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Dead Links On The Increase - Why?

Started by ownboss, 30-Sep-19, 01:04 PM

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I am creating this topic for open discussion regarding the latest increase in dead links, some of which are only a few weeks old. Now, I can remember when certain uploaders supplied content, the links would remain active for months and some even years which is great. However, like suggested, there has definitely been an increase in known uploaders links going dead after just a short period and as such, wanted to know if anything has changed on here or with file hosts such as Media Fire, Mega, or Deposit files because I hope not.

Anyone shine some light :-)
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Just a guess, but if a the uploader does not have a premium type account with the file hosting site, the uploaded file only stays up for a short time - 30 days?  60 days?  Files uploaded to premium type accounts last as long as the uploader stays a premium member or they exceed the file storage space their account provides.

That's my 2 pennies in the pot.

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