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My Session with Robin (FightBabe)

Started by BobLaublaw11, 08-Nov-18, 11:57 AM

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Tap Dance

In an introductory email, I told Robin that I don't tap. Well, I admitted I had tapped a few times with two of the six women I've sessioned with, sometimes just to be polite. But they've all complimented me on my scissor endurance stamina compared to most men. So I challenged Robin to make me tap. She said she "hoped" to make me tap "several times." And did she ever.

Robin is a true celebrity, a veritable superstar of mixed wrestling, and I've fantasized for years about experiencing her skills. When I saw that her travel schedule was bringing her east, I immediately requested a scissors domination session. She delivered big time.

I was glad for yesterday's traffic hassles driving to her that left no time to be nervous. I parked at the hotel and went right to the room. Robin is drop dead gorgeous, and I melted looking in her eyes. She greeted me warmly and invited me in. We chatted a bit and she disrobed to reveal a stars and stripes bikini, appropriate for election day.

Her petite body is smoking hot, toned from her yoga, hiking, and martial arts practices. But her beauty is inner as well. She is an absolute sweetheart. She made me feel entirely comfortable and we got along like old friends.

Now, most girls I've experienced use an elementary scissors approach. They grip your head or neck with their legs, lock ankles, and squeeze, using brute strength to apply pressure. This is tiring for them, and most just aren't very strong. I've had sessions in which my providers quickly worked up a big sweat and became exhausted, sometimes even suffering cramps, needing frequent rest breaks and providing only mild discomfort.

Robin is really smart, and she's developed a technique of deadly efficiency in applying wrestling holds. She's studied anatomy and has created a systematic "art and science" scissoring approach that is energy efficient for her but devastating for her victims. She described and demonstrated this technique in her 2016 SessionGirls YouTube interview:

She positions your head perfectly to insure carotid artery contact and then applies pressure in calculated stages. She grips with her thighs. Straightens her legs. Squeezes with her inner thigh muscles. Then adds the quads. Then adds the butt. Her final steps are rotating her legs inward and then flexing her body to pull the neck upward. I didn't usually make it through all the steps.

These scissors are potentially lethal, literally. I have never felt anything like this pressure. I was absolutely crushed by her scissors, seeing stars early on in her process. She turned my face beet red in seconds.

Remember I said I don't tap in most sessions? Robin made me tap every single time. It was tap or go out. So my game quickly changed from not tapping at all to trying to endure even one hold without tapping.

She demonstrated a variety of scissor positions on me. Regular rear, front and reverse figure fours including a unique double one she invented, and my always favorite frontal headscissors. Each hold was brutal and potentially deadly. She does not tire. She likes toying with her victims, like a cat playing with its doomed mouse. I enjoyed every torturous second, and I tapped every time to survive.

I especially enjoyed our conversations. We talked about everything, our childhoods, wrestling experience, our mutual love for animals. We chatted mostly when she was graciously giving me short rests, and she would hold me in position with her sexy legs while we talked. And then crank up the pressure again.

Today my neck is quite sore. I'm still feeling a bit wobbly, and I'm still smiling.

Robin is stunningly beautiful, super sweet, super smart, and super skilled at scissoring and wrestling. I told her she ruined me, as I don't know that I'll ever want to session with anyone else. Guys, she is the ultimate session girl. Don't miss a chance to experience her. You'll fall in love too, I promise.


Moving to the Wrestling Sessions board. Another nice recount from you;)

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