to process what the hell just happened. I hadn't noticed them before, but oh wow – Kayla's biceps were pretty impressive. They weren't ripped like a weightlifter's, but they were definitely toned and had several ridges of muscle gleaming. Kayla kept laughing for a good 10 seconds until she asked, "Are you sure you wanna do this? No one's gonna have to hear about this, you don't have to prove anything!" Still trying to recover from my loss, I laughed and nodded. Kayla giggled and said, "Okay, then, we start on the knees." as she rose to her knees and I did the same. "Let's do 3 rounds. If you give up, tap either the ground or me, okay?? It's that simple!" She said very excitedly. I responded "yes." Oh my god, this was really happening! I was beyond excited to grapple with Kayla after thinking about her for so many days.

Kayla giggled, "....and.....go!" Before I could even lunge at her like I'd planned, she flew towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck and pummeled me to the ground. And before I could even react, she twisted my arms towards her and wrapped her beautiful, tanned, and muscular legs around my stomach. Never. In my life. Had I felt. Such incredible strength. Kayla let go of my left arm as she grabbed my right and forcefully pulled it towards her as she laid on her side and forced my back flat on the mat, her chiseled legs still wrapped around my tiny waist. I looked over to Kayla's bright, smiling face as she giggled, "I'll leave you one you can tap!!!" With that, this brunette bombshell started to slowly constrict her thighs around my waist, her muscles beginning to crush down on my body. "AAAUUGHH! Oh, god! Oh, god!" I screamed in total panic, my adrenaline pumping as Kayla smiled. Kayla began to squeeze harder, and I just winced in pain and gritted my teeth, trying to cope with it. I could still make out Kayla's beautiful face, and she giggled, "Anytime it hurts too much, remember to tap!" with a lot of confidence. Kayla kept squeezing harder as I kept groaning like I had never groaned before. I fought my way through the pain to utter, "I-I will never tap you—" I was unbelievably embarrassed by what I just accidentally said. I corrected myself, "...I mean, never tap!" Kayla's eyes widened at my statement before she smiled and laughed, "Yeah,... you're definitely right about that first part! You're a great guy and all and you can try your hardest, but you're not tapping me! But you WILL tap out to me, Jussy!" Kayla kept the pressure steady as she slowly kept squeezing my tiny waist. I gasped, "Auugh...yeah, right, eat me!" as I desperately fought for my arm back. Kayla giggled, "Oh, you wanna play it that way?" and pulled my arm towards her more and slithered her thighs up toward my stomach instead. "You're gonna eat those words, Jussy! See my ankles? I'm gonna cross them this time!" I looked over to my left and saw Kayla cross and lock her right ankle over her left. Oh. Fucking. God. The amount of pressure was indescribable as I felt the wind get crushed out of my body. I closed my eyes and scrunched my face in pain as I heard Kayla give her cute, feminine giggle. Kayla kept constricting her thighs and bending my arm towards her, making me scream in pain, "OH .... OH GOD!!!" Up til this point, I had totally forgotten about submitting. The excruciating pain was worse than anything I had felt in my life! I frantically tapped Kayla's right thigh, which bulged with muscle as she kept the pressure steady. I will never ever forget the moment I felt that chiseled leg; it was better than what I had fantasized for the past few days. Kayla laughed, "YES! Told ya you would tap!" as she lifted that beautiful leg off of my flattened stomach and slid her other leg from under me and mercifully let go of my arm.


I lied there, absolutely motionless and in awe of what just happened. This beautiful brunette of my dreams just totally mopped the floor with me. Just absolutely unbelievable. I hadn't even noticed it at this point, but my erection was now throbbing after I laid my hand on Kayla's silky-smooth but very muscular thigh – something every guy at my school must dream of. Kayla cockily teased, "I think that one goes to me!" as I grabbed my head, still trying to process what the hell just happened. Kayla was sitting on her knees and sweetly asked "Are you okay? Do you wanna stop?" I looked up to her shining, smiling face and excitedly said, "No, no! Let's keep going!" as I got up to my knees to face her. Kayla gave a small laugh and smiled at me, observing my reaction. "You have got some strong legs, Kayla. Holy crap..!" I complimented, my eyes glued to those shiny, tanned gams. She laughed and said, "Told you you'd see them in action! I'm a lot stronger than I look!" My brain now flooded with hormones, I asked, "Where did you learn to wrestle?" Kayla giggled, "Uhm....I've had a few jock-cock boyfriends before, and ...let's just say I've had to find a way to remind them how to treat a girl!" with much confidence. I just nodded my head in awe and smiled awkwardly as I dreamt about being her boyfriend; I'd never treat her wrong. "But hey! If it makes you feel any better, you're doing better than my last one! You're not running off like a pansy!" Kayla joked excitedly as she clapped her hands. I laughed with her before she said, with her bright, beautiful, green eyes, "Ready to go again???"

Totally excited to wrestle this incredibly strong and equally sexy brunette, I gave a weary "yes" as Kayla started to move towards me on her knees. I tried to get in a position where I could grab her, but I was already somewhat tired and DEFINITELY weakened by Kayla's unbearably painful bodyscissors. Kayla must have noticed how sluggish I moved, because she smiled and then took advantage of my slowness to grab my arm and pull my body completely towards her, wrapping her right arm around my neck. Kayla forced me down lower to the mats as she giggled while pressing down on me with her weight. She teased, "Give up yet, Jussy?" while starting to tighten her headlock. I felt the blood cut off from my head and frantically tried to pry her toned arm off my brittle neck. I kept on tugging with all my strength, my adrenaline pumping through me to give me a boost, but no matter what I tried, Kayla would. Not. Budge. She laughed at my pathetic attempt and said, "Hmmmm.... I don't think I wanna submit you this way..." And with that, she climbed on top of me and let go of her grip just long enough to wrap those pythonic thighs around my neck while still standing, with quick cat-like speed – something I was NOT prepared for! As soon as Kayla clamped down, I began to feel the pressure of her strong, gorgeous thighs compressing my scrawny neck. "Auuugh, god! Oh, my god!!" I uncontrollably whined. Kayla laughed and pushed all her weight to her back, dragging me with her. "Ready to tap???" Kayla confidently teased. I soooo wanted to tap Kayla's thigh for her mercy, but the sensual feeling of my head between this beautiful girl's thighs was too hard to resist, so I decided to endure more pain for the sake of my throbbing erection. But oh man, was it hard to endure. Kayla kept the scissor pressure steady and slightly squeezed, causing me to instinctively place my hands on her toned thighs to try and relieve some of the pressure. Upon seeing this, Kayla giggled, "Ohh, does that hurt now, Jussy?? Hang on, you haven't seen nothin'!!" I felt her feminine hands reach down to my neck and readjust her thighs' deadly grip around my neck. I could still remember how much tighter this scissorhold was now. I knew I was in some serious trouble, and I started panicking and trying to pry apart her legs with all of my adrenaline-fueled strength. Kayla giggled at my feeble attempt and held my head still as she forced me to watch her cross her pretty ankles and rested them ahead of my crotch, on the mats, mere inches from my very hard erection. I had never, ever felt any kind of strength like that, and as she tightened her thighs around my neck, her hands still locking my head in place, and squeezed with much more force, I couldn't help but scream, "AAUUGH, GOD! OKAY, OKAYY! KAYLA! S-SSTOPPP!!!" My frantic screaming only caused her to tease, "Uhm, I believe we agreed on tapping, Jussy! So, tap out or go out!" Before I could reply, I felt Kayla arch herself up using her arms, putting more weight into her pelvis area and causing me to scream in pain again. The pressure was too much for me to bear, so I finally tapped both her chiseled thighs with my hands, which had absolutely failed to do anything to resist her clamps from constricting around my neck. Kayla mercifully released me from her pythonic deathgrip, and I rolled over to the side in absolute disbelief and pain. I just lied there, staring up at the ceiling while Kayla was just sitting on the mat to my right, smiling at my pathetic performance. She giggled, "2-Nothing, Justin! So, let's're not very smart.....or manly!" Kayla had a lot of sass with that last blow, and this just sent my hormones into overdrive. "Come on! Prove me wrong!! Submit me just once, and we'll forget about your last two falls!" As she finished her sentence, Kayla pet my head and stroked my hair, comforting me for my helplessness. I looked over to her glowing, beautiful face as she kept petting me. Just the physical act of her touching me, almost caressing me, hiked my sex drive so high, I'm not sure how Kayla didn't notice my bulge through my shorts. I don't remember ever saying "yes" again, but I must have done it out of a purely sex-driven instinct. Kayla giggled, "Then, show me what ya got, big boy!!" with extreme cockiness as she got up and walked over to the other side and went on her knees, ready to work me over again.
I got up to my knees too, this time much more weakly than before. Kayla definitely knew she would dominate again, as she face-palmed and laughed. I took this opportunity to rush towards her with all my strength and pretty much tackle her, my arms around her neck. I finally pinned her! Kayla then laughed ecstatically and teased, "Ohh, no. I'm so surprised and helplessly pinned by a guy who's as smart as he's strong! What ever will I do???" in a very sarcastic tone. This excited me even more as I was on top of Kayla. All I wanted to do now was kiss her passionately and make love to her. My dirty thoughts caused me to hug Kayla even tighter. She giggled, "Oh, okay, what is this??? You givin' me a hug??? Submit me! Make me tap! If you don't do it soon, I'll make you tap! And I won't be so gentle this time!!" I was terrified at what Kayla threatened to do to me and was genuinely scared of what her toned, incredibly powerful legs could really do, so I took her left arm and bent it toward me while I still had her pinned. I pulled it harder toward me as Kayla smiled at me, silently taunting me. This motivated me to try harder to submit her, but she just rolled her eyes and laughed, "Ow. Ow. Justin, you're really hurtin' me...please stop, you macho beast..." Her taunt really made my erection crazy and I impulsively pulled her arm with all my strength to get just one submission out of this beautiful brunette. As I pulled her, Kayla totally surprised me by going along with my pull – but for a very savvy reason! Kayla managed to overcome my grip and wrap her left arm around my neck, which caught me entirely off-guard, and as she went with the momentum of my pull, she totally flipped the tables and slammed me on my back and pinned me with her arm still tightly wrapped around my neck. I had totally no idea what my hands were doing at the time; I was too focused on Kayla's beautifully tanned and chiseled body on top of mine. "Alright, I'm gonna make you pay!" Kayla playfully teased. And with that, she grabbed both of my arms and stretched them both in opposite directions of my body. I joked, "You couldn't even let me win a submission?" Kayla looked at me with her beautiful, big, green eyes and laughed, "Um, no...sorry! You wanna make me tap, you gotta work for it! And even harder if you wanna tap me! And your little attempt..." As she cockily teased, she did something weird with her legs; it felt like she wrapped each of her rock-hard legs around one of mine – and locked them. I could already feel the pain and pressure that I learned to fear and anticipate from this beautiful soccer girl. "....was so totally pathetic! And now, you're gonna pay for that!! Are you ready, Jussy???" I couldn't even whimper out a response before Kayla spread her legs and forced mine with them in a quick jolt as she simultaneously pushed her pelvis up toward my body, stretching my arms too. I groaned and winced in pain, but the sensual feeling of Kayla so close to my body, totally dominating me, made it so worthwhile! I still remember the unbearable tension in my limbs as Kayla forcefully stretched them in opposing directions. "AAAAAGGHHHFF...... OH, FUCKING GOD!!!" I uncontrollably screamed into Kayla's smiling face. "Okay, can you STOP screaming??? I'm, like, 3 inches from your face!" She teased as she stretched my legs even more, keeping a sexy smirk and letting her brown ponytail tickle my neck. Kayla got even more hurtful with her words as she mocked me in a very squeaky voice, "Can you please let me go home now? Can you stop kicking my ass? Pwetty pweeasse???" Kayla kept pulling my legs apart with hers, and I had no choice but to flail my hands in desperation as she kept my wrists pinned. The pain started to get so fucking bad that I whimpered and could feel my body shake, but this surprisingly made my wood even harder, if that were possible. Kayla laughed "Oh, shut up, Justin! This isn't as hard as I can go, so it's not that bad!" Now I was REALLY motivated to try and get Kayla off of me, if this pain weren't the worst of it. I tried rolling to either side to fight her off, but there was no really budging her 130 pounds of muscle. Kayla shook her head at my attempts and kept her huge grin as I desperately struggled. She then lifted both my arms by the wrists and stretched them out even farther while stretching her legs. Honest to god, I felt as if she would rip my legs and arms off. "OHHH—HAUUUUGHHH!! KA-KAYLLLA!! P-PLEE-EEASEE!! I GIVE, GIVE!!!" I wailed like a baby, with tears uncontrollably streaming down my face, blurring my vision of her pretty face. Kayla laughed at how pathetic I was, "Ohh, wow! Okay, since you've been such a good sport so far, I'll make you a deal, 'kay? Since you can't tap like this, I'll let ya go..." As Kayla finished her sentence, she relinquished her torture hold on my legs and instead tucked them around my body, sitting on me while she still pinned my arms. "...if you tell me how much better I am than you!" We both knew that Kayla was both stronger and faster than me and a better grappler, but making me admit that was a very humiliating blow. But I really had no choice if I wanted to walk out alive!

I choked from tears as I shakily said, "Y-yyou're stronger than me, Kayla. Really strong." Kayla laughed and dug her nails into my wrists before saying, "Louder, Jussy!" I took a moment to catch my breath before saying, "You're stronger than me, Kayla! You're a great grappler..... and-and a real badass! in total fear. Kayla giggled, "Oh, and don't forget smarter too!" I whimpered, with a huge blow to my ego, "You're way smarter than me too." She laughed, "Good! Did you enjoy seeing these legs in action today??? Do I win?" I nodded and whimpered, "Y-Yes, you win! Your legs totally destroyed me!" Kayla laughed, "Good! I think I've shown you that they're stronger than your entire body! Now..." Kayla then scooted her perfect ass up to sit on my neck, still keeping my arms pinned. I'm very glad that my briefs kept my boner hidden, because it was bulging and ready to explode at this point. She continued, "...Tell me how beautiful I am!" with a bright smile. I gulped and confidently told her, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to date you." I was so close to Kayla that her black booty shorts did nothing to hide the heat irradiating from her juicy crotch. She giggled, "Why, thank you, Jussy! That's so sweet!" as she grinded on my neck and let of both my wrists, just to begin gently slapping my face with either of her hands – all with a huge grin on her beautiful face. Kayla kept this up for about 10 more seconds, and I just lied there and took her slapping. "Okay, Justin, I guess I'll let you go!" Kayla said as she got off of me and left me lying there, totally defeated and drained of all energy. I looked over to admire Kayla's beautiful self as she turned her back to me and let her pretty, long, brown hair down and showed off her gorgeous, round ass in those tight black shorts. I mustered the energy to crawl nearer her and finally get up on my feet. I tried to stand, but my legs were totally fucked up after what felt like 2 long minutes in Kayla's tortuous grapevine. I tumbled and fell back to the mats, and this caught Kayla's attention as she turned around. She giggled, "Are you okay, Jussy? Still a little weak from our little match?" as she helped me up. Kayla was staring at me with her big, beautiful green eyes before saying, "THANK you for wrestling with me today! It!" and giving me a tight hug. I hugged her back, afraid that she would get to close to my body and notice my wood. She let go and went to go grab her things, and I took this opportunity to ask, "How do you build the strength in your legs?" Kayla turned to me and confidently bragged, "From years of soccer! I don't do any serious weightlifting." as she stuck her right knee out and flexed her leg, making her incredibly big calves and thigh muscles bulge. I was in astonishment as I admired how beautiful her legs were, how tan and well-defined every inch was. I also remembered what they had done to me just a few minutes back. "So when can we do this again?" I asked without even thinking.

Kayla spun back around and stared with her widened green eyes in surprise. "Wait, what?" She laughed. I nervously asked, "Uhh, do you wanna wrestle...again sometime?" Kayla just kept staring at me before saying, "Um...okay, wow! Sorry, it's just...all the guys I've wrestled have run away crying like a pussy. But you actually wanna like losing to me????" I nodded and said, "Basically, yeah. Hey, they just don't know how to appreciate a girl like you." Kayla giggled in disbelief and said, "Okay, then, let's go again! We only wrestled for 10 minutes." I gave her a thumbs up as she walked back to the mats. Kayla said, "Now, I won't go so easy as last time! You're gonna get 100% Kayla!" as she got to her knees in a starting position. I joked, "Bring it!" as Kayla giggled at my determination and stroked her let-down mane. How could I resist wrestling Kayla again, feeling her incredibly chiseled body wrapped up around mine? I got on my knees too and was ready to be completely crushed again by this beautiful brunette smiling at me with her extremely sexy confidence.

"100% this time! No holding back!! Still wanna do this???" Kayla giggled. I gave her a thumbs up and approached her on my knees. Kayla just laughed again in disbelief and teased, "I still don't get why you like getting your ass kicked, but hey – I need some fun once and a while!" With that, Kayla came at me with unbelievable speed and coordination that I didn't even know what hit me until I was flat on my back and looking into Kayla's beautiful eyes again. She laughed at how pathetically I went down and grabbed me tightly by my arms and twisted me around so that I was now facing away from her. I tried squirming out of her grip, but before I could get very far using my legs, Kayla coiled her rock-hard, beautiful legs around my head. I panicked immediately and did my usual routine of hanging onto those gorgeous pythonic thighs for dear life. Kayla giggled, "Just can't stay away from my legs, can ya???" With that, I saw Kayla cross her ankles and tighten the scissorhold, all before she squeezed with much more force than before. I could feel her muscular curves caving into my neck, each one of her well-developed, juicy thigh muscles squeezing the life out of me. 'Hold on just for a little longer, savor the feeling of having her legs around you, the pain is worth it,' I thought to myself. But damn it, it was so hard to focus on feeling Kayla's beautiful gams up when those same muscular constrictors were clogging my arteries. I was totally aroused, nonetheless, by Kayla's scissorhold and began to take the opportunity to rub her legs and feel all their sexy, muscular ridges. I heard Kayla giggle before I felt her arch herself higher using her upper body and really jut her pelvis forward into the scissorhold. Words cannot describe how much she increased the pressure on my neck, and how excruciatingly painful it was. I began screaming in panic and frantically tapped those unbelievable thighs in submission. I kept tapping for what seemed like forever, but Kayla just giggled and kept squeezing. Kayla teased, "Uh-uh! I'll let you go if I WANT to!" I tried to scream and beg for mercy, but at this point, Kayla had begun squeezing so fucking hard that it was as if my vocal chords themselves were constricted by her killer thighs. Kayla just giggled and readjusted her ankle lock before fully extending her legs again, making me truly regret getting trapped in her scissorhold; the pain now began to outweigh the pleasure. Kayla kept laughing for a few seconds while continuing to slowly squeeze my neck and intermittently relax to readjust her ankles, squeezing and relaxing like a python toying with its victim. Those unbelievably developed thighs then slowly released me from their death grip, and all that air rushing back into my body caused me to cough uncontrollably. Kayla kept her legs tucked around my body, allowing me to rest on her tight crotch. She giggled with much more excitement than ever, "I think I almost knocked you out there!" I recovered from my coughing enough to notice that this brunette bombshell had squeezed me so hard that both of my heads were throbbing. I painfully groaned, "Y-you ha-have got some...killer thighs, Kayla!" She laughed and cheered, "Hey, you lasted longer than I thought! At least 15 seconds this time, Jussy! Good thing I didn't squeeze all the way!" Kayla gently patted my head as she teased me. I got the strength to sit up and face Kayla and ask her out of total amazement, "You mean, that wasn't even your hardest?" Kayla smiled and giggled, "No, I didn't want to send you to the ICU! I'm not a nurse yet!" as she bit her lower lip in excitement. I was completely flabbergasted as I stared at Kayla in disbelief, thinking about how she almost knocked my lights out without going full power. I was still feeling very lightheaded when Kayla asked, "Ready to go again? Or does Jussy-Wussy wanna call it quits for the day???" I replied, "No way, Killer Kay!" Kayla giggled, "Oh, that's actually pretty good! But don't think I'll go any easier because of that!" before she got to her knees in starting position again. I weakly did the same.


This time I dashed towards the brunette beauty, but this turned out to be a huge mistake! I didn't have nearly enough energy to force Kayla to even touch the mats this time. She giggled as she maneuvered both of her legs against my stomach and seamlessly kicked me off her, sending me flat on the mats again. I sprang up, but was just as soon knocked back down by Kayla when she climbed on top of me and pinned me down with her crotch on my neck, knocking what was left of my wind out of me. Kayla was now ecstatically giggling as she grabbed me by the hair and coiled her legs around my neck again, only this time she pulled my head much closer to her crotch, the V between her juicy thighs directly clamped around my scrawny neck. Kayla didn't even say a word; she just kept smiling as she sat on my chest and crossed her ankles again, arching herself higher and tightening the scissorhold. I could already feel the pressure rising, and I found myself unable to complain because the V of Kayla's deadly crotch was pressed tightly against my chin, making sure that I was royally boned. All of a sudden, I felt an enormous spike of pressure and began tapping her killer thighs in submission. Kayla would have none of that this time and grabbed both of my arms by the wrists and kept them pinned to the mats, all the while squeezing harder and harder with her inner thighs. Just when I thought that this beautiful soccer chick couldn't be more brutal, her inner thighs turned out to be much stronger than I could ever fathom. As Kayla giggled and repeated her cycles of squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, I could feel my erection throbbing almost in rhythm with her squeezing. I was staring at Kayla's beautiful, smiling face and couldn't help but notice how warm her body was now as the sweat on her flat stomach glistened. What little energy I had left was spent on my loud groans as Kayla made me suffer in between her unbelievably strong thighs. Kayla kept squeezing the air out of me and let some of it back in, only to force it out the second later, before giggling, "I can, like, feel your arm flexing when you're trying to escape! But your flex isn't as good as mine!" With that, the girl of my dreams flexed her right bicep, showing some beautifully toned and tight muscles, before she seamlessly forced my left arm up there and forced me to feel how perfectly chiseled she was. I will never forget when I felt each muscular groove of her bicep, so smooth yet very tense. Needless to say, all of this reinforced my erection to the point where I thought I would lose control any time. She continued, "I think I've definitely shown you what I'm capable of!" Up to this point, Kayla always had a very calm, chill voice. But now something was totally off. Her sweet voice now became higher and very unnerving. "God, I LOVE making your pretty eyes bulge out!!!" she giggled in a very ecstatic tone I had never heard from her. She then continued, " you, um.....want me???" before giving a smile that showed her nervousness. Mindblown. That's the only word that even comes close to what I felt at this point. Kayla was the incredible girl I had been fantasizing about for days. She can pretty much get any guy she wants, so what does this bombshell see in a guy like me? Now I was lightheaded from both her loaded question and her pythonic thighs. At first I thought it was just my delusional imagination that she asked me if I wanted her, which wouldn't be surprising, given that I was slowly being starved of oxygen. Kayla then relaxed the pressure in her thighs while still keeping them loosely wrapped around my neck, allowing me to involuntarily inhale. Kayla laughed as I violently gasped for air. I finally calmed my body down enough to look Kayla in the eyes and ask, "W-w-wait, what?" I had begun to realize that it wasn't a delusion! Kayla giggled as she tightly locked her immensely powerful thighs around my neck again and tilted to her left, forcing my body to go with hers. She reached for her phone and typed something as she slowly began to tighten the scissorhold, her inner thigh muscles pushing down against my trachea, and I was beginning to feel my head throb from the pressure again. Kayla gave a very sudden thrust forward, putting maximum pressure on my neck as I frantically tapped her thighs with my now-free hands, in hopes that she would mercifully relieve some of the pressure on my neck muscles. "What I'm saying is..." she continued in her very uncharacteristic ecstatic voice as she twirled her long, pretty hair, "...I want you, and..." Kayla didn't finish her sentence as she pressed something on her phone. Out of the blue, all I heard were the words, "Hey, Hey! You, you! I wanna be your girlfriend!" – the ever-famous lyrics from the popular Avril Lavigne song playing from Kayla's phone. Kayla giggled incessantly as the song kept playing. She kept squeezing, pulsating her pythonic legs in rhythm with the song's drums, forcing me to wince and whimper. I felt myself drifting away, Kayla's beautiful body getting blurrier... She kept the unbearable pressure steady for a few more seconds before finally fully relaxing her vice-like grip. At that point, that felt like the closest I had ever come to losing consciousness.

"Are you okay, Jussy-wussy???" Kayla asked as she laughed ecstatically and ran her fingers through my hair. It took me a while to get over my throbbing head, but when I did, the first thing I coughed out was, "Yes!! I want you!" I will never forget Kayla's reaction. She smiled extremely happily and tensed her entire body, slowly putting pressure on my neck without fully squeezing. Kayla started to caress her own thighs as I asked, "But I gotta ask, why me?" She giggled before saying in her calm voice again, "I just... I can totally be myself with you. You're a great guy, and plus you're the only guy I've met who actually got his ass beat by me and liked it!!" I laughed with her as I sat there, still in Kayla's deadly but sensual grip. She continued, "Oh, and the fact that you're a future doctor helps! Hey...that would be being your naughty nurse, following you around.....knowing just how to take care of you if I hurt you!!" and grew more uncontrollably ecstatic again, this time caressing both her thigh and my hair with more passion than I had ever seen in her. Without a word, Kayla grinned before she turned over to face away from me. She then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up as far as she could and wedged her perfectly toned and round ass, beautifully outlined by her black short shorts, tightly on top my neck before she wrapped those stunning killer legs around it too, rendering me completely helpless in her brutally tight scissorhold. God, I remember the overwhelming feeling of fear yet excite Kayla turned her pretty head to face me, just before she arched her beautifully tan and toned body upward, taking my engulfed head up with it, by locking her ankles and raising her toes. Words to this day. Cannot. Describe. The immense pressure and pain I felt. Within the first few seconds, my tired arms instantly flew to this amazing girl's rock-hard thighs, not even futilely trying to pry them apart but to tap for mercy. Kayla had none of this and just laughed as she kept smiling as she lowered my head, only to raise it again as she flexed and tensed all of the chiseled muscles in her ass and legs. This time, Kayla clamped her killer thighs so tight that I couldn't even scream a submission. I flailed and thrashed me legs in panic, causing her to laugh, "You can grab my butt all you want, Jussy...I don't mind!! But I'm not gonna let go!!!" in her very wild, almost erotic voice. With that, she hooked her left arm around my left leg, trapping my left leg and planting her elbow firmly on my jewels. Kayla rested her head on her hand as she smiled and enjoyed watching me squirm in agony as her thighs clamped around my neck tighter and tighter, like a python who liked to slowly squeeze its prey. I started to grab Kayla's calves to feebly attempt to pry them apart and relieve some of the pressure, but there was no budging those unbelievably well-developed, round pillars of power. All of this feeling Kayla's body only made her more ecstatic and flex her body even more, slowly squeezing my neck even more with her sexy and muscular quads and ass. Kayla's face began to get blurry, and I felt myself losing perception and feeling, going "numb." I suddenly felt myself regaining sensation of what was happening around me when Kayla mercifully relaxed her thighs, allowing my head to abruptly plop down to the mats, sending my ears ringing. I only had a second to even try and think before Kayla repositioned her legs and scooped my head up near her perfect ass again, this time coiling her man-eaters around my head instead. All I could see was the fabric of Kayla's black short shorts, which began to ride up and tightly cling onto her two perfectly round cheeks. This gorgeous view, combined with the feeling of her on top of my jewels, made the pain agony from the scissorhold ....almost worth it. Kayla giggled as she locked her ankles, raised her toes, and squeezed. I screamed with what little air I had, screamed like I had never screamed before, until I fell numb again. All I could hear Kayla's hot giggle as my screams began to wane from exhaustion. Suddenly, Kayla added more variation to this tortuous scissorhold and began vibrating her muscular legs, putting unbearable pressure on my skull. My desire to ejaculate was getting unbearable as Kayla kept her vibrating squeeze. I began to see dark spots everywhere; they bigger and bigger as Kayla poured on the vibrating pressure...until....


My head plopped to the mats. The dark spots began to fade until I could clearly see Kayla's beautiful ass again, this time free of her murderous thighs. "Oh....auuughhh, my god, are strong..." I weakly uttered as I groggily made out Kayla's smiling face. Kayla rolled off of me and sat to my left, still giggling and smiling as I pathetically held my throbbing head in pain. Kayla laughed and excitedly said, "I think you almost went out! Wouldn't want you passin' out on our first date!!!" as she placed her hand warmly on my left thigh, just a few inches from my groin. " more, Kayla....I'm done..." I said with a slight but tired laugh. Kayla giggled, "Yeah, no more for Jussy-wussy....for now!!!" I replied, "How long did we do that last one?" before I could fully get over my headache enough to rise up and sit. "Umm.....only, like, 45 seconds, I think. Any longer, and you'd have been out!!" Kayla teased. I gasped in exasperation before I saw Kayla get up to her feet and raised me to mine by my hair. I walked over to the bleachers with her. "Oh, let me give you my number!" Kayla said as I groggily searched for my phone and typed in her digits. She said, "Text me tonight, ..." and walked closer to me and extended her right thigh in between my legs before giggling, "...or you'll be in between these longer next time!" Kayla smiled as she turned to put on a blue t-shirt and soccer shorts, along with her sneakers. I replied, "Oh, trust me, Kayla – I won't stop thinking about you tonight." She giggled at my compliment as we both walked out of the gym into the shining outside. All of the students were gone, so it was just me and her at the student parking lot, where we stopped at her car. "I hope you enjoyed our little, uh.... 'match,' Justin! Did ya have fun???" Kayla teased as she smiled, the sun complementing her glowingly beautiful face. I replied, "Heck, yes! I'd love to do it again sometime, after my neck and head heal for about a year." Kayla giggled and said, "Good!" before she grabbed me in a tight hug and gently kissed me. I kissed her back before I said, "Text you tonight, Killer Kayla." Kayla giggled, "You'd better, Jussy-wussy!" before she got in her car and drove off into the setting sun.

I don't even remember driving home. Kayla and her beautifully lethal body were all the images I could put in my head. I do remember getting back to my house and immediately taking a shower – one that lasted around an hour. That time was spent trying to get over the fact that I had just met my girlfriend, one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met, one who enjoyed kicking my ass as much as I enjoyed having it kicked. Well, I also spent much of it thinking about how she pretty much destroyed me on the mats. I continued to be in this trance through dinner and the rest of the night; I didn't even think about my schoolwork. After dinner, I finally snapped out of it enough to remember to text Kayla. I dashed for my phone and texted her number, "hey its justin. i really enjoyd wrestling. ur awesome =D" I sat there watching over my phone for several minutes before I saw the ellipsis and excitedly waited for her reply, "i love wrestling u too! Pretty good way to start a week?" I replied, "yeah! lets do it again soon." I sat there, shaking from excitement and getting over the fact that I was texting one of the hottest girls in my school. Kayla replied with, "dinner Friday?" Of course, I jumped at the chance to have an official date with Kayla, so I said yes. I spent the rest of the night texting back and forth with Kayla. The week flew by as I started hanging out with her in the mornings. After I took her out to a great restaurant Friday night, we spontaneously went to a scary movie. Kayla probably chose a scary one so that she and I would be a tight embrace the entire time, so that I could feel how feminine yet incredibly powerful she was. After our first official date, we had several others before I had the big meeting with her parents, which went very well. When I saw her the morning after that, she attacked me with a tight hug and then a barrage of passionate kisses. Kayla cheered, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Best boyfriend EVER! My parents love you!!" I was delighted to hear that and kept hugging her, telling her, "Anything for you." Unfortunately, an administrator came in between us and physically pulled us apart without saying a word for PDA, which was against our school's rules. Kayla and I both gave him a look as he walked away, and Kayla then cockily said, "I bet he wouldn't feel as strong on the mats with me!" as she stuck her knee out toward my groin, a sign that she was excited. I laughed and complimented, "Of course not, you'd wreck him." Kayla giggled, "But these legs are only for you, Jussy!" before she leaned in and gave me another passionate kiss. We kept seeing each other during the mornings and went on more dates during the weekends until it had been a month since we had gone official.

Fast forward to the end of February. Kayla and I were starting to get more serious the weeks after Valentine's Day. She scheduled her senior portrait photoshoot with a local photographer the last Friday of the month. Of course, I agreed to go with her to support her. The shooting site was near a farm that made for some beautiful southern scenery. Immediately after school, I got into Kayla's car and went home with her so that she could get her clothes for the shoot. I followed her in and waited for her to come down with her dresses. She came down still in her plain t-shirt and jeans with her pretty dresses. "All set!" she said. She then glimpsed at the carpeted empty space on her floor and gave me a said, "Ya know, we're gonna be early to the shoot...we could go for a quick round to kill the time!" as she raised her eyebrows suggestively. The last time she had me trapped between her thighs was the first time we wrestled on that magical day. Kayla looked at me with tempting eyes, biting her lower lip, before sighing, "Ugh...but I guess one match would easily turn into three! But we haven't done it in so long....!" I really did want to roll around with Kayla again, but we spent more time hanging out over the past month. Kayla then took her dresses to her trunk and we drove off to the shoot site.

We got to the shoot site at around 4:30 and met Dave, the photographer and owner of his photography company. He got his camera equipment all set up, so Kayla said, "Great! I'll get changed!" as she went into a barn-style house to change into her first dress. I was blown away by Kayla's beauty as she walked back out in her patterned ocean blue dress that stopped a few inches above her knees and her brown leather boots, her brown long hair shining in the sun. I stared in disbelief until I told her, "You look so beautiful, Kayla." She blushed a little and said, "Thanks, babe!" before leaning in for a kiss and walking off to Dave to shoot the photos. I stood behind Dave as he took his photos and Kayla posed on the various items in the scenery. I had only seen Kayla in athletic and casual clothing up to this point, and she really pulled off a casual but sexy look in that dress of hers. I felt myself losing control as I became more aroused watching Kayla pose and show off herself as Dave kept telling her which poses to do next. Kayla's gorgeously tanned and toned legs never looked better, even though they weren't fully exposed. They finished the first set and Kayla walked over to me, herself a little taller than me now thanks to her boots. "You looked great!" I congratulated her before she wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me. She then turned to Dave, who was still looking over his photos, and asked, "Hey, Dave, could you get one of me and him?" He responded, "Sure! Go back by the fence." We held hands as we walked over to the fence where she posed solo. Dave took one of us exactly as we were, and then he took one when Kayla spontaneously pulled me tightly for a long kiss. Kayla then placed her hand on my chest and bit her bottom lip. She whispered, "I got an idea for a cool pose! Hey, get lower!" before forcing me down onto my knees. I was confused as to what she had in mind. Before I knew it, Kayla grabbed me by the hair and forced my neck between her thighs while I was still kneeling. She locked her ankles while still standing, ensuring that I would never escape this scissorhold. Kayla giggled as she said, "Now, this will make a great picture! Smile, baby!" She then raised her toes, putting immense pressure on my neck and making me groan in pain. Kayla cooed, "Oooh, yeah, there it is! I missed this, didn't you??" Even though I was caught off-guard by Kayla's surprise scissor attack, I definitely enjoyed the feeling of being in between her killer thighs again. I was looking down at Kayla's boots and felt every one of her thigh muscles constrict tighter and tighter as she slowly bent down and then suddenly flexed upward again, giggling the whole time while I screamed and held on to those smooth and muscular thighs. Dave, who was still taking pictures at this point, yelled, "Hey! Th-that's enough!" Kayla just giggled and I heard her blow a kiss to the camera as she gave me one last long squeeze by raising her toes. She kept her toes raised and held the pressure on my neck as I audibly groaned and kept tapping her thighs in desperation. "Hey! I mean it! Let him go now!" Yelled Dave. Kayla laughed and whispered under her breath, "That's cute, you telling me what to do!" before she let my head plop to the grass. Though utterly humiliated that I got my ass whooped again by my girlfriend, in public, this undeniably hardened my erection immensely. Kayla helped me back up by the hair as she giggled, "You okay, darling???" in her sweet voice. I was still a little lightheaded, but I answered, "...yeah, I'm good." We walked back towards Dave, who gave Kayla a weary look as she went to change into her second dress. Dave asked, "Are you alright?" in a very concerned way. I laughed, "Yeah, we do that sometimes." He responded, "You mean, you guys do this regularly? That doesn't seem like something a couple should do to each other." "Oh, nah, she's ...the, uh,....she's the one who does the beating, not me—" Dave interrupted, "You mean, you LET her do that to you?" I joked, somewhat embarrassed, "It's not like I have a –" I couldn't finish my sentence as my breath was taken away by how stunningly gorgeous Kayla was as she came out in her new dress. She was wearing a more formal but revealing dress that cut much higher than the last one, showing much of her toned thighs, and her beautiful calves were now truly exposed and accentuated by her 3-inch heels. I could feel my jaw drop as I stared at my girlfriend in absolutely mesmerization. Kayla noticed this and teased, "You can pick your jaw up off the floor now!" before she put her other dress back in the trunk. Dave turned around and watched Kayla walk over with some fear before saying, "I think, uh, ...we should take a few shots closer to the forest. Uh, just you this time." Kayla smiled as she looked at me with a slightly guilty look before she trekked on over to the grass. I watched her thick calves bulge with each step she took, every inch of muscle shining in the sunlight. I could hardly control my erection now; it had been so long since Kayla had trapped me in her scissors that the feeling of being in between her thighs again and feeling her tremendous strength aroused me beyond belief. Dave then started taking photos again, with Kayla playing cute to the camera. The one shot that made me really crazy was one where she exposed her backside and showed off her perfect ass, beautifully highlighted by her dress. She held the pose for a few seconds while Dave kept snapping photos. Kayla then motioned me to go over to her as Dave called it wraps for the set. I could hardly walk over there, what with my boner almost pointing straight out. I finally got over to a very ecstatic Kayla. Without any warning, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her weight toward me, pummeling me to the ground. Her soft hair was all in my face and before I knew it, Kayla had coiled her legs around mine, locking me to the ground. Kayla flipped her hair out of my face and looked at my face as she thrusted her hips forward, taking my pelvis with it. "AUUUFFF... damn, girl...!" I couldn't help but groan. Kayla giggled with much excitement, "Uh-huh!!! You missed this, didn't ya??" before spreading her legs farther, taking mine with them. I screamed in pain as Kayla laughed and started stroking my face with the back of her hand, trying to comfort me through my leg-splitting agony. She then turned to Dave and asked, "Gettin' this, Dave???" before relinquishing me from this unbearable hold, leaving me no time to rest before she slithered over to my side and coiled her pythonic thighs around my neck again with cat-like speed. Kayla first held those unbelievably strong but gorgeous gams straight, but decided to fold her left calf directly over my windpipe before locking her right leg on top of her left ankle. This new hold was much, much tighter than anything she had pulled on me, and I was having trouble breathing before Kayla had started squeezing. She giggled as she flexed that beautiful calf, engorging it and forcing it directly against my Adam's Apple; Kayla didn't even pull on her right leg to increase her squeeze power. I gagged and choked while I kept my hands glued to Kayla's inflated thighs, which were very exposed as her dress rode up with us on the grass. Kayla giggled, "I missed this,, you don't even know!" before finally pulling on her right leg, pressing her ridiculously engorged calf harder on my windpipe and leaving me literally breathless as I tried to scream. "Hey, hey! Kayla, get OFF OF HIM. Break it up!" Dave said very sternly as I saw him march towards us. He seemed very serious. Kayla kept on giggling and teased, "Just go back to taking pictures, Dave!" I looked up as Dave had his hands on his hips and commanded again, "GET OFF OF HIM. NOW." Kayla didn't respond this time and kept on tightening this tortuous scissorhold that had my legs shaking from fear and the lack of oxygen. I remember the genuine fear that this gorgeous girl wouldn't stop squeezing and keep expanding her calf until my scrawny neck snapped. Suddenly I felt a pair of manly hands reach under mine, which were still glued to Kayla's pythons. It took me a while to realize that Dave was trying to save me by trying to pry apart Kayla's legs. But this just made everything worse, as Kayla resisted Dave's struggle to break me free and tensed her entire body. I heard Dave say, "GET OFF OF—" before my head suddenly plopped down to the grass, making me see spots.


I was still coughing but I sat up to see what had happened. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, and I still almost can't believe it! Kayla had totally effortlessly swapped her victim, trapping Dave's neck and arm between her murderous thighs as she kept her legs out straight while pulling Dave's arm towards her. Dave was struggling to get up off the ground and out of her scissor, but I could tell he was running out of gas. "G-get off of m— AUUGHH, GOD!" Dave screamed as Kayla twisted his arm with a huge grin before she shrugged off her hair in her face, displaced as a result of the little scuffle between her and Dave. I started to walk over to Kayla, who began to bend Dave's forearm at an angle, making him wince and groan just like I did when I first wrestled this beautiful bombshell. Kayla looked at Dave, whose pained face was facing Kayla's direction, and teased, "Well, you got my boyfriend out... now it's your turn, Dave!" before she pulled her legs back and then thrusted them forward to really pour on the pressure. I had never heard Dave scream like that before; it was almost animalistic, like a rat squealing in the coils of a deadly, merciless anaconda. I was completely astounded that Dave, who couldn't have been more than 10 years older than me and definitely more fit than me, was at the completely mercy of my 18-year old girlfriend. Dave started flailing his other arm as I got closer to Kayla, watching Dave's pained face go from pink to a deep red in seconds. Watching Kayla totally work this guy over just made me even more aroused. Kayla laughed and decided to have some mercy on Dave's right arm before hooking her left arm around it, trapping it completely. She then giggled, "Now you know ...don't ever, ever¸ try to interrupt my wrestling, Dave..." before patting him on the head. Kayla's dominant attitude was what I always loved about her, and I couldn't help but kneel down and grab her cheek to kiss her, which she gladly reciprocated. We were interrupted by Dave's gagging, "Jus—Justin... hel—" just before Kayla gleefully squeezed her chiseled thighs tighter, cutting off circulation to both his arm and neck. She then teased Dave, "Oh, shut up! It's not that tight!" before she quickly slithered her left leg over poor Dave's neck and folded her right leg over her left high-heeled ankle – all very systematically, with intent to really punish Dave. I could tell Dave tried to scream, but he had a lot of thick thigh muscle clamped around his neck and arm, so he weakly tried to pry apart Kayla's leg with his one free arm. Kayla giggled at the sight of this and began to tug on her right leg, tightening the brutal scissorhold, before she turned to me and excitedly said, "This ... this isn't even that bad. If he were closer to my mid-thighs, then he'd be screwed! So, stop flailin' about, Dave!" This didn't stop Dave from twisting and flopping his body in an adrenaline-fueled attempt to break free. I asked Kayla, "What difference would that make, Kaybae?" She giggled at my nickname for her as she kept pulling on her right leg with her free right arm, "I've noticed that I can put waaayyy more pressure with my inner and mid-thigh muscles...see how he's just my knee level? He could have it worse! Look at you! A grown....sorta young man, and I'm still creaming you!!" I stroked Kayla's hair as she kept a pretty grin on her face, as if she were enjoying a funny movie, while she held Dave's fate between her legs. I said, "You're beautiful, baby." My deadly girlfriend turned to me and tugged me tightly by my shirt and locked me in a passionate kiss, and this time Dave didn't interrupt us as Kayla kissed me back, holding on to my lips with hers in deep passion. I closed my eyes and heard her moan passionately as I kept stroking her soft, beautiful hair and we kept our lips locked. Kayla became more and more ecstatic and passionate with the kissing, even gently biting my bottom lip and getting crazy with her tongue as her passionate moans became louder. Up until now, I had felt a lot of movement in Kayla's side as she kept Dave's trapped arm flailing under her left arm. But now, I felt nothing. It took me about 5 seconds to realize this, and I opened my eyes while still kissing Kayla. I'll never forget the amount of horror and genuine fear I felt at that moment.

My eyes saw Dave's eyes shuttering non-as he made a very terrifying "snoring" sound before his entire body started convulsing violently. It took me several more seconds to realize that something was wrong, as Kayla's tongue kept slowly caressing the insides of my cheeks and she moaned even more in passion. She finally noticed that I had stopped reciprocating her kissing and opened her eyes, noticing what mine were staring at. It took her several seconds to react and unlock her lips from mine and casually relax her brutal scissorhold and relinquish Dave's arm. Dave kept convulsing and making that unforgettable snoring noise as Kayla uncoiled her legs and let him plop face-first to the grass. Kayla then said, "Hey! Hey! Dave!!!" with some concern as Dave kept violently twitching on the grass. To our relief, he finally regained his senses and frantically flipped himself over in shock. He gave us a very glassy-eyed look and asked, "Wh-what....what happened? Augh, my friggin' head....!" Kayla crawled over to him on her knees and sweetly asked with a slight giggle, "Are you okay??? I must've kept you there too –" Dave interrupted, "GET AWAY FROM ME!! Get away!! You're crazy, you hear me?! You're fucking crazy!!!" before he crawled backwards with his hands out of terror. "You-You're lucky I don't have any fucking witnesses! I'd sue your ass! I could have brain damage!" He snapped as he dizzily tried to get to his feet. Kayla just smiled and giggled, "Oh, I doubt anyone would really believe that you got your ass kicked by a high school senior..!" Dave finally got to his feet, with tears of humiliation in his eyes. Kayla teased Dave one last time, "Oh, and Dave? You can e-mail me when my pictures are ready....all of them!!" before Dave, still humiliated and teary-eyed, turned away and hurriedly walked to his camera equipment in the distance and packed it all up.

Kayla was now sitting with her right leg extended and her left arched in a model-like pose as she kept giggling and laughing while watching Dave pack all his stuff away and then drive off. I was shaking from excitement, my erection ready to explode. Kayla then turned to me and said, "This photoshoot I'll remember!" I laughed in agreement and exasperation and said, "You are incredible, Kayla! That was so awesome!!" Kayla giggled as she caressed her left thigh up and down, "First time wrestlin' in heels! Wanna pick up where we left off????" with her bottom lip bit. I didn't even say anything, I guess the look on my face gave it away. Kayla didn't wait for a verbal response and leapt on me like a wild cat, her arms quickly wrapped around my neck. I had enough energy this time to resist Kayla for a few seconds, but my attempts proved futile as Kayla quickly coiled her deadly thighs around my waist. Before I knew it, I was on my back, with Kayla's gorgeous face to my left, her hands locked on my neck. Kayla giggled, "I love you for doing this, Justin...!" before she tightened her locked ankles and began to slowly pour on the pressure around my waist. Though definitely aroused, I groaned in pain as Kayla's killer thighs forced the air out of me. I could feel her thigh muscles, now much more exposed as Kayla's dress rode up much higher from our scuffle, slowly and forcefully crushed my stomach. Of course, I did what I always do – grab Kayla's thighs for mercy and to feel each one of her thigh muscles bulging as she gleefully forced the air out of me, as if she were deflating a balloon. I began to groan in agony again, but Kayla stopped me by grabbing me by the hair and pulling my mouth towards hers, trapping me in another wet, passionate kiss with her tongue. Kayla didn't stop the agonizing squeezing; she noticed when I got less enthusiastic with my kissing and poured on the pressure to make me try and scream to stimulate me more before she mercifully relaxed a little. She then started to constrict even harder, stealing even more of my breath, as she began to moan from passion like before she fucked Dave up. Her passionate moans were accompanied by plenty of tense muscle contractions, which forced me to try and scream, only to have Kayla silence me with her caressing tongue. I will never forget this moment. Kayla's moans grew into growls before she grabbed my hair tightly and pulled me off. She had this look in her eye that I had never seen before as she kept the scissor pressure around my stomach steady. Kayla cooed with a slight growl, "Oh, god, Justin......." before tensing her pythonic thighs again, "fuck me, now...!!!" I wasn't even sure if this was what I said, I was so mindblown. I think I uttered, "Uh.....wh-wha...what?" before Kayla relinquished me from her scissorhold, only to mount my stomach. She then cooed very passionately, "Let's do it, now...!" before she flexed her biceps, which bulged against the sleeves of her dress. I was a little scared at this point, as I was totally unprepared for this moment. I just said, "Ar-are you sure—" before Kayla pulled my head up to hers and closed her eyes before cooing erotically, "Now! Before I scissor the fuck out of you!" and biting her lip. I let my body take over my mind at this point and proceeded to frantically take my shirt off, almost ripping it, along with my jeans. I then looked up to see Kayla untying the tied straps holding her dress together before she let it drop to her feet, free of her high heels. Seeing Kayla in her frilled, gray lingerie paralyzed me in total sensual awe. Kayla didn't say a word; she just growled before she dived on top of me like a cat pouncing on her prey. I groaned in pain as she knocked the wind out of me, but was quickly silenced as Kayla cradled my face with her hands and kissed me with such wildness that it was almost violent. Her tongue kept digging against mine as I tried to respond, but she was definitely wilder in my mouth. Each stroke and lick her tongue gave sent nerve signals to my tense erection, hardening it beyond words. I felt her creep her left hand down my bare stomach until she reached my briefs, which she crept under to firmly grab hold of my very tense erection. Kayla briefly released my tongue from hers as she and I both looked down at her hand, and I helped her take strip my briefs off. I looked into her gorgeous green eyes, and she had this very wild, almost animalistic look in them. She didn't even say anything; just panted out of erotic excitement as she proceeded to strip off her lingerie while we were both on the grass. I didn't have any time to see Kayla's beautiful body fully nude – both because she stripped her lingerie way too quickly and because she immediately leapt on me afterwards. Kayla giggled before she mounted me and attacked my neck this time with her lips, biting down just mere inches below my ear. She knew this was immensely pleasurable, as she giggled as I uncontrollably gave out a moan, and at the same time she caressed my manhood while sucking on my neck. At this point, my hands were glued to her hips as I withstood her erotic kissing – until I started to move them down towards her perfectly round, sculpted cheeks. I shakenly asked, "I-is that okay, Kay—" before Kayla stopped her suckling and cut me off with a whisper, "Yes, do it.....!" This all felt very surreal and I remember wishing that it wasn't a dream. Just when I thought I couldn't get more aroused, Kayla firmly grabbed my erection and began to slowly squeeze it in her hands, prompting me to let out another moan as she resumed her suckling in tandem. I kept staring into the blue, cloudless sky as Kayla kept pleasuring me. Suddenly, all of it stopped. All of it. Her kissing, her caressing.

I tilted my head to see that Kayla had gotten off of me and was now lying on her side with me on the grass. She grabbed me by the hair and passionately whispered, "I think we're ready...." before forcing my hand onto her smooth, juicy breast. Kayla then flipped over as I got on my knees and crawled behind her. She turned her head around and spread her gorgeously chiseled thighs and rose arched her back upwards towards me. Words cannot describe my view at this point, my first time seeing Kayla fully exposed, her juicy muscles and curves mere inches from me. Kayla then bit her bottom lip and gave me a very inviting look with her eyes. I then let my primal self take over again and hugged Kayla at the hips as I tenderly inserted myself into her, causing her to moan pleasurably from the impact. I then began to pump in a repeating motion, thrusting my hips forward and out, as I laid my head on Kayla's back. This all aroused Kayla to a new level. Her erotic moans grew louder and more intense as she started quivering from pleasure and forced my hands to instead hug her breasts while I kept pumping in and out. I instinctively began to caress her smooth breasts, circling my fingers around her nipples. She enjoyed this and let out longer vocalizations. She cooed, "....Go, baby, go harder..!" in her ecstatic tone. I thrusted myself with more force, giving us both much pleasure. I could feel some fluid in her at this point. She moaned, "Oh-oh, my god! Oh, god! Yes!! Yes!!!" as she quivered much more. I could feel my release building up, and I uncontrollably kept pumping in and out with more force as Kayla continued her vocalizations and digger her nails deeper into my wrists. I suddenly fell a lot of fluid erupting from inside her, and as I began to feel this, Kayla moaned her loudest and her body quivered like nothing I had ever seen. The sight of all this overwhelmed me, and my hormones made me feel lightheaded as my body uncontrollably let me release everything I had. I began to moan with Kayla now. It felt like a dam had burst, and all of the fluid built up from not only the photoshoot, but from every time I thought of Kayla, was now let loose into her. This unbelievable pleasure lasted for several seconds before both of us started panting from exhaustion and excitement.

"Oh, my god, Justin...I love you, baby..." Kayla said breathily as I pulled myself out and rolled onto my back. It was just now that I noticed how drenched my throbbing manhood was as it softened beyond my control. I was still panting from the immense activity Kayla and I just performed. Kayla's moans died down as she joined me on my side, on her back. She began to tenderly stroke my hair as she panted. We stayed on our backs, just lying there for a good 5 minutes, just staring into the sky. I held Kayla close with her on top of my arm as she kept caressing my head. Finally, she breathily said, "Oh, I love you, Justin...." Elated beyond words, I turned towards my right and said, "How was I?" Kayla laughed and kissed my neck before giggling, "We did good, babe... I kinda wanted you to be a banana, but it was good...!" I was too happy to even be embarrassed, so I kissed her forehead. Kayla then stopped caressing my head and reached for her right hand, taking off a shining silver ring and placing it into my hand. She breathily whispered, "Now you'll never forget today ...." The ring was a little moist from Kayla's hands, but I was ecstatic beyond words and thanked her with a wet kiss on her ear, pleasuring her delightedly. We continued to lie on the grass for a good 10 more minutes, letting the time pass as we cradled each other in a long embrace. Kayla then rolled off of my arm and looked around for her dress, and I started to gather my clothes too. After I was dressed, I helped Kayla tie her dress back up. We walked back to her car holding hands, with her head on my shoulder. We were silent from absolute happiness as she drove me back to my house. She would occasionally look over to me and just grin. When we finally got to my house, Kayla walked up to my house with me. "I'll see you again tomorrow?" I said, before Kayla embraced and kissed me in agreement. She looked back at me with a smile as she walked back to her car and drove off.

When I walked back into my empty house, I exhaustedly walked upstairs to my shower, where I spent a whole 30 minutes soaking myself while thinking of Kayla and the hell of an afternoon I had just had. After I snapped out of this trance, I actually started washing myself of whatever fluid was left on my body. As soon as I laid my hand on my groin, Kayla automatically popped back into my head, and I was stuck in the trance again while I rubbed and rubbed. After another 15 minutes or so, I got out of the shower and ate, with the events that happened an hour ago still engraved into my head. I learned to drown everything out until I picked up my phone and, ignoring every text from my friends, immediately texted Kayla. And thus was how I spent that night. I woke up in the afternoon the next morning at immediately prepared to meet with Kayla again at her house, where we spent the whole day cuddling and just hanging out. As we watched TV together, she giggled, "Are ya sore from yesterday, Jussy?" I answered with a pained groan, "All over, Kaybae!" as I remembered how tense and pained my body was from being in between Kayla's thighs. Kayla laughed as she held me tighter, "Yeah, me too, y'know...but not from the wrestling, obviously!" We spent the entire weekend like that, just hanging out.


School had started again on Monday, and it was already a drag considering the unbelievable weekend we had. But seeing Kayla in the mornings made it a little bit more bearable. On Tuesday, I hung out with her again at her house. At first, I just sat around on the couch as usual, watching TV with her. But then Kayla turned to me and out of the blue said, "Hey, um....I wanna talk about last Friday..." I turned to her and listened, afraid of where the conversation was going. "...Baby, you know I really enjoyed I wanna get intimate again..." Totally not what I expected – I happily said, "I do, too." Kayla clapped with glee and giggled, "Yay, yay!" before hugging me tight. "But if we're gonna do it again, I want it to be...I don't know....more magical. Not that our first time wasn't great, but I want us to be really ready this let's do a little his-and-hers shopping!" I readily agreed and hopped to my feet with her as we drove around various places in town. Kayla first stopped at a fancy swimwear and lingerie shop. She held my hand as we walked through the aisles and she looked at the various fine pieces of undergarments and swimwear. She stopped at one black piece with laces, but decided against it. We then decided to try out the swimwear section, where Kayla was much happier with what she found. She really liked a very revealing blue Y-thong bikini that would leave pretty much everything on her backside exposed when she wore it. Kayla cooed, "I love it! What d'ya think, darling?" I was pretty taken by it too and said, "It's the same color as the dress you wore last Friday! Are you sure you're okay wearing something that tiny, though?" She gave it some thought but then happily squealed, "Yes! It's perfect!" and bit her bottom lip and gave me a suggestive glare. Kayla then gave it to the cashier and paid for it, grinning. We got back to her car, and our last stop was the pharmacy. Something caught Kayla's attention, and she said with some nervousness, "um...hey, I kinda wanna try this," grabbing a KY his-and-hers pack of lubricant. After she and I read the back of it, she got really excited about it and squealed, "Sounds like our kinda fun!" as she leaned in closer to me, jutting her knee between my legs. Even I was excited and replied, "Anything for you, Kaybae!" before she ecstatically kissed me and then took us to the cashier. She then drove me back to my house, and the whole ride we talked about our plans for Friday. We got back to my house and kissed each other goodbye, both beyond excited about Friday.

The week of course dragged on, but seeing Kayla and watching her soccer practices definitely helped. When Friday morning came, she and I were in a great mood. Everything was working out; Kayla had her house to herself for the weekend, and I told my parents I was staying at a friend's for the night. I wanted to watch her soccer practice before we went out for dinner at a great restaurant, but she told me when we met in the morning, "Aww, babe, don't do that! Go home and get ready for our night out...oh, and you were a little too hairy last time, so shave, okay???" I laughed in agreement as we hugged each other tighter in excitement for our intimate night. 3:30 finally hit, and I never felt freer. I rushed home in the traffic and showered and did everything I needed for what would happen in the next few hours. I had finished showering and was about to just chill for a bit when I noticed that I had a missed call from Kayla. I immediately called her back. The call went through and I heard Kayla say, "Hey, kinda have a change of plans tonight..." I was worried and asked, "Wh-why? Are you okay?" I heard Kayla laugh over the phone, "Yeah, we're still on for tonight! Just..get down to the soccer field...please? I'll show you when you get your cute butt over here!" I was already dressed in preparation for our dinner, and I rushed down to the school's soccer field. It was past 5, so her practice was well over today. I was going over why she would ask me to go over to the soccer fields.

I pulled up to the parking lot and ran to the fields in the back. I saw in the distance 2 figures, both of them on the ground. As I walked closer, I realized that it was Kayla and another person on the ground next to her. Kayla's back was towards me, and she didn't notice me til I got a lot closer. Kayla then turned around and giggled, "Hey, darling....!" very calmly as she greeted me in the mornings. I hadn't noticed until now that Kayla had a guy between her thighs, that she wasn't just on the ground with him – she had wrapped her pythonic legs around his neck! Kayla was sitting on her side, holding her victim captive with her chiseled legs fully extended and wrapped around his neck. The look of her victim was pretty scary at first; his red face was facing toward Kayla and was a great indicator of his agony. Kayla herself looked a little sweaty with her ponytail slightly out of place, probably from her practice earlier, but she was in pristine condition compared to her victim. Confused, I kneeled next to her and asked, "Uh, Kaybae, what's going on?" She giggled, "Jussy, meet Kevin here. He's the same grade as us...buuuuut he's a big jerkface! Isn't that right, Kevin?" before she pulled her legs back and then gave a sudden thrust forward with her hips, putting so much scissor pressure on poor Kevin's neck that he was tapping the grass in pain and screaming like I had never heard before. Kayla relaxed her muscles and giggled, "See, Kevin here found out that I'm a higher class rank ..." She re-tightened her ankles while she continued, "than him, and he didn't think that I could be beautiful and smart!" Kayla then toned her leg muscles more, turning Kevin's face a darker shade of red, before continuing, "So he decides to talk trash to me after practice...and he even tried to hit me! Well, should we make him suffer? Don't hold back!!" As she finished, Kayla stared down at me with that suggestive look and bit her bottom lip as she grew more excited about fucking Kevin up. I really wanted to see Kayla work a guy over, and I was genuinely pissed that he tried to hit her. Kevin then protested weakly, "I'll fucking kill you! You both! You bitc—" but was quickly shut up as Kayla constricted her deadly thighs tighter. She condescendingly teased, "Awwwww....the little weakling tried to complain!!! What should we do to him, bae?" I was beyond excited, and I sat down next to Kayla and kissed her before saying, "You're beautiful and strong and beyond smart, Kaybae; you know that. I wanna see you slowly squeeze him and really make him scream." Kayla giggled at my request and gladly pulled her legs back before thrusting her hips forward again, making Kevin's face turn redder. Kayla repeated this cycle several times, relaxing then pouring on the pressure, relaxing then pouring. Each time she toyed with Kevin, his screams grew hoarser until he couldn't scream anymore. Hearing him suffer and seeing Kayla's beautifully powerful body in action aroused me. Kayla teased, "Yeah, how's that...what was it? Karate black belt? Yeah, how's that workin' out for you, Kevin?" as she smacked him hard on his head, which was growing immensely purple now. She giggled, "You Asians with your trash are such a little pussy...!!" I grew immensely turned on by Kayla's humiliating her victim and asked, "You aren't even going full power, are you, babe?" while stroking her hair. She laughed, "No...! He'd be out if I really went all the way!! I'm not even going half, and ..." Kayla thrust her hips forward again but held the pressure this time, not letting any tension escape her gorgeous thigh muscles. She then continued, "This weakling is about ready to pee his pants!" I had never ever seen Kayla so dominant and angry, and seeing how much agony Kevin was in made me glad I hadn't pissed her off. Kayla giggled, "I love how his eyes are wide open, for once....wanna see me put him out???" I replied, very enthralled, "I'd love that, Kaybae." She pulled me in by the shirt to kiss me and then told me, "Hey, take my shoes and socks off, would you, darling??? It's too hot out here..." I went over to do as she said, and Kayla relaxed her ankles enough while I was untying her shoes and taking off her socks. This let poor Kevin have a breather. He gasped and coughed as some air got into his airways. Kayla snapped, "Eww, gross! Don't spit on me, you little stupid, little wimp!!" as she smacked Kevin hard on his cheek. Kevin cried out in pain and humiliation as Kayla slapped him. I had finally finished doing as Kayla asked, and she cooed, "Thank you, sweetie!!" I rushed back to Kayla's side as Kevin kicked in desperation. Kayla still hadn't tensed her muscles enough, so Kevin coughed, "Once I get out of this, you're both fucking dead!" before Kayla snapped on the pressure more and shut Kevin up. Kayla laughed, "Yeah, if only you could get of my legs!!! Let's see...You tried to 'hit' me with that Karate, dodged that....kicked you square in the you on the ground.....and here you are! Yeah, you're not getting out of this anytime soon....!!!" with a very cheery tone, as if she were talking to one of her girlfriends about plans for the weekend. Kayla turned to me and gently asked, "Do you think it's time for him to go out???" I smiled and nodded as I saw Kevin's panicked look on his pink face. Kayla giggled and mercifully relaxed her legs a bit before teasing, "Okay, Kevin....last chance to say 'sorry!!' Either that, or I keep squeezing til you're out!" Kevin struggled to breathe and could only whimper, "Please don't hurt me, Kayla. I-I'm sorry, okay? I'm re-really sorry for trying to hit you. I-" Kayla giggled, "That's good! Pretty convincing! Now say you're a wimp!" Kevin started sobbing hysterically, "I-I-I'm a wimp! I'M A WIMP! I'M A FUCKING WIMP!!!" Kayla giggled even more ecstatically before saying, "Good boy!!! Now say that I'm smarter and better than you in every way!" Kevin couldn't take anymore humiliation and cried harder, his tears merging with the sweat on Kayla shiny, murderous thighs in her blue soccer shorts. Kayla grinned as she smacked his head to get him to calm down. Kevin finally calmed down enough to whimper, "You're smarter...and stronger...and better than me....." before screaming, "OKAY?!!!!! LET ME OUT!!!!" I was beyond aroused at this point and was even surprised by how much I got off of Kayla's sadism. Kayla giggled very happily, "Well, I believe you, Kevin! But I really don't like I'm gonna make you pass out!!!" With that, Kayla locked her ankles very tightly and tensed like I had never seen her before. Kevin was speechless and desperately tapped the ground and Kayla's killer thighs for mercy. She turned to me and said gently, "This is gonna be 100%, baby...I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!" I watched as Kayla flexed every muscle in her lower body, not letting up for even one second on Kevin's poor neck. It was way too fast for me to notice the color change in Kevin's face from a deep red to a very dark shade of purple. While Kevin was suffering, Kayla had a huge grin on her face and giggled as his face got darker. Within seconds after she started tensing, Kevin's eyes flickered and he made that scary "snoring" sound I had first heard from Dave. Soon, his entire body started convulsing, and the very arm he used to tap was twitching. Kayla kept giggling at how helpless Kevin was and even readjusted her ankle lock and squeezed harder for a several more seconds while Kevin's body convulsed violently, before she finally had mercy on him and relinquished her victim from her killer thighs.


I was genuinely scared that Kayla had done some real nerve damage, as he kept convulsing on the floor next to Kayla's pythonic legs for a good 5 seconds. Nevertheless, watching Kayla put her victim through such humiliating pain was such a turn-on. Kayla smiled and dusted the grass off her thighs as Kevin came to. He slowly regained composure and sprang up in a panic when he started to remember where he was. I was beyond exhilarated at Kayla's power and could only stare at how pathetic Kevin was as he looked at us and held his head in pain. He then quickly backed away after realizing what he had just gone through. He weakly threatened, "You both are fucking dead..." while rubbing his head. Kayla wasn't phased by Kevin's words and giggled, "Yeah....says the guy who just took a little dirt nap!!!" She laughed at Kevin as he tried to get up but stumbled from the dizziness. Kevin threatened, "I'm gonna fuck you both up...assholes, right now." Kayla stood up to face him, with Kevin a few inches taller. She had an air of confidence about her that was so sexy, and I stood up with her as she taunted, "Yeah, okay...come on, you don't have to get hurt again! I'll let you go, right now! Just walk away, little boy!" Kevin had enough of being humiliated, and he rushed toward Kayla in a tackle, knocking her down. But with unbelievable speed, Kayla took advantage of this and tightly grabbed hold of Kevin's neck with her hands and forced it downward while slithering her pythonic legs around his thin waist. I couldn't believe my eyes: Kayla was on her back, but in total control with her coils around scrawny little Kevin, who was on top of her but feebly fighting for breath and control. Kevin used what was left of his energy to try and pry Kayla's hands off his neck, but he was fighting an immensely strong and energetic woman who was slowly weakening his core with her guard and forcing his neck and body down. Kevin tried to stand up straight, but Kayla was much too versatile and kept her grip tightly clenched on his neck, and the scrawny wimp eventually dropped to his knees once more; he would never get up again. Kayla gave a big grin as soon as she knew she had Kevin where she wanted him and pulled his neck and entire body closer towards her, clamping her inner thighs right around his ribcage. Kevin's crushed expression said it all before Kayla sat up on her perfect ass and then gave a great big squeeze, making Kevin scream into Kayla's chest. Kayla turned towards me and giggled, "Now, what was that, Kevin????" and gave a jolt of pressure to really torture Kevin, before continuing, "You were gonna what me and my boyfriend?????" Kevin at this point was all out of gas and had no words as Kayla laughed and kept repeating a tortuous cycle of squeezing and relaxing, toying with her victim. Watching her mouth-watering thigh muscles bulge against her tight soccer shorts every time she squeezed made me ever so hard. I kneeled closer to Kayla as she kept Kevin immobilized and helpless. She turned to me and giggled, "Oh, what ever should we do to him now, Jussy? You decide .... Whether he suffers agony or gets to drag his stupid ass home!!!" I asked, "How hard are you going now, Kaybae?" Kevin whimpered in pain as Kayla constricted harder and relaxed periodically. She laughed, "Oh, not even near my hardest! I'm just having some fun with, what should I do to him next, darling???" in a very sweet, gentle tone, as if she were talking about dinner plans with me – all the while making her poor victim suffer between her legs. I got a rise out of watching her make Kevin suffer, and I told her, "You should see how much he can take, just squeeze and build up your max." Kayla gave a very excited squeal, "See, that's why I love you!!! You always know what I like!!" as Kevin wheezed out, "No! No!" before Kayla rolled him onto his side and then got on top of his frail body, her chiseled legs still coiled tightly around his ribcage. Kayla pushed down on Kevin's shoulders with her arms while firmly planting her locked ankles on the grass, forcing Kevin to groan and painfully arch his body upward. "OOHHHH, GOD!!" He screamed as Kayla rose on her toes and really tightened her bodyscissors, with a sexy smirk on her face. Kevin was no longer screaming and actually sobbed, "PL-PLL-PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF – OH, FUCKING GOD!!!" before Kayla ignored his pleas and squeezed much harder, her chiseled muscles bulging out and pressing against her victim's ribs. Kevin was a hysterical, sobbing mess at this point. Enthralled, I asked Kayla, "How hard are you pushing?" Kayla turned to me and laughed, "Just gettin' started!!!" before flexing her right bicep. Kevin took advantage of this and weakily and desperately began to punch her left thigh to escape. Kayla giggled at his feeble attempt and constricted much harder, arching higher on her toes, weakening her victim to the point that he didn't have any energy to fight anymore and went limp in his arm. She giggled, "Yeah, take it like the little wimp that you are!" and flexed her bicep again. I asked, "Do you think you could break his ribs if you wanted to?" Kayla ecstatically giggled, "Yeah, absolutely!!!" and pinned Kevin's wrists down before cranking up the scissor pressure. Kevin had enough and was too weak to scream by now, pathetically wheezing something I couldn't hear. Kayla taunted, "Oh, wimpy little boy here just asked me not to do that!! Well....I don't know if I'm persuaded enough....let's hear you apologize first!!!" Kevin sobbed harder and louder, shaking in Kayla's pythonic grip while she kept his arms pinned, "I-I-I-I'll say— OH, GOD, NO, DON'T!!" His crying was silenced by Kayla, who took pleasure in squeezing harder with her scissorhold and giggled, "Oh, shut up with the crying!!! The next words that come outta that stupid mouth of yours had better be an apology – and make it a good one!!" I could tell by Kevin's red face that he Kayla was constricting his ribs too tightly for him to have a hope of breathing, so I bragged, "I don't think he can! Your beautiful legs aren't letting him!" Kayla giggled before she let go of Kevin's arms to give him a few smacks on his face, where tears were still streaming down. She groaned, "Ugh...I'm gonna need a shower after this!!! Now...what do you have to say for yourself?" as she eased up greatly on the scissor pressure but kept her coils firmly around her victim. Kevin cried out in pain as his ribs expanded after being bent so sharply by Kayla's unbearably strong, juicy legs. He then wheezed out, still sobbing and shaking, "I.. I-I'm sorry for what I said e-e-earlier....AUGHH!!!" but was interrupted as Kayla decided to mercilessly tighten her thigh muscles around Kevin's ribs again. She firmly taunted, "You're gonna have to be more specific than that! You're gonna tell me you're sorry for calling me a bimbo! You're gonna say sorry for being such a dick to me and my boyfriend! You're gonna say sorry for even thinking you had a chance at beating us up! And're gonna say you're sorry you're such a pathetic.... human.... being!" while squeezing harder and harder as she emphasized her last 3 words. Kayla relaxed her deathgrip enough so that Kevin could repeat everything Kayla told him to, all the while Kayla was giggling and smiling at how pathetic and obedient her victim was. Kevin took a big gulp of tears before he could wheeze out, "...and I-I'm sorry for ....for b-b-being such a worthless ...human b-bbeing!!" Kayla giggled ecstatically as Kevin finished, and gently asked me, "Well, baby, what do you think??? Should we accept his apology??" The look in Kayla's beautiful green eyes was indescribable; there was a fire to them, like she got a lot of joy from torturing her victim. I felt really bad for Kevin, who turned his face to me and silently begged me to make it all stop. My pity for him made me say, "Okay, okay, I think he's had enough. Let's let him go and –" I was interrupted by Kayla, who playfully snapped, "Uh-uh, I don't think he has!!!" And with that, my beautiful, sadistic girlfriend relinquished Kevin from her deadly scissors and rolled off of him, letting him cough and sob as his ribs expanded. Poor Kevin's respite was too brief, as Kayla quickly slithered around him and wrapped her right arm tightly around his neck and then placed her right hand on her left bicep while her left arm locked her right arm in, securing a very tight choke around poor Kevin's neck. "NO....NO...NOOO!!!!!" Kevin hoarsely shrieked before Kayla shut him up by simply flexing her right arm and pressing her bulging bicep against his windpipe. She giggled as Kevin frantically – and I mean frantically – kicked around and tried to throw Kayla off with his body weight. But Kayla was not to be moved, and she had enough of his pathetic flailing that she quickly wrapped her right leg around Kevin's left, hooking her knee around his, and then wrapping her left leg on top of hers and Kevin's in a tight four shape. Kevin had no chance in hell of escaping now, even if he had the energy to. Kayla laughed happily as she grabbed a fistful of his hair with her free hand and suddenly gave a large pulse in pressure, making Kevin respond by frantically tapping Kayla's ever-so-tightening arms for mercy. Kevin was truly suffering now, and I took a lot of pity on him; he had only been out of Kayla's merciless legs for a few seconds before having the life choked out of him again. I was stunned at how red Kevin's contorted face was, with Kayla's arms slowly constricting tighter and tighter each second, all the while Kayla grinned and looked my way to make sure I was watching her make her victim suffer. After a minute or so, Kayla giggled, "Okay, I think I've made you suffer enough....there's no reason for me to keep going...." and relaxed her deadly grip, but kept Kevin's poor neck trapped in her arms. Kevin, with tears streaming down his face, coughed, "Th...thank—" before Kayla gave a big flex and tightened her choke again, making Kevin make loud gagging noises. Kayla laughed, "So I'm gonna put you out of your misery....think of this as a little break!!! We'll go again when you...wake up!!!" before she poured on the pressure and pulled her more of her weight backwards, taking Kevin with her as she kept her leglock on his left leg, leaving him completely at Kayla's mercy – what little she had. Kevin could only tap so quickly before he slowly ran out of energy, and his arms went limp. Kayla laughed the whole time and giggled even harder when she felt his life going out. I saw Kevin's eyes roll up on his purple face and before I could say anything, they started shuttering and he made that familiar and scary snoring sound, and his limp arms started convulsing seconds after. Kayla grinned at this, as if she were being told a funny joke or juicy piece of gossip, and kept the choke tightly around his neck even as his entire body twitched. She giggled and only slightly relaxed her choke, keeping it clamped on unconscious Kevin's neck for several seconds more. I was genuinely scared as Kevin's snoring grew more erratic and his convulsions got stronger, and before I could say anything, Kayla finally released his unconscious body from her deathgrip and gently let his face hit the grass, where it still convulsed for seconds more.

I went over to Kayla, who was sitting on her knees and still laughing at Kevin's twitching self. She giggled, "I guess I held on a little bit too long....oh, well!!" I could tell Kayla was definitely enthralled from all of this; her voice and tone were higher and she didn't care about the grass that was covering her pythonic legs. At this state, my gorgeous but deadly girlfriend was a sadistic python whose passion and purpose was to torture her victim – and giggle through and love every waking moment of it. Kayla then gracefully slithered her way over to Kevin's slowly recovering body, and she grabbed a handful of his black hair and lifted his brutalized face off of the grass before teasing, "You still with us, Kev-Kev???" and giving me her famous sweet smile while she taunted her poor victim. Kevin frantically looked around and spazzed as he regained awareness of his surroundings, much to Kayla's amusement. Kayla flipped his body over, still by his hair, and started to gently slap his face awake with her free hand. Kevin was now fully aware of what Kayla just put him through, and he resumed his pathetic sobbing, to which Kayla responded, "Oh, shut up, you stupid little least I was nice! At least I let go....!!!" in her very ecstatic and dominant tone.

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