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Candi Devine (former AWA Ladies Champion) question

Started by Krankor, 15-Jul-20, 03:10 PM

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 In her custom matches did she ever wrestle in anything more revealing than her standard old fashioned, frumpy (for the most part) wrestling gear?

I'm just curious because Candi in her prime was very attractive in my opinion but she usually wore gear (at least in her televised matches that I've seen) that didn't do her body justice. Thank you



Other than an inadvertent wedgie every now and then, I've never seen her wrestle in a thong leotard like many of contemporaries, which is a shame because she had a very nice butt in her prime.

Not to change the subject but out of curiosity, does anyone here have any clips of Killer Tomato aka Debi Dallas in GLOW from her custom matches?

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