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Best Men for Beating Up?

Started by DiabloNYC, 05-Jan-13, 10:21 AM

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In your opinion, what is the best type of guy for getting dominated on the mats by a strong wrestling female?

Do you like to see a fit, athletic guy get bested in a gritty competitive fight?
Do you like to see a look of shock on his face when he is defeated?

Or maybe...

Do you think it looks better if the guy being defeated is less fit (but still attractive), somewhat chubby, and totally unable to keep up?  Do you like to see him huffing and puffing, struggling uselessly, totally unable to avoid defeat?

What do YOU think is the best type of guy for being defeated?   - average, athletic, bodybuilder, young, old, fat, skinny... other?


i think it depends on the context of the video and i'm pretty open minded, but all else being equal i prefer to see a strong, visibly athletic-type man lose - i think it makes the female's victory all the sweeter to have bested a prime physical specimen - really hammering home the domination and superiority!   


I think its more realistic for a strong girl to humiliate either a skinny geek, or a fat bloater, either young, or middle aged. If the guy is obviously in peak condition, late twenties/early thirties, it smacks of fake-femdom and that is disempowering to the female. Also, if its mutually enjoyable and a friendly athletic encounter, its lacking the sadistic domination that many of us want to see.

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When the girl is very skilled, I like her to beat some big strong guys, so she show her power.

But most of the time, for more regular (model) girls with average skills, I prefer when she overpower and destroy a weak man skinny, fat, old, small... ;D

This is a detail, but I don't like when the woman shoulder are wider than the man's... >:(


Add me to the viewers who hate to see strong, fit, muscly guys (who look like they could break the girl in half) magically losing the fights in what is supposed to be a competitive/semicompetitive action according to video description. Have the athletic muscle boys fight the big manly FBB's or legit female MMA fighters if you wanna call it that as I'm buying comp/semicomp match to see the girl legitimately win and not watch some muscle freak act like he's half comatose in order for the girl to even maneuver him into some hold.

So yeah, for comp/semicomp I want to see an athletic fit strong sexy girl vs nonfit nonathletic no-muscles physically weak or skinny guy, so the girl ends up overpowering and outwrestling him quite realistically. Such vids are pretty rare to see nowadays.

For domination/scissor type of vids where the guys are expected not to put up much resistance, I still want 'em to look normal/average at most but they can be bigger/stronger than the girl I guess, as the action is usually just the girl's thighs vs his neck and that equals a lot of things.


Well!  Nice diversity in answers, gentlemen.  And great rationales for each preference.  So far in this thread, we have the "weak" guy for the win, though the rationale for an athletic male opponent put forward by sleepinbin is a great point.

I'd opt for a relatively overweight guy, around 20-40 years old, who gets easily winded by the exertion.  He doesn't need to be huge, but maybe his own fat body gets in the way for him, making his resistance fairly futile and absurd.  Great humiliation potential!


You've seen my picture and saw me getting beaten by my wife ! lolol


I've gotta agree with the huge guys getting out wrestled by a 110 lb girl.  Body builders and potential NFL linebackers just are too big for my taste.  Of course if it's a fantasy story line that's different.  Even with the guy "selling" the moves and stuff, 200lbs+ is still a lot of mass for most girls to move around.

For the competitive/semi-comp matches I like to see the guy be somewhat the same size as the girl, depending on how strong and skilled she is.  Of course sometimes we can't get the perfect match.  I have been out-wrestled by girls  smaller, but were aggressive faster, quicker, more skilled and in better physical condition.  Julie Squeeze, Jennifer Thomas, Sybil Starr, Rayne, and Ariel X to name a few.

I don't like the too small/too skinny guys anymore than I like the too big/too fat guys.


I guess I fit in somehwere between lol Still get y ass kicked :)


A mix is good.

I like Elvin from GG, he tries real hard, but is way small to do any damage, but did put up a fight against Jenna.

My ultimate guy would be 5'5 - 5'7 skinny, athletic, but gets smashed trying his ass off, including trying to get her in holds. (Its rare though)

I hate more than anything....Fat guys that lumber around and flail about flappling their lips and crying at half applied pressure. (this is why scissorfoxes pisses me off, nice girls fighting fat crybabies.

I don't mind seeing a guy able to win a battle or two, but don't like seeing the girl lose overall. Girl has to win, but this is why I liked Luzia from DWW so much, remember some fights with her and David, and he tried his ass off and got smashed.


For me, the best are untrained guys that are roughly the same size as the girl (or only slightly larger) and in reasonable, toned shape, but who think they can win just because they are male and 'should' be able to beat a female. For example, Veve Lane Vs Twiggy's pantyhose matches are great.


I would like to see competitive wrestling where man and woman nearly equal in size and weight. Bottom line is man shouldn't be a wimp.  But do not like when the guy is bigger and stronger. Either equal or little less in size and strength.Closer he gets physically to woman, the better.  If woman is a bodybuilder, I would like to see muscles in the man too but not more than woman. Equal or little less.

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