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Zumba Girl - Philadelphia

Started by BobLaublaw11, 28-Jul-20, 07:03 PM

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This blasted pandemic halted so many fun activities for months, including scissor sessions. But happily now some of the women on my wish list are again providing them, albeit with appropriate precautions.

I had noticed Zumba Girl's listing on SessionGirls long ago and decided to reach out. I smiled big when she replied the next day.

Communications with her were outstanding, always prompt and professional, and we scheduled a session for the following week. She worked out the details with me and graciously agreed to come to my hotel on the day and time I requested.

About a half hour before our scheduled appointment time, she kindly let me know that she was running late. Life happens. I told her she was just skillfully building the tension. Soon she texted that she was on her way and soon thereafter that she had arrived.

It's cliché but true; she looked even better in person than her extremely compelling photos. We chatted for a bit, and then she spent a few minutes surveying and setting up the room for the session before retreating to the bathroom to change clothes and prepare.

Every session is unique. I enjoy both the ones that are mostly sensual as well as those that are super scary. Zumba Girl was amazing. She provided both with superb skills and sensuality.

As other reviewers have noted, she is quite beautiful and deceptively strong. Her shapely soft legs turned to steel-like muscles when she squeezed me. When she was on her way to the hotel, I had taunted her with a text wondering if she could turn my face purple. She did so many times that wonderful evening.

She dominated me with her legs in numerous positions and in many locations in the room. ZG is so creative and fun, and I think she really does enjoy making men happily suffer under her power. Several times she made me light headed and on the verge of seeing stars. Heaven on earth.

She took great care to ensure I was enjoying the session. While she was holding me prisoner between her legs, she asked what I had liked about prior sessions, and about me and my life, all the while punishing me exactly the way I love. It was so enjoyable chatting with her, at least when she let up the delicious pressure enough for me to speak and when her thighs weren't pressing my ears closed, making me deaf.

This was truly one of my favorite sessions ever, and I have enjoyed some great ones. Zumba Girl offers a unique combination of beauty, sensuality, and surprising strength, along with her delightful personality and creativity. My sore neck reminded me of our lovely time together long after she'd left. I very much look forward to seeing her again.

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