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Author Topic: Session Review: Ava Simone  (Read 2511 times)

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Session Review: Ava Simone
« on: 30-Sep-20, 02:08 PM »
You might think Ava Simone's countless stellar reviews are full of hyperbole. After seeing her this weekend, I now understand the unanimous raves and why so many of her clients visit her over and over again.

Ava had been on my wish list for a long time, and I'd even been considering a trip to Connecticut to see her. But when SessionGirls reported that she was traveling to Philadelphia this month, I simply had to answer opportunity's knock. Ava's professionalism in communications and the session itself were stellar, much appreciated since that quality seems rarer in some providers during these COVID times.

As so many others have reported, Ava is a lovely woman inside and out. She is adorably cute with an amazingly attractive muscular physique. But she is a beautiful soul as well. When she opened her room door for me, it was immediately apparent that she'd read my introductory mail. Her apparel was exactly what I'd hoped for, and she looked simply stunning. Ava was so kind and welcoming, and her long warm hug relaxed any anxiety I was feeling about meeting this session-girl superstar.

We sat for a few minutes and talked about ourselves and about my session goals. I had requested a fantasy scissors domination scenario. Ava instinctively understood my needs and fulfilled my fantasy beyond expectations.

While Ava is an absolute sweetheart of a woman, her shapely legs are lethally muscular. For most of our ninety minutes together, she squeezed me in a variety of positions, some creatively new to me. She scissored me much as I think an anaconda must kill its prey, starting with a positioning grip and then ever so slowly increasing the delicious pressure. Ava is an impressively powerful woman. As she squeezed my neck with steadily swelling intensity, I found myself light-headed, seeing stars, and struggling to swallow and breathe. The pressure was extraordinarily extreme, unlike anything I've ever felt. At times, Ava lovingly held my hands or stroked my hair as she provided my punishment. Over and over, she left me breathless, sweaty, and almost nauseous with her methodical skillful squeezing, and I had no choice but to tap to survive every time. She said she was applying only about 20% pressure. Wow.

The time passed quickly, but I felt lucky to escape alive at the end of our session. We shared a drink as we talked a bit more, and I felt a truly surreal connection. Ava is a truly wonderful woman who cares deeply for her clients and who rightly believes she provides a therapeutic as well as sensual service.

While I've experienced intense sessions, this one set new standards. Ava is indeed a special superstar both in her understanding of the fetish and in her caring application in providing exactly what her clients request.

When I left her with hugs and a promise to return to her one day soon, I felt like time had stopped. And I felt like I was changed, never to be quite the same again. Hyperbole? No. Ava rocked my world. This time with her was indeed a most incredible adventure.

Most highly recommended as a must-do experience. But be warned, she will likely change your expectations and standards to levels you never thought possible. Ava Simone is a true gem, not to be missed.