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Started by nakedfighter3d, 20-Jan-18, 02:46 AM

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Hello fellow fighters! I'm willing to share quite cool project with you - a multiplayer adult fighting game. I'm a great fan of mixed fighting and I hope you'r into this stuff too  ::) It's an indie project started by one person (me  8) )but with your help it could be best fighting game ever (wink). Please, share your thoughts. I'm willing to hear your feedback and open for any input.

I have a teaser:
A working female character editor:
And a website, of course:

Much more stuff to come, feel free to ask any questions in this topic  :Pol:
Developer of a - adult multiplayer fighting game


Interesting.  Too bad the background on your website is black, makes it difficult if not impossible to read the text. 


Intriguing concept, look forward to seeing where this goes


Would've loved to have seen what happened with this.


Quote from: mikeywrestler on 19-Jun-18, 05:15 PM
Would've loved to have seen what happened with this.

I was a patreon for a while, and the content was kind of good. It had a little customization and a couple of holds you could use, but the game mechanics were awful in my opinion. You had to pre plan the entire fight, for both fighters, and then it was viewed but it cut from stance to move with no transition between. I found it really time consuming to start matches and therefor I lost my interest. I believe the patreon is still up with newer content nowadays.

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