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Mixed Wrestling Tournament.

Started by Beatnman, 08-Feb-20, 11:12 AM

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This is a story I penned about 25 years ago and posted to another site back then in the 20th Century. LOL

As a member of a women's wrestling club, I recently came up with what I
thought would be an exciting event for members of the club to
participate and view.

We had just completed a Tournament of Champions Event, with the top two
women in each weight class vying for bragging rights of the club.  This
proved to be so successful that the owners wanted to stage another event
in order to maintain interest in the two year old organization.

It was my brilliant idea to suggest a mixed wrestling tournament.  We
would pit the winners of the previous contest against men within the
same weight class.  The suggestion was well received so we set out to
find men willing to participate in the challenge.  We selected five
weight classes in which to hold the tournament.  Fly-weight(Up to 125
lbs.), Light-weight(126-150 lbs.), Middle-weight(151-175 lbs.), Heavy-
weight(176-200 lbs), and an Open Category(Over 200 lbs.).

Our female contestants would be formidable opponents to any average man,
even the fly-weight champion, who was so aggressive and quick that all
who viewed her in the female tournament agreed, she could hold her own
against a much larger opponent.

It took awhile, but we eventually were able to field a contingent of men
to grapple with our warrior women.  Rather than choose sitting duck
opponents, we selected male athletes in fine condition, and as many as
possible who had some wrestling experience.  The most difficult
contestants to find were in the Fly-weight and Light-weight Classes,
with many of the men we approached being either too wimpy or unwilling
to face what they perceived as a no-win situation.  When all was said
and done, we came up with what we beleived to be a decent slate of
contestants to face our female champions.

Tickets sold within the club immediately, and members sold them "on the
street" quickly enough to hold the contest in less than two weeks.  It
was a sold out event in our auditorium which capacitated an audience of
more than five hundred.  Each match would be held in a ring with either
a best of five fall format or a forfeited submission.  Each match would
be ruled by a referee.  We had chosen a former NCAA Ref. Although
Collegiate rules did not exist, he was there to maintain control over
the match.  Aside from biting, hair-pulling, punching, and kicking;
there would be no holds barred.

The first match was set as were our combatants in the Fly-weight
division. Our champion, Cyn-Dee was performing back flips and cartwheels
waiting for the match to begin.  At 5' - 1", 105 lbs, this former
gymnast and dancer was pumped and ready to go.  Her opponent, Dave was a
former High School wrestler, standing 5' - 5'' and weighing 128 lbs.  We
found it difficult to find a male within the 125 lb limit and Cyn-Dee
agreed to the matchup stating that it made no difference to her whether
she gave away 20 or 23 lbs.

The announcer for the tournament approached the center of the ring and
called the contestants toward him.  He explained the rules to each and
asked them to shake hands and return to their corners.  During the
introduction of the fighters, Dave appeared to be nervous and hesitant
about his decision.  Who wouldn't?  Looking at Cyn-Dee, it was evident
she was in top condition and very sure of her ability.  Dressed in a
tight yellow body suit, every curve of her athletic body was
accentuated.  although her upper body was not extremely defined by
muscle she was well toned and her legs were obviously powerful from her
gymnastics and dancing experience.  Coupled with the flexibility she 
demonstrated in her warm-ups, Dave had every reason to appear worried. 
Her long auburn hair was pulled into a high pony-tail which bounced from
one side of her head to the other as she casually strutted back to her
corner.  Her confidence was in stark contrast to that of her male

The announcer welcomed the guests to the event, expaining the format and
rules for the matches, ending his speach with the all to familiar,
"Let's get ready to rumble."

Tension and anticipation mounted in the auditorium as everyone awaited
the outcome of this five person tournament which would go a long way to
proving superiority in the long standing battle of the sexes.  The bell
rang for the opening fall and as each combatant approached one another,
a loud roar raged through the arena, about seventy-five percent of which
were males.  Dave's trepidition had not subsided as he and Cyn-Dee
squared off for the first time, and it was evident as she quickly
charged him and before he had a chance to react, found himself on the
canvas, upended by a speedy arm drag, tumbling over her firmly planted
right leg. Not releasing his arm, Cyn-Dee forced him over on his
stomach, applying a brutal arm-bar and planted her left knee firmly into
the small of his back.  Dave screamed loudly, bringing the roar of the
crowd to a sudden and deafening quiet.  He quickly waved his free arm to
signal his submission of the first fall.  Cyn-Dee released him and
performed a back flip, emphasising her triumph.  A jubilant smile
adorned her pretty face as she returned to her corner to high fives from
the other four equally jubilant female contestants.

Dave slowly picked himself up from the center of the ring and returned
to his corner, obviously stunned and shaken, as it had taken only
seconds for the former wrestling star to be humbled by a much smaller
female opponent.  It may have been the best way for the match to start
for him however, as his anxiety had now turned to a look of retaliation. 
Several men in the audience snickered, others booed Dave for his quick
defeat, while every woman exhuberantly cheered the outcome.  It was One
to Nothing in the first match and the referee signalled the contestants
to prepare for fall number two.  The bell rang, and the combatants
stalked each other for a second time.

This time Dave's caution was evident as he tried to avoid another quick
embarrassment.  They circled each other several times, Dave frantically
trying to stay away from Cyn-Dee and wait for the right opportunity.  It
was humorous to watch the larger male wrestling star react with such
caution.  The crowd quickly tired of his tactics and began to jeer him. 
This caught Dave off guard, and at that precise moment, Cyn-Dee drove
his legs and upended him on his back a second time.  They struggled
together for several seconds before our female warrior wrapped her
powerful legs around his mid-section.  She struggled briefly, but was
able to maneuver his arm behind his back positioning herself to execute
a devastating two-pronged attack.  Once again Cyn-Dee was grinning
proudly realizing the futility of his position, while Dave frantically
struggled to free himself.  The harder he struggled, the worse position
he kept putting himself into.  Cyn-Dee intermittantly squeezed his lower
torso and pulled up an his arm, forcing a cry of desparation with each
thrust.  Asking Dave for his submission with each attack.  Dave kept
refusing her request, stammering there was no way he would give up to
her again.  "Poor choice", Cyn-Dee replied as she arched her back,
pulling his arm and squeezing in tandem.  Every muscle in her rippled
legs constricted as his arm was pulled way above its natural extension. 
Dave began screaming, the terror in his voice obvious.  Just then the
referee stepped in and brought the second fall to a halt, pulling Cyn-
Dee from her defeated male opponent and raising her arm in victory.  The
ref proclaimed our beautiful gladiator the champion of the match, citing
Dave's inability to contain her attack.  Dave continued to groan on the
mat and was unable to lift himself in any defense.  The decision was the
correct one and clear to everyone in attendance.  Cyn-Dee performed her
patented back flip and raised both her arms in victory as the women in
the audience stood to give her a standing ovation.  It took Dave ten
minutes to pull himself from the ring.  It was later discovered he had
two cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder.   

So much for male superiority, in the fly-weight division at least.  The
female dancer and gymnast had just annihilated a twenty percent larger
male wrestling star at his own sport.



We hoped the Light-weight match would prove to be more even.  Everyone
was shocked at the ease with which Cyn-Dee proved herself in humiliating
Dave.  If there was one match which we suspected a male victory without
doubt, it was the next one.  Rick was an Olympic class weight lifting
contender in the state of Minnesota.  At One Hundred and Forty-nine
pounds, he was abe to lift up to four hundred pounds.  His bulk would
make it hard for our female contestant to perform as Cyn-Dee just had,
although Rick was somewhat slow, both physically and mentally.

Jaime was Five Feet, nine inches in stature and One Hundred and thirty-
five pounds, and quick as lightning.  Her victory at the women's
championship was due largely to tiring out her smaller opponent before
administering the final pin.  Jaime had perfected her technical
wrestling skills, but we doubted that she stood much of a chance against
the mule we had chosen.

The bell sounded, as Jaime approached with caution.  We were correct in
our assumption, as Rick picked Jaime off her feet and tossed her into
the ropes with apparently no effort.  Jaime slumped to the canvass as
Rick jumped on top of her and pressed her shoulders firmly to the mat. 
After both competitors returned to their corners, the referee asked
Jaime if she wanted to continue.  She indicated that she would, although
looking at Rick we considered calling it off.  He was bouncing up and
down, punching his right fist into his open left hand.  We weren't sure
if it was his low IQ or the results of our last match which had him so
hungry for blood, as the look in his eyes suggested.

The bell rang for the second fall to begin and Rick charged Jaime like a
mad bull.  Jaime had regained her compsure by this time and easily side-
stepped the buffoon.  He crashed into the ropes where Jaime wrapped the
top rope behind his head and the middle rope under his neck.  He
struggled to free himself, but before he could, Jaime lifted his feet
off the mat and slammmed them down again.  The entire sequence took only
about three seconds, but the move actually freed Rick from the ropes. 
His composure was not so good however, as he rolled on the ground in
obvious pain.  The laughter in the crowd was overwhelming, which only
seemed to incense Rick.  The referee blew his whistle to continue the
match.  Once again, Rick attacked Jaime and once again she was able to
avoid him with her speed.  This happened several times before Rick began
to tire and moved much slower.  The time was right for Jaime as she
quickly maneuvered from one side of him  to the other.  Each move she
made confused him more, and in a matter of a minute and a half she was
able to either flip or trip him a half dozen times.  Her skill was
magnificent, however she was unable to apply any winning holds on the
brute.  Eventually Rick was able to apply another pin to the leggy
beauty after many minutes of avoiding his brute strength.  Jaime decided
she had enough, not wanting to injure herself.  It took close to fifteen
minutes for the most likely outcome to be decided. 

Afterward Rick admitted to beating up guys over two hundred pounds alot
easier than beating Jaime.  The sweat emitting from his his body and the
strain of his face proved it was no easy task.


The middle-weight division proved to be very exciting and surprising. 
Our female contestant was the most complete athlete in the field.  At 5'
- 10'', 160 lbs., Rianne was an absolute lethal beauty.  She excelled in
numerous sports throughout her life, winning many trophies and awards. 
At the tender age of 22 she had accomplished more than most people in a
lifetime.  Her body was a finely tuned machine, having participated in
basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, track & field, as well as
several martial arts.  Dressed in a one piece pink bathing suit, she
looked awesome.  Her latest sport was beach volleyball at which she was
dominant.  Rianne had taken to wrestling at eighteen, when an old
boyfriend asked her to practice with him so he could stay sharp between
practices and tournaments.  she said she started slowly but eventually
learned many holds and maneuvers before she was able to dominate him on
a regular basis.  This became the reason for the ending of their

Rianne's wavy blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders as she entered
the ring to meet her awestruct opponent.  James was no slouch himself. 
6'  in height and 174 lbs got him in just under the weight regulations
for the match.  A point guard in basketball and first baseman in
baseball, he was also a well rounded athlete.  The betting line on this
match looked to be a crap shoot.  James however, appeared both anxious
to get his hands on our lovely wrestlerette, and nervous at the same
time.  The announcements and introduction of the fighters was complete
and both were ready for action.  The audience was glued to the ring as a
heavy silence fell over the auditorium.  No one knew for sure what was
in store for this match.  Was it possible that our beautiful star could
compete with her bigger male foe?  After having witnessed the prior two
bouts, no one in the arena doubted it.

The bell rang and what promised to be the most entertaining and sexiest
match was under way.  Rianne bounced around the ring like a professional
boxer, waiting for the right time to strike.  Her large breasts bounced
as she did, which seemed to preoccupy James as well as every other male
in attendance.  Rianne capitalized on this opportunity, grabbing James
and executing a powerful cross body toss.  James landed on the canvass
with a loud thud.  Rianne's martial arts training was evident.  Her
speed, agility, and power surprised James and many of the fans, but none
of us who had witnessed her prowess in the female tournament.  James was
slow to recover.   He rose from the mat clutching his back but Rianne
allowed him to regain his composure, such was her confidence.  James was
beginning to look worried and tried to avoid the powerful glamazon.  The
audience was going wild in anticipation of what would happen next. 
Rianne saw to it they didn't have to wait long, as she closed in on
James like a cat to its' prey.  She cornered him against the ropes and
James seemed not to know what to do.  They locked hands at eye level,
each trying to gain the upper hand.  They struggled for nearly a minute
with neither gaining control of the situation.  This was the major
turning point in the match because while everyone was aware of Rianne's
athletice ability and lower body strength, most considered that James
would be superior in the upper body.  Such was not so, and this seemed
to be the nail in James' coffin.  Whatever confidence he showed earlier
was now gone and Rianne began to force him back into the ropes, his back
arching over the top rope.  The momentum of the match was definitely in
Rianne's corner as she held him there for several seconds, smiling at
his compromising position.  She then pressed her entire body against
his, her breasts firmly planted in his chest.  James tried to fight her
off but was unable to do so.  His hands were bent back behind his
shoulders and he had no leverage to fight her off.

In a flash, Rianne released his hands, and before he had a chance to
recover, she slipped her right arm under his left, spun and threw him to
the middle of the ring.  He crashed hard and bounced a coupled of times
before rolling flat on his back.  Rianne was on him in no time, although
I don't think it mattered because James was not moving real fast by this
time.  He was moaning like a baby with a sore stomach as she straddled
his prone body.  Rianne sat squarely on his lower torso and grabbed his
wrists, stretching them over his head.  He was pinned and wasn't going
to be able to release himself.  She then pressed her breasts firmly into
his face, blocking his supply of oxygen.  The referee fell to the mat
and counted to three, signalling victory for Rianne.  All the women and
many men in the audience were screaming wildly for this goddess of the
ring.  However, Rianne was not satisfied with the easy pin.  She then
wrapped her legs around his, applying a tight and extremely painful
grapevine.  She poured every ounce of energy and her powerful body into
the hold, bringing screams of submission from the beaten and humiliated
male.  He cried that he couldn't continue and begged for mercy.  This is
what Rianne wanted.  She accepted his submission of the match and rolled
off him.  As she stood, she placed her foot atop his chest and raised
her arms in victory while James was unable to move his tortured body. 
The crowd went wild, many in attendance bowing deeply to Rianne in a
show of worship.

So far through three matches, none had gone the distance.  This latest
display of female superiority had lasted only four and a half minutes. 
Rianne in complete control the entire time



The heavy-weight match was set to begin.  Jean was our only African-
American to participate in the tournament.  She had destroyed her
opponent in the female tournament and all wondered if the result of this
match against her male foe would be any different.  At 6' - 1", 185
lbs., Jean was an athlete of amazonian proportions.  An all-american
athlete in College, she excelled at Javelin and the long jump.  Her
hobbies were as anchor for a women's tug-o-war team and wrestling, which
we all knew of her exploits.  For all her physical attributes, she was
also a very pretty woman.  Her high cheek bones and piercing eyes gave
the impression of having Native-American bloodlines.

Jean's opponent for the match was Ray.  At 5' -11", 190 lbs, they
presented the most evenly matched pair of the night.  Based on what we
had previously witnessed, we all wondered if she wouldn't destroy him in
no time.  It was becoming evident that pound for pound, our males were
no match for our skilled female wrestlers.  During the introductions,
Ray had to look up to eye Jean.  It was the only duel in which the woman
was taller than her male counterpart.  One of the audience members
yelled out, "Do you want to give up now or face destruction like James
and Dave."  Laughter erupted as Ray speared his middle finger in the air
at the loudmouth.  Ray was cocky and had a wrestling background.  He was
a construction worker in very good shape and not at all intimidated by
Jean, believing as he did in male superiority.

Ray's cockiness came to a sudden end as the match got under way.  Jean
wrapped her powerful arms around his midsection, squeezed, lifted him
off his feet and slammed him to the mat. She landed with her full weight
on top of him, knocking the wind from his lungs.  Ray was an easy 1-2-3
count.  It took several minutes before he recovered but stated his
intention to continue.  "She'll have to beat me three times, because I
aint quitten."  He vowed.  Jean flexed her muscles in her corner
taunting Ray that she was only warming up and he better offer more
resistance if he wanted to remain in one piece.

Ray took the initiative to begin the second fall, charging Jean but she
easily tripped him onto the floor and held him under control before
sliding her mammoth legs around his head.  We all knew right away we
were only seconds from a 2-0 lead for Jean.  The female giggles of
delight from the audience were witness to that, as many of the men in
attendance could only shake their heads in disbelief at the turn of
events.  Jean was able to snake her top leg under Ray's chin before
beginning to squeeze.  It was obvious he was finished as his face turned
to a deep crimson and the veins in his forehead began to bulge.  Jean's
leg muscles rippled and looked like steeely vice grips.  Being able to
leg press 300lbs for ten reps, there was no way Ray was going to break
her hold.  Her white string bikini contrasted against her sweaty taut
dark body in an unbelievable display of strength and domination.  Ray
wouldn't offer a submission so Jean continued to constrict her legs
against his neck.  He was kicking his legs and gasping for air, but just
before the referee stepped in to end it, his body fell limp.  Jean's
unbreakable hold had caused Ray to pass out due to lack of oxygen.  The
arena fell silent not knowing the diagnosis.  However he was breathing
and within five minutes he began to stir.  Unable to continue, and fully
aware of his futility against the Ebony Princess of Power, Ray staggered
over to Jean and raised her hand in victory.

In the center of the ring, Ray took the microphone and vowed to never
underestimate the power of a woman again.  "She beat me.  I was no match
for her.  This experience has changed my attitude forever"


The three female victors entered the ring, raised their arms in victory
and bowed to the crowd to express their appreciation and to pose for
what was now a victory of woman over man.  Although their was still the
open category to be determined, the men could not overtake their female
counterparts to win the contest and the girls were showing their stuff
to the delighted women in the arena, all of which stood and gave them a
standing ovation.  Many of the men in the crowd also joined in to
express their admiration.  Several men in attendance got up and left to
much jeering and needling from their mates and others.  Jean centered
Rianne and Cyn-Dee.  Standing beside Jean, it was hard to imagine that
Cyn-Dee with her diminutive stature, had just annhialated Dave.  Jean
stood a full foot taller and outweighed Cyn-Dee by 80 lbs, but each
woman had quite easily handled their male foes.  Even Jaime had  given
the much more powerful Rick all he could handle and was probably ahead
on points when she decided not to continue.

Our male contestant was ready to take his place in the ring when the
women left to loud cheers.  Carl was a big man but not real athletic
looking.  He stood 6' - 3", and weighed 240 lbs.  He had no specific
muscle definition and was more flabby than anything.  Our only problem
concerning the open-weight class was that we never had a specified
female heavy enough to contend at an equal size.  We decided to ask both
Rianne and Jean if they would be interested in taking on Carl.  Jean
indicated her interest, however she felt that having just finished her
match she might not be ready to go again so soon.  To our amazement,
Rianne was more than willing to get into the ring and show her stuff
again.  We introduced both fighters and reprised them and the fans of
the rules.  Most in the audience doubted Rianne's ability to go against
the big guy.  They must have had short memories since she had just
recently disposed of James in no time and he was in much better
condition than Carl.  Even so, standing next to him, Rianne was dwarfed
in size, giving away 80 lbs and 5 inches.  With all that against her,
she seemed not the least bit worried.

As the match was about to begin, the three other females contestants
gathered around Rianne's corner for moral support and to lead the
cheers.  Already confident in her ability, this show of support sparked
Rianne even more as she began to dance around the ring taunting Carl to
make his first move.  Slow on his feet, Carl had a hard time keeping
track of Rianne as she side stepped and back peddled faster than he
could react to.  Before he knew what was happening, she was directly
behind him.  Slipping her arm under his chin from behind, she twisted
and hip tossed the much larger thug, creating a loud crashing thud.  The
girls at ringside went nuts, encouraging Rianne to keep it up.  As Carl
regained his footing, Rianne had once again maneuvered around him and as
he caught site of her position, she had propelled herself off the ropes
and was mid-flight toward him.  Too slow to react, Rianne's parellel
body crashed into Carl's chest sending him reeling backwards into the
far ropes.  The impact of the collision sent Carl sliding down the ropes
on his ass.  Rianne landed and rolled into a back somersault to a
standing positon, all in one motion.  Not wanting to waste the
opportunity she had created for herself, Rianne assumed a martial arts
stance and descended on Carl before he had a chance to react.  As she
approached, Carl began to shy away terrified of what she was up to.  It
was an awesome display to watch as the athletic but much smaller beauty
had the heavyweight male quivering in fear.

Rianne showed no fear for Carl as she yanked his arm and sent him
sprawling to the middle of the ring.  Her strength was never more
evident, easily flinging the 240 lb mass of meat several feet.  She
continued her assault and in no more than twenty seconds had put Carl
through a series of five or six body throws.  Each toss was more
beautiful and powerful than the last.  On the final thrust, Carl had to
have been elevated four feet in the air and the sound of impact told the
story of what was to come.  The thunderous crash and agonizing scream of
pain brought to life the sudden and surprising ending of what most
spectators thought would be a lopsided affair in the opposite direction. 
As Carl lay motionless in the center of the ring, Rianne stretched her
voluptuous body across his chest.  Scissoring his right arm with her
legs, she grabbed his left arm and stretched it out for a full cross-
body pin.  Our entire contingent of girls went nuts as the referee
counted the big guy out.  Unable to move, he decided he could not
continue the match, leaving the ring in obvious pain and degradation.

At that point, everyone in attendance stood in unison for a standing
ovation of respect to Rianne and the other girls.


Rianne's 160 lb frame had just annhialated two men weighing in at a
combined 415 lb and we didn't doubt she could have had them tag team her
with the same result.  She is a fabulous athlete and proof of how
dominant a woman can be over most any man of equal and even larger size.

Rianne was so pumped she challenged Dumb Rick to place his victory on
the line against her.  She wanted to make the tournament a complete
female sweep.  Apparently Rick wasn't as dumb as we thought because he
quickly declined her challenge to much derision from both the female
wrestlers and a large contingent of the audience.

Altogether, our girls were outweighed in the tournament by close to 140
lbs. but were able to come away with a convincing and devastating
victory over the so-called stronger sex of challengers.

Before everyone departed for the evening, we invited all the girls into
the ring to take a curtain call which they gladly relished, savoring
their victories.  The MC ended the night by declaring women the stronger
sex and pound for pound unbeatable against an inferior male race.  The
curtain was drawn and everyone went home either happy, embarrassed, or
amazed with the events of the evening.

We are now considering an annual event, with more time to prepare and
more promotion.  However after witnessing the events of that night we
may find it difficult to find male challengers.  If we do, we will
consider taping and marketing it.  Wish us luck, it will definitely be
an eye opener to the average person.

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