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Wrestling/Catfighting ebooks

Started by BLion, 24-Nov-20, 01:36 AM

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What would you be willing to pay for 5-10 page erotic wrestling short stories?

I would never pay.
Get your name out and build a brand then I'd consider paying!
I would pay $2-$5 for a short story Right now.


I am currently attending college and I want to be a writer, I have many ideas for science fiction and other stories in the future! Obviously like many of you I have a fetish for wrestling, so I figured why not combine these two passions together and maybe one day make some money along the way. I am just wondering if there is a market for this type of fetish in literature. I am also learning to draw and maybe if I am good enough one day I might make create my own NSFW manga too.  :P


You can definitely make some money off this stuff.  Especially with comic and art style.  Check out the artists there make great money off both memberships as well as commissions.

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