everyone wins! (especially the guy, who "loses")

Started by joe69nickfantasy, 06-Sep-19, 09:43 AM

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For years, I have been consumed by wrestling videos - almost exclusively women using every sexy hold possible to make a man "submit". They are all fake, I thought. There is no way that a woman could overpower a man to the extent that they get trounced in these videos. Great acting, men, it made me watch!

Then, I met a fantastic woman. We dated for years before I finally summoned the courage to wrestle her. She is my height, and a swimmer in high school. This means that her shoulders and back are still impeccable. The first couple times we wrestled, I think she was just going through the motions. She would straddle me in a schoolgirl pin, and I would squirm to try to get out of it. This quickly became me squirming, with absolutely no hope of escaping. At some point, she realized this, and we would wrestle more frequently.

What was excellent and awful is that the roles began to spill out from the bedroom into the world. She has become more dominant around me, and I have become more submissive around her. After years of dating, she finally discovered that if she stands up straight, she is slightly taller than me. I discovered that if I have to look slightly up form eye level to look into her eyes, I become the lapdog. I will do anything to gain her affection/approval.

I'm a little awed/scared/comforted by this. I've also noticed that it is easier for me to submit in wrestling. For one, she is getting better at wrestling, and stronger (reducing me with headscissors to a whimpering pile of defeated testosterone has made her legs inescapably strong). Also, I've just decided that being overwhelmed by her intoxicating scent, her powerful legs, and beautiful but smothering breasts is too enjoyable to fight back. And while I just said that I've decided, the reality is that her alpha catness has decided this for me.

How does this happen? Just wondering.


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