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An unforgettable parking place

Started by Wannawrestleme, 26-Apr-20, 02:27 PM

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 I wrote this story a number of years ago.  Let me know what you think.

There was a summer carnival at a beach just north of San Diego.  I drove my
convertible through the parking lot looking for a place.  Nothing opened up.
  Then I saw a minivan backing out of a place.  There was a car patiently
waiting for the place. Just after the minivan backed up, I snaked the place
and quickly wheeled my car into the place.  The minivan drove off, and the
other car positioned itself just behind me so I couldn't move.
Two girls got out of the car and came up next to me.  They were two cute
Asian girls, maybe 19 or 20 years old.  Wendy, the taller girl in a stern
voice said "I give you one chance to drive away and let us have this place".
  I just laughed and got out of my car.  The two girls got on either side of
me and grabbed my arms.  I couldn't move them.    Slowly they walked me
toward their car. Wendy told Lynn (the other girl) to go around to the other
side.  Lynn got in the back seat and Wendy pushed me into the car.  I
struggled, but she had better balance and was able to keep me into the car. 
Lynn grabbed my right arm again and pulled me back against the seat.  Wendy
quickly got in and told the driver (Michele) to drive away.
Wendy and Lynn had control of my arms again, so I couldn't move.  Michelle
drove to a private beach house a few miles away.  Wendy said "You should
have listened to me in the parking lot. You will be very sorry you didn't." 
They had an automatic garage door opener and drove us right into the garage.
  The garage door closed and the girls pulled me out of the car.
They dragged me into a large room with a large open area and one couch. 
Wendy pushed me onto the couch and said, "Let me tell you the rules.  We
are pissed off at guys that think they are hot stuff behind the wheel of
their car, but are really weaklings.  So, here's the deal.  You can pick
which one of us you want to fight.  If you win, you can leave right away. 
But if you lose, you have to fight the other two girls.  The girl you
choose, gets to pick the kind of fight."
I looked at the three girls.  They were all around 20, all slender and
looked Chinese.  Wendy was about my height (5'10").  Lynn was 5'7", and
Michele was about 5'5".  So I chose Michele.  She giggled and said, see you
in a minute.  Then she danced out of the room.  I got up trying to leave,
but Wendy stood between me and the door.  I waited for Michele to return.
  She soon came back dressed in a sports bra and running shorts, with boxing
gloves on.  She said, "I choose boxing."  I was happy.  One punch to her
face and I can leave this strange place.  I got up to face her. I took off
my sandals and was wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt.  I didn't have any
boxing gloves, but Michele said I could box just like I was.
Michele was in a fighter's stance, that I tried to mimic that.  I had never
boxed before, but didn't think Michele posed much of a threat.  We circled
for a minute, then she jabbed at me. I dodged it and punched at her.  She
moved her gloves to block me.  I tried to punch at her stomach and she moved
out of the way.  She was a lot quicker than I thought.  I tried to punch her
in the face, and she side stepped me and caught me with a short jab to my
left temple.  I was dazed a little and she knew it.  Quickly she jabbed my
head three more times before I was able to bring my arms up to defend.  My
head was ringing from these hits.  Then she punched me with a hard uppercut
to my stomach.  I pitched forward and fell on her.  My arms were on her
shoulders.  She started laughing at me and punched my stomach again.  Before
I knew it, I was on the ground.
"Give up yet, macho man?", she taunted.  I was so mad.  I got up quickly and
started at her.  "Oh my, so you still want to fight.", she exclaimed.  My
head and stomach hurt a lot, so I decided to try to stall.  She circled
around a couple times and faked a couple of punches. I just watched
cautiously trying to get my strength back.  She jabbed me a few times.  I
blocked easily.  But she was backing me up into the wall with each jab. 
Finally, I was against the wall with no escape path.  She laughed and punched
me in the face. I blocked it, but the force of her blow pushed my hand
against my head.  Then she punched me in the stomach again.  It knocked the
air out of my lungs.  She started punching my ribs.  I was protecting my
face, so she kept punching my body.  I was getting weak and she knew it. 
I tried to block her body punches and she punched my head so hard I
fell back against the wall.  My defenses were down, and she kept punching me
as I started sinking down against the wall.
I tried to get up one last time, and she gave me a fierce uppercut to my
forehead.  I was out.  Next thing I remember is waking up on the couch.  The
girls were laughing at me.  "Well, looks like you have to fight us now, big
boy.  Who do you want next?"
I knew I didn't want Wendy, since she looked so big, so I chose Lynn.  Lynn
went away and returned in a red bikini.  She told me to take off my t-shirt
because we were going to wrestle.  I thought this might be a better chance
for me.  I didn't have the skills to box, but my greater strength may help
out in the wrestling match.  Lynn said I could leave without fighting Wendy
if I could out-wrestle her.
I felt good enough after my rest, so I was ready for our match.  Lynn
motioned to the middle of the room.  She offered her hands to me.  I took
them and we locked hands and tried to use our strength to make the other
person kneel back.  It was even for a while, but she slowly started pushing
my hands back.  Before I knew it, I was on my knees with my wrists locked by
her powerful hands.  She kept the pressure on, and I couldn't get out.  She
laughed and kicked me in the stomach.  She kicked me again and laughed at
me.  "You can start any time, big boy", she yelled at me.  I couldn't break
away from her hold, and she kept kicking me in the stomach.  Finally, she let
go of my hands and kicked me in the chest.  Down I went.
She let me get up and was smiling at me.  I charged at her and she stepped
away, and tripped me.  I fell on my face.  I turned around just in time to
see her do a knee drop on my stomach.  I was in trouble again.  I tried to
get up, but she knee dropped me again.  She straddled my face, and pulled me
by the hair in between her thighs.  She started to squeeze me.  I couldn't
hear, because my ears were trapped between her legs.  I tried to pull her
legs apart. No luck.  She squeezed harder. My strength was leaving me.  I
weakly tried to free my poor neck from her legs.  I was getting light headed
and finally blacked out.
When I awoke, Wendy was in front of me, stark naked.  She said, "It's my
turn now.  I choose street fighting, no rules, no clothes."  I looked down
and found that they had stripped me down.  I slowly got up to face Wendy.
She spun around and kicked me in my right side. Then she hit the ball of her
foot on my thigh.  It hurt so much.  She said "My girlfriends went easy on
you.  They wanted me to finish you off.  I hope you like pain, because
that's what you are gonna get."  With that she slapped my face so hard my
ears started ringing.
I wanted to run, but knew I had to fight her. So I tried to punch her face. 
She grabbed my arm and threw me against the wall.  She hit the ball of her
foot on that same leg.   I bent over in pain.  Then she elbowed my back and
I fell down.  "Get up, wimp, I'm not done with you yet.  I want to show you
how weak you really are."  I got up on one knee, and she immediately kicked
me in the face.  I went down again. "Is the little boy hurt?" she asked.  I
was so mad at her.  She let me get up this time.  She slapped my face
lightly and kicked that bad leg again.  I stayed up, but was limping badly.
She grabbed my hand and twisted it behind my back and forced me against the
wall.  With her free hand she grabbed my balls and started squeezing.  I
yelled in pain.  I wanted to go down but she was holding me up.  She kept
squeezing and I could do nothing to stop her.  Tears were streaming down my
face as she squeezed my balls, and slammed me against the wall again and
again.  I thought it would never end.  Finally, she let go and started
punching me in the back. It hurt so bad.  I fell to the floor.
"Had enough, big boy?" she asked.  I was sobbing so hard I couldn't answer
her.  She pulled me up and said "It's time to go to sleep."  She turned away
from me like she was going to walk away.  Suddenly, she spun around and
kicked me in the face.  I was out of it, but still on my feet.  She snap
kicked me in the balls and I started to go down.  She grabbed my hair and
smashed my head into her knee.  It was the last thing I saw.
I woke up hours later, in the back of my car, which was still in the same
parking place.  They had brought me back there and threw me in the back of
the car.  Every time I see a young Asian woman, I still remember that
parking place...

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