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Started by catfightmex, 08-Feb-20, 02:53 AM

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2020-02-06 JADE VS FENIX 2
-barefoot, weapon, deathmatch, punching,
kicking, choke, knife fight-

2020-02-06 JADE VS FENIX 1
-swimsuit, pro style, barefoot, leg spread, fold pin,
scissors, armbar, victory pose

2020-02-06 FENIX VS AXL
-mixed, barefoot, prostyle, scissors, schoolgirl pin-

2020-02-04 JADE VS FENIX 2
-barefoot, swimsuit, wedgie,
hairpull, fold pin, caballete-

2020-02-04 JADE VS FENIX 1
-pro style, swimsuit, boston crab,
nudo, fold pin, victory pose-

2020-01-29 JADE VS LEAH
-pro style, leotard, one sided, boston crab, backbreaker, camel clutch, romero hold-


2020-02-09 SANDY VS JINX
-bikini, pro style, backbreaker, piledriver,
sleeper, camel clutch-

2020-02-09 JADE VS JINX
-bikini barefoot, one sided, sleeper , scissors, smother, ko-

2020-02-09 DIANA VS CIRY
-pro style, swimsuit, pantyhose, fig 4 leg lock,
camel clutch, schoolgirl pin-

2020-02-09 ALICIA VS JINX
-barefoot, judo, grappling-

2020-02-09 ALICIA VS JADE
-swimsuit, bearhug, pro style-


Please keep all of your updates in 1 thread. Topics merged.


2020-03-01 JADE VS ARIS
-pro style, swimsuit, leotard, hairpull, boston crab, backbreaker, torture rack, romero hold, gory, camel clutch pinfall-

2020-02-28 CHACALA VS JADE
-pro style, leotard, pantyhose, one sided, camel clutch, backbreaker, fold pin, crotch attack-

2020-02-28 FENIX VS SASHA
-bikini, barefoot, one sided, belly, armpits, punishment, choke, body lift, airplane spin-


2020-03-24 JADE VS BONNIE
-swimsuit, pro style, pto, bridge, romero hold, cavernaria, backbreaker, leg drop, baby swing, boston crab-

2020-03-22 JADE VS FENIX
-pro style, swimsuit, fold pin, romero hold, kicking, boston crab, indian death lock, backbreaker, bow & arrow, full nelson-

2020-03-22 JADE VS EVE
-pro style, swimsuit, leotard, fold pin, boston crab, camel clutch backbreaker, schoolgirl pin, body lift-

2020-03-22 ARIS VS EVE
-pro style, bikini, chops, spanking, armbar, leg hook, boston crab, camel clutch, bearhug-

2020-03-22 NICKY VS LEXY
-bikini, prostyle, full nelson, backbreaker, torture rack, boston crab, scissors, camel clutch, body lift-

2020-03-22 FENIX VS LOVE
-bikini, pro style, barefoot, body lift, gory, backbreaker, torture rack, baby swing, bearhug, hairpull-

2020-03-22 AMBER VS NICKY
-bikini, pro style, camel clutch, backbreaker,torture rack, piledriver-

2020-03-22 AMBER VS LEXY
-pro style, bikini, boston crab, backbreaker, torture rack, piledriver, camel clutch, surfboard-


2020-03-29 JADE VS LUNA
-pro style, swimsuit, fold pin, fish hook, schoolgirl pin, boston crab, body lift, camel clutch, tapatia-

2020-03-27 JINX VS AMBER
-swimsuit, leotard, camel clutch, fish hook, eye gouging-

-swimsuit, bikini, pantyhose, camel clutch, chops, surfboard, spanking, bearhug-


2020-04-06 AMBER VS AXL
-mixed, pro style, bikini, speedo, one sided, scissors, pinfall, choke, camel clutch, pedigree, schoolgirl pin-

2020-04-05 PUMA VS LUNA
-pro style, swimsuit, one sided, fish hook, eye gouging, camel clutch-

2020-04-05 LUNA VS EVE
-pro style, swimsuit, fighting, punching, kicking, blood, camel clutch, biting-

2020-04-05 KALY VS KIRA
-pro style, pantyhose, leotard, catfight, smother, camel clutch, scissors-

-pro style, tag team, boston crab, surfboard, baby swing, camel clutch-

2020-04-05 FANTASY VS LUNA
-pro style, one sided, swimsuit, pantyhose, bikini, belly punching, hairpull, belly claw, banzai drop-

2020-04-05 ALICIA VS AXL
-mixed, pro style, bearhug, backbreaker-


2020-04-12 MODEL 2
-swimsuit, model, Angel, Love, Jinx, Puma, Dalia-

2020-04-12 MODEL 1
-swimsuit, model, Luna, Aris, Eve, Bonnie, Lexy-

2020-04-12 LUNA VS JINX
-swimsuit, one sided, pro style, fish hook, eye gouging, camel clutch-

2020-04-12 DAMA VS DALIA
-swimsuit, bikini, one sided, pro style, belly punching, claw, tree of woe-

2020-04-12 ARIS VS EVE
-swimsuit, pro style, surfboard, schoolgirl pin, chops, armbar, bearhug, camel clutch, scissors-


2020-04-19 FANTASY VS KALY
-swimsuit, pantyhose, bikini, pro style, one sided, belly punching, claw, tree of woe, banzai drop-

2020-04-19 ARIS VS KIM
-swimsuit, pro style, mask, camel clutch, surfboard, armbar, kiss, boston crab, chops-

2020-04-19 ARIS VS BONNIE
-swimsuit, pro style, one sided, fish hook, camel clutch, bearhug, sleeper hold, schoolgir pin-

2020-04-19 ALICIA VS ARIS
-swimsuit, pantyhose, pro style, chops, bearhug, surfboard, camel clutch, sleeper hold, headlock, schoolgiel pin, scissors-

2020-04-18 JADE VS SKY
-bikini, one sided, belly button punishment, barefoot, backbreaker, bondage, ko-

2020-04-18 JADE VS FENIX 2
-swimsuit, barefoot, competitive, grapevine pin, armbar, sleeper hold-

2020-04-18 JADE VS FENIX 1
-swimsuit, pro style, suplex, surfboard, boston crab, wedgie-

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