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A daughter tries to wrestle her mom’s friend to get her gift back!!

Started by bendme, 03-Jan-19, 11:58 AM

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How a gift I wanted back changed my life.

A daughter tries to wrestle her mom's friend to get her gift back!!

I feel the need to finally write this down after years of keeping this secret buried deep inside.
This strange relationship started quit unexpectedly  three years ago when I was 23. My mother had a long time friend of the family, a woman called Naomi.  She was practically an Aunt to me, having been friends with my mother for over twenties years! She watched me grow up and was there for all those special occasions in my life.  She was a pretty, older woman, maybe 5'10-11 in height, a few extra pounds that fell in all the right places. Larger than average breast but not doubles D's or anything. She loved the sun and often suntanned whenever possible making her skin a solid golden color. She had straight black hair that she cut to her shoulders and parted on the side, very business looking she was. Her face was pretty but she did look her age of 56 or maybe even a bit older probably due to all that sun tanning she did. Quite the opposite from me in contrast as I'm 5'6, 23, thin, fit, very pale complexion with long straight blonde hair that goes halfway down my back. I have firm smaller breasts but I'm proud of them as I've been told they're "perky"!

This all started when Naomi, my mom and my dad were having a few drinks at our house one evening. My mom had a few too many as I'm pretty sure all three did, anyway she went to bed leaving Naomi and my dad alone. Somehow and to the biggest surprise of my life Naomi and my father ended up making out very heavily on the coach! Long story short my mom caught them and that was the end of mine and my mother's relationship with our lifelong friend Naomi. My dad and mom stayed together for a few months after that but eventually my mom split from my dad over this incident. To make things worse for me, and what started my involvement with Naomi was a year before this I bought Naomi a gorgeous bracelet that was fairly expensive as a birthday gift as well just for being such a Aunt like presence and friend in my life. She loved it and wore it all the time never taking it off. On the night I'm writing about, three years ago. I decided she didn't deserve the bracelet and I wanted it back! My way of saying "Fuck You" for breaking up my family!
I waited until I knew she'd be home and settled as she had no kids or relationship. She lived alone about a hour drive out of the city on a secluded acreage in a cute three bedroom, two story house.  When I arrived it was around 9:30pm and I figured she'd be getting ready for bed soon so wanted to get this over with and have her thinking about it through the night and hopefully ruin her sleep!
I rang the doorbell not really thinking much about what I was going to say or feeling much of anything other than anger to be honest. She answered the door wearing a red and black Asian style Kimono that stopped just above her knee's. It had been a year since I saw her last and I was struck by how beautiful and athletic she looked for her age. Her golden tan was still there and she had the same hair cut. She looked surprised to see me and her eyes looked me up from head to toe. She asked me in a nice voice "Amy what a surprise! what brings you way out here?". I replied that I wasn't here for a visit or to make friends but that I wanted that bracelet gift back I gave her last year! I then noticed she wasn't wearing it.

She seemed taken aback and was struggling to say something when I push past her and entered her place demanding she go get the bracelet now so I could get going. She glared at me slightly then after a pause simply told me "If you want it you can go get it yourself! It's upstairs in my bedroom with all the other jewellery on my night stand".  So without hesitation I proceeded upstairs to her bedroom. I knew the place well having spent many days and nights staying there when my mom would visit with me and often spent the night in one of her guest rooms.  No sooner did I enter her room and cross over to the other side to retrieve the bracelet sitting on her night stand did I hear the door shut and lock behind me!  I spun around and there she was standing in front of the door looking furious at me. "Get out of my way Naomi you don't deserve this gift and I'm leaving with this right now" I said.
She glared at me again said "Amy you're a big girl now! You can handle the truth so I'm going to give you two options. You gave me that bracelet! You can't take it back, its mine! I will let you leave here if with it if you spend the night with me just woman to woman!". I've been attracted to you for a few years now and I think you could use a older woman to guide you through your sexual prime!".
I was absolutely flabbergasted! How dare this woman say such a thing to me and be so demanding after ruining my family!! I was incensed!!! Rage built up in me and I could see on her face she was enjoying my reaction to what she said. Probably due to my extreme anger and without thinking and at the time I replied, "Naomi  I'm not sleeping with you and I am taking this bracelet! I have a counter offer! Me and you are going to have it out right here in your room! A wrestling match! Just woman to woman. I'm a lot more flexible, healthier and stronger than you and I'll enjoy wrestling you into submission over and over then walking out with MY bracelet and having you get what's coming to you!" She laughed and then proceeded to untie her Kimono and let it drop to the floor, standing there naked, hands on hips giving me a evil grin!

My jaw dropped! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! "AGREEED!!!" she said, "Take your clothes off little one! It's just you and me here now. Woman to woman lets wrestle like real woman!".  I didn't care she was naked. I wasn't going to be, but I WAS going to strip to my bra and panties so she couldn't use my clothing as leverage against me. 
I had matching white bra and panties that I often wore because I liked how it complemented my pale skin. It wasn't until I was undressed standing there starring across the room from this rather well built older 56 year old tanned ex friend of my mom's that I realized what was really about to happen and maybe I bit off more than I could chew!?

We stared into each other's eyes, arms out to the sides, hands clenched as claws, crouched over and slowly started to circle one another. A young , flexible and fit college student with revenge on her mind vs. a demented, beautiful, older lady looking very much like she's  into this! I rushed her! Arms out going for her throat! She grabbed my arms and spun around quick while holding my arms and flinging me onto her bed! She virtually threw me on it! I landed on my stomach, my legs falling wide apart and me in total shock at how strong and fast she was! I was just starting to get up when she pounced on my back, causing me to come crashing down onto the bed with a "Humphf!" being forced out of my mouth. I noticed she was squatting on my back, her feet up by my shoulders. She leaned forward and grabbed one arm and flung it over her bent thigh. My arm was trapped there! She did the same thing to my other arm. Then I felt her hands under my chin and she started to bend me backwards by my chin!! OH GOD NO! I thought! She has me trapped and bent already! So soon!! Naomi bent me back far enough that I could look up into her eyes. I couldn't get out as her weight had me pinned down on the soft bed at the base of my spine, my arms trapped over her thighs as she squatted down on my back. Elbows on her knee prevented me from moving my arms off, her hands under my chin and now she's wrapping her arms right around my neck like a hug from behind! As she rested her chin on the top of my head she continued to bend me back further.  Good thing I had a flexible spine but even that had its limits. I started moaning as she rocked back and forth bending me back further each time, all the while I could feel her hot wet pussy rubbing on the small of my back and her hard nipples pressed firmly into my shoulder blades! 

"MMMM I've got you little one! When I'm done with you tonight you'll be my little secret fuck puppet!! I'm going to keep you in my Camel Clutch until you submit to me!", Naomi whispered in my ear as she bent me further back and made me start squealing and moaning loudly. "You are soo sexy when you're being sexually dominated Amy! Sooo! .. are you going to submit to me!?".  "NO!!" I squealed, NEVER!".  She released her grip on my neck with her arms but grabbed my hair at the forehead and pulled me way back! I screamed!! She let up and bent my head back so she could look into eyes again. I stared up at this woman and could not believe after all those years I'm now being dominated my her naked older and stronger self! She was like an Aunt to me! ..and now I'm fighting to not become her  physical and sexual  conquered victim!
Naomi popped my bra off! Slammed my head into the bed, stood up above me as I whimpered a sigh of relieve that she let me go. I lay there limp on my stomach as she stood over me. She grabbed my panties and before I realized what she was about to do she yanked them off of me. I started to roll over on my back but she dropped down on me again forcing me back onto my stomach. She took my panties and wrapped it around my throat instantly choking me. As I started to gasp she again pulled me back wards only my arms were free this time in front of me, She was choking me now with my own panties!  Sitting on my back still and bending my back again. ..Oh God! I was embarrassed! shocked! And too my amazement I was starting to feel wet and slightly turned on even through the pain I was experiencing from this old woman and her cheesy tanned skin and curvy body!  This Aunt like figure I've looked up to and admired all my life, this woman I felt was family! God how she ruined our family and now here I am! Naked on this woman's bed with this woman naked on top of me making me her bitch! NEVER!! I yelled!

I tried my hardest to struggle out from under her but she stopped choking me with my panties then and grabbed my arms, with her strength I couldn't stop her. She flung them back onto her thighs and propped her legs up so she was once again squatting on my back, OH! I could feel her soaking wet hot pussy rubbing into my back. She was soo turned on dominating me like this!!
With one arm wrapped around my throat she reached back with the other arm and started to finger me!!! "NO! NO! NO!",  I yelled. With that she licked the side of my face and whispered in my ear to "Just let go and surrender to me!" Submit to be my sex slave and you can have the bracelet!". I whimpered and whimpered as she fingered my pussy deeper and deeper all the while sitting on my back, me absolutely helpless and humiliated! GOD NO! THIS IS TURNING ME ON!! I can't believe I was close to cumming and was turned on my being dominated by this woman! Out of all woman! Why her!?

To my relief she abruptly stopped fingering me. Did she know how close I was to cumming for her? I took this as a small personal victory and decided I still had time to turn this around somehow? I just had to weather this hold she kept me trapped in from the start and when I had my chance I'd get the upper hand and really show her who's boss! No way this old bitch was going to make me her sex slave! No way!
To my humiliation she took the fingers she was fucking me with and rammed them into my mouth. I moaned with my mouth full of her fingers with my pussy juice all over them! THAT BITCH! I thought, she seemed to see my displeasure and with that she bent me so far back I started to scream again! I felt something warm and thick enter my mouth and slip down my throat. I almost choked. I opened my eyes and saw her starring down at me, Her aged face and wrinkles looking a lot older with gravity pulling down on them. She just spat into my mouth!!! I noticed she was starting to spit again. I wanted to shut my mouth but couldn't because I was bent backwards so far all I could do was scream and look up into her glaring eyes as she let another long spit drip into my gaping mouth! This time she covered my mouth with her hand as she let up on my back and started to just rock back and forth again grinding her wet pussy into my back some more as I moaned and was forced to swallow both gobs of her spit. I noticed she placed a hand on my throat so she could feel me swallow it. YUCK!! I was repulsed but turned on more than ever! JESUS what's happening to me? I started to whimper more than ever which turned her on a lot! She held me by the hair in one hand, my arms which by now are falling asleep still caught on her thighs, her wet pussy still on the small of my back as she continued to squat on it....I stared straight ahead and noticed she was ...she was MASTURBATING! Masturbating on the small of my back now with her free hand as the other one had a handful of my long blonde hair. She moaned and rocked back and forth on my back, my head and hair rocking with her. My head was hurting from the solid hair pulling and rocking she was doing, but all I could do was moan with her as she start to climax! I felt warm liquid ooze onto my back as her cries where becoming load now. How utterly humiliating!!
When she was done masturbating on my back, she once again rammed her fingers into my mouth only this time it was HER pussy juice I was forced to lap up off her fingers. I found myself doing just that! With her fingers in my mouth she pulled me back again so she could look into my eyes. "If you let me spit into your mouth I'll let you go from this hold I've had you in for the last 30mins!? What do you say my sweet young sex slave!?" She said. I moaned looked up at her in her eyes and evil grin and nodded yes as her fingers were still in my mouth. Well that was the first time I submitted and I figured I can't get out of this so perhaps I can still salvage this night by agreeing? With that she pulled her fingers out told me to open wide, which I did, and she took her time dripping a long thick stream of saliva into my mouth. She waited until I swallowed then slowly let me down back onto the bed, throwing my arms off her thighs and sitting in the squat position on my back, petting my head for a moment while I lay there moaning a sigh of relief from finally being let go!

I felt her stand up and I turned back to look at her, with that move she reached down and flipped me onto my back. I couldn't resist as I was in rough shape from being bent and humiliated for so long in one position. I didn't know really what I could do to get out of this. Seems I didn't have time to consider much as once on my back she dropped down on me again straddling my shoulders in a schoolgirl like pin!
Starring up to her big tits which had rock hard nipples pointing up and with Naomi this older hotty starring down at me turned me on again. So confused by my feelings but also so humiliated and still remembering what she did to my family I realized I have one chance to get her off me and I took it! I used my legs to slip them under her arms and with all my strength I tried to pull her off me backwards with my legs. She lifted up off my chest a foot, I was able to get a good look at her shaved pussy! It was quite large with large lips and a swollen clit like I've never seen before. She had a huge clit! She realized I was trying to throw her off with my legs and with her strength and extra body weight she was able to overpower my legs and before I knew it she was now sitting on my face! Her dripping wet pussy positioned perfectly on my mouth and now my legs are trapped under her armpits by the ankles! She had two hands full of my hair and I found myself as trapped as I was in the camel clutch only this time her pussy is in my mouth! I GIVE UP! I thought to myself. I stopped struggling as I realized Naomi sitting on my face with her hands each full of my hair and my legs trapped under her arms, almost folded over, the opposite position I was in previous! I'm totally trapped in every conceivable way. I am defeated! Naomi my mom's ex best friend, over twice my age and Aunt figure to me has me licking her pussy as she dominated me at her will.

Naomi feels my body go limp and me continuing to moan more, almost constantly now, says "Good girl Amy! You're so young and naive but don't worry sweetie, you'll get more than a few chances to get your revenge on me! Me and you ARE going to wrestle again! But for now I want you to tell me you're going to be my secret sex slave! Now say it!".

She sat back slightly so her pussy was off my mouth. "Look me in the eyes Amy and say it!" she growled!
"I am going to be your secret sex slave Naomi!" I whimpered! looking up at her.
Naomi pulled my head into her crotch and started rubbing her pussy back and forth on my mouth." LICK IT!". She demanded! I whimpered and started to lick her pussy the best I could for someone who has never licked a woman's pussy before.  This whole night was so surreal to me. Its like a bad dream, fantasy combo that you didn't want to be in but can't leave one caught up! I knew once I started to lick her and give in to her that somehow I was addicted! I hate myself for it! I am not a lesbian and never really thought too much about it. I had men almost at will, plenty of action if I wanted. I'm a young, fit, hot blonde, Every man's dream!

Naomi still pulling me by the hair rolls onto her back, props herself up on the headboard of bed while I'm now on my stomach all the while still licking her pussy. I stare up into Naomi's eyes as she sits there and watches me suck that huge clit of hers. Her hands holding my hair in a firm pony tail. "I bet you never thought the first pussy you tasted would be mine now did you young Amy?". I shake my head and muffle, uh uh! for NO.
Naomi goes on to cum in my mouth soon after, turns out she's also a squirter! So I definitely get my mouth full. We end up making love all night long that night. Partially dotted with conversation about when she made out with my father and who's to blame and that she was sorry the whole thing happened. 

Once morning comes it really hit me! Here I am. I come over to humiliate Naomi and get my bracelet back and yet it's me that ends up humiliated, submitting, and serving, and now trapped both mentally and physically and emotionally!
She gave me the bracelet by the way! Told me that I can wear it to remind me of who I belong too now and what happens when I disobey her! I do wear it for that exact reason! I am hers now. I accept that.  I continue to wrestle her and I continue to lose horribly! It seems each sex wrestling match we have she uses one or two holds and that's all she needs to make me eventually submit. With each submission I fall deeper and deeper into her grip. I do still hold out for the day that I dominate her in our matches and can get my revenge! Not in the form of a bracelet but in knowing I finally sexually dominated her and I can have some satisfaction in the knowledge that my mother who thinks I wear the bracelet because I told her off and took it back is somewhat correct! ..Until that day I am Naomi's property!

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