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Author Topic: Wife's First & Only Fight  (Read 7169 times)

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Wife's First & Only Fight
« on: 29-Mar-18, 04:10 AM »
After a few messages about why my wife does not wrestle anymore I have decided to write why and describe her first and last fight, now my wife and I sometimes wrestle which usually leads to a fantastic love making session now I'm Italian 55 5'10 260 my wife is Spanish 51 5'2 225. Now my wife has a co-worker named Erica and from time to time Erica would come over on the weekends for a few drinks, I have to be totally honest Erica is so fuckin hot she's about 40 ish I'd say 5'8 and around 170 pounds with a huge chest a fat ass and and a sex belly. When she comes over I can't help but check her out with her tight tops and tight blue jeans but as I try to to get caught checking her out but my wife knows I find her attractive, and ona few occasions I've heard comens like your eyes will burn a hole in her ass or when you talk to her try not to stare at her tits. Anyway one day while we were drinking I turned on the television and the wwe wrestling was on so I was watching it when  Erica made a comment  about how she likes to wrestle and use to wrestled a long time ago when she lived in Mexico, that was it I grinned from ear to ear I started to ask Erica questions about when she use to wrestle as I could see my wife getting jealous. Erica asked my wife does she wrestle also my wife trying to act tough sad yes I do why you wanna have  match with me, my mouth dropped to the floor as I looked at my wife in shock then Erica said sure why not as my wife said great what about right now.

I called my wife into the kitchen as I asked her are you serious you really wanna take on Erica she got pissed and said why you scared I'll kick your girlfriends ass, I said it's not that I mean we wrestle it's all fun but Erica is a stranger you never tangled with another woman before that was it y wife decided to wrestle Erica. We went back into the living room as Erica asked my wife were you serious about wrestling me my wife smiled and said hell right right now!, Erica agreed and kicked off her shoes and stripped down to her bra and panties as I almost died at the sight of her sexy fat belly and huge tits. My wife also stripped down to her bra and panties showing off her big sexy body as my wife told me you just sit there and don't inter fear and I agreed but knew my wife had no idea what she was getting herself into.

I grabbed another beer and sat on the sofa as both ladies stood face to face in the middle of the living room and got ready to wrestle, they laughed and joked as they grabbed onto each other pushing back & forth each one grabbing & trying to hold onto each other. They locked up again as it now got a big rougher as Erica grabbed hold of my wife's hair pulling her head back as my wife yelled her that hurt as Erica just laughed a bit then let go of my wife's hair, they separated then locked up again as Erica grabbed my wife's arm twisting it behind her back as my wife again cried out in pain and again Erica let go of her arm laughing as my wife was embarrassed. They stepped back away from each other they charged at each other as the two big ladies slammed together as they struggled pushing back & forth as Erica grabbed for my wife left arm to bend it backwards over her shoulder, Suddenly my wife surprised  both me & Erica as Erica grabbed her left arm to bend it back my wife sunk a right fist into Erica;s sexy fat belly as erica doubled up now my wife laughed.

Erica straightened back up telling my wife ok so that's the way it's gonna be as my wife ran towards Erica grabbing her around her waist pushing her back up against  the wall as my wife rammed her shoulder again into Erica's belly as Erica bounced up from the impact of my wife's shoulder into her belly. Erica dropped to her knees her hands holding her belly as my wife looked at me with a huge smile on her face as she actually surprised me, my wife took her hands messing up Erica's hair as Erica pushed my wife back as Erica got up the smile on her face was gone and I knew it was about to get serious. As Erica ran towards my wife she grabbed hold of my wife hair again and again my wife sent a right uppercut deep into Erica's sexy belly as you could see Erica's belly all red, Erica was now pissed off as my wife walked towards her Erica jumped up catching my wife with a head butt in my wife big belly as my wife's eyes opened wide as she stepped back grabbing her belly with both hands doubling up. Erica grabbed my wife's right arm pulling my wife towards her as Erica sent a hard right fist deep into my wife's lower belly my wife dropped to both knees her hands pressed tightly against her belly, that was it the beginning of the end as Erica grabbed my wife by the hair pushing her back against the wall sending her knee deep into my wife belly once then again and finally a third time as my wife doubled up forward collapsing in Erica's arms.

Erica pulled my wife's arms over her left shoulder and just started to send short right fists into my wife's stretched out big belly Erica punched her about 6 ot 7 times deep into my wife's lower belly as my wife screamed please stop no more I give up, that was it the fight was over as I helped my wife to the sofa as Erica got dressed and asked my wife if she was ok my wife said I'm fine but I could tell she was hurting by the way she kept her hand pressed against her belly. Erica thanked me for a good night gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out, I helped my wife up as she said I hope your happy as I tried to tell her she had no idea what she was getting herself into as she swore to never ever wrestle again and we went to bed. It's been almost two weeks and Erica's not been back over for drinks I guess my wife is still pissed about the fight, but you can't blame Erica she started out as a fun fight until my wife turned it rough so Erica just  got rough also.  But I have to admit I was so turned on seeing my wife fighting and embarrassing to say every punch to my wife's belly got me more and more turned on, I know my wife will never ever fight again but I'll always have the memory of not only seeing Erica in a sexy bra and panties but also watching my wife's belly get totally destroyed .

So there you have my wife's first  & last fight from start to finish, so what do you think please feel free to comment about it
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