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Session Review: Kira

Started by BobLaublaw11, 11-Aug-20, 02:58 PM

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Scheduling sessions in the COVID era is a crap shoot. Many providers aren't offering service now or require extreme and sometimes unachievable preliminary precautions. Too many don't respond at all to queries. While it's perfectly understandable to not offer sessions for any reason, I'll never understand the discourteous customer service neglect of not even responding to say "no."

After several misses, I reached out to Kira who I think has more glowingly positive reviews than I've seen for anyone. She replied quickly, requested a deposit, and we scheduled a two-hour fantasy scissors session at her suburban Baltimore location.

What is professionalism? For session providers, I think it means providing excellent customer service, i.e. communicating clearly, being prompt, being prepared, and providing the requested service for the duration and price agreed upon. I had enjoyed 11 prior sessions, all of which fit this description. While Kira is a lovely woman, I don't think she understands the concept.

On session day before I departed, Kira "reminded" me that I was to bring her a box of red wine and cigarettes per an email she claimed to have sent. I checked; there was no such email. Now I always bring gifts, but this was the first time a provider has demanded them. Okay, choose your battles. I left early to procure these items.

After three hours in the car, I arrived at her location five minutes before our appointment time. We traded texts and she said she was getting ready. Then at our appointment time, she texted that she needed to take care of her cats. Okay. Ten minutes later she invited me to the door.

Kira is a beautiful and delightful young woman, a most personable and sensuous tall Amazon goddess. We connected right away, and we chatted and sipped wine for quite a long time. Then she wanted to have a cigarette, so I accompanied her to the back deck. It was about 40 minutes past our appointment time when she finally led me downstairs to her session space. We continued to chat while she set up the mat. 15 minutes later, I had to ask her to scissor me. She certainly did so.

I've experienced some scary strong scissors in my adventures. Kira may have the strongest legs yet. I rarely feel the need to tap in sessions, but Kira had me tapping every time. I wasn't upset that she gave me rest breaks between squeezes, and I actually had to ask her to take it easier on me. I had specified in my initial request that I enjoyed the sensual part of scissors as much as the scary.

I was surprised when Kira suddenly requested more money. We had clearly agreed on the session amount, services and duration, and she did acquiesce when I reminded her.

But then, after scissoring me in three positions maybe five times in a half hour, she was done. She invited me to join her back on the deck for a few more minutes while she smoked.

So I was back in my car and headed home 90 minutes after our scheduled start time. My neck was happily sore but I couldn't believe I'd paid for a two-hour session that in reality lasted only a half hour in terms of scissor activity. I've never experienced anything like this with my prior providers, most of whom offer free extra activity time when they can. This became my most expensive session ever at $1000 per hour based on the actual service time. Ouch. My wallet was as sore as my neck.

The next day I emailed Kira to tell her I enjoyed the time with her but that I felt a bit cheated in terms of the price and session time she provided. I told her how much I enjoyed her personality but made some gentle suggestions about being more prepared and professional for future sessions. I was surprised when she initially didn't seem to know who I was. Once we ascertained that, she replied that I should have said something at the time. She's right, of course, but as I described in my initial email I prefer that the woman take charge as part of the domination fantasy and control the situation. In any case, it would have added to the awkwardness I was feeling. She really didn't offer any attempt to empathize, more blaming me for what I perceive as her unprofessionalism. And she actually claimed I was wrong for not paying her more than we'd agreed upon.

Kira really is a lovely person and I did enjoy my time with her. Her scissors are amazingly strong and potentially lethal. But overall I still feel cheated because she provided such a short scissor session for so much money. Lesson learned. I'll likely stick with the more well known professional providers from now on.

Your mileage may vary as her many positive reviews indicate. Good luck.

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