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Author Topic: Latina wrestlers vs. Blonds (white) wrestlers  (Read 281 times)

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Latina wrestlers vs. Blonds (white) wrestlers
« on: 04-Jun-18, 05:49 PM »
I have been fascinated by watching latinas wrestle blondes.  Here in the southwestern USA, it is mostly Mexican galsgoing up against white not all are blondes.  I will use my wife as an example.  She is blonde, 5'8" and being originally from So. Calif. has had trouble with Mexicanas.  Her first match against a Mexican ended up with her losingto a 5'5 gal who pinned her 5 times against 2 for my wife.  Amazing how strong Mexicans can be....she held my wife down for 3 full minutes with my blonde babe unable to budge her....seems like she had her down the whole match.  My wife gained revenge though as after watching the tape of the match, she learned more techniques and pummeled the Mexican, 5-1 in the rematch.  Most recently, she had 3 fifteen min. matches against a 5'2"  Latina from Venezuela.  Since her opponent gave away, 6" in height and 15 lbs. in weight,  I thought at least it would be a good fight.  Wrong!  She lost all 3 matches, getting pinned a total of 7 times for 20 seconds each time!  And I had to count her out in Spanish per the rules  (apparently being very confident!). She also punished her with powerful leg scissors and well developed glute muscles pounding my wifes's stomach.  So after these fights, my wife has taken a break from wrestling...who wouldn't?   Shortly thereafter, a Mexican co worker of hers found out about her matches against the smaller latina and challanged my wife.  Maybe that will happen...i am all for it...even if watching my wife taking a beating!

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Latina wrestlers vs. Blonds (white) wrestlers
« Reply #1 on: 04-Jun-18, 07:28 PM »
lol...the one on top isnt mexican, its jenn....and the one on bottom isnt your wife, it looks like vira