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F vs F: Teacher wrestling champ wrestles 19 yr old bully-girl

Started by headlock111, 29-Jan-21, 06:10 PM

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The High School had a really interesting fundraiser event last week. Ms. Landry, who was crowned the teachers wrestling champ this year with a 9-0 record in public matches against fellow teachers, got in the square circle at school against Evie, the high school's longtime bully.

Evie, 19, graduated a year ago. But her arrogant attitude and mean streak hadn't diminished a bit. And her thick, strong body was as formidable as ever.

The school title match, from a month earlier, set up the Evie-vs-Ms. Landry event.

That teacher title match had pitted Ms. Landry (a stocky but feisty 40 year old English teacher) against Ms. Phillips (the girls' tall, blonde volleyball coach). Ms. Phillips, 27, was 5 ft 11, a lean, sexy beauty. Ms. Landry was 5 ft 8 and hefty.

A lot of people thought young, strong Ms. Phillips would finally end Ms. Landry's winning streak. But it wasn't to be.

In their 22-minute match, Ms. Landry was aggressive as always. She softened up her tall blonde foe early with Ms. L's favorite tactic: an ankle lock that temporarily hobbled her opponent. That allowed Ms. L to come in for the kill. Ms. L proceeded to apply a long series of painful holds that left the tall blonde's body writhing.

In the audience, male teachers all felt their cocks swell with excitement.

More than a few men surreptitiously did some delicious, subtle stroking of their throbbing cocks.

At the back of the stands, Mr. Jeffries, the mild-mannered math teacher, even managed to bring himself to a terrific orgasm without anyone noticing, right as Ms. Landry applied her finishing hold — a dragon sleeper — that left her blonde opponent trembling in the most exquisite way, as if she was overcome by an orgasm.

As Mr. Jeffries watched the big blonde quiver on the canvas, he gave out a little orgasm-grunt — fortunately no one else noticed the sound. He felt the cum stream down his quivering cock inside his pants.

He couldn't wait to get home and watch the match on a pay-per-view deal the school had set up. The thought was almost enough to get his cock to stiffen all over again.

That night, he jacked off and orgasmed six times watching and rewatching the match.

The fundraiser raised an impressive $10,100.

So, people thought after that match, who could possibly make a completive match against Ms. Landry? And would it be possible to raise an even greater amount for the fundraiser?

"Hey, Evie's still in town," somebody said. "She loves to give other women a good beatdown. I bet she'd agree to wrestle."

She did, as long as she was paid $500 out of the fundraiser cash.

It was agreed, and the match was set for a full 30 minutes in the high school gym. There was so much excitement — everybody expected the two fighters to dole out tons of punishment — that the school board expected the biggest fundraising haul yet. Maybe as much as $15,000, some said.

The crowd really got into the theatrics. Evie, in a black two-piece outfit, strutted in and snarled at the audience. More than a few men in the audience gulped, fantasizing about what it would be like to wrestle that thick-bodied, tough-as-nails teen.

She was a wide-shouldered girl-woman, with long brown hair and blazing green eyes. At 5ft 6, she had plenty of delicious young-woman curves: round (if modest) breasts, strong arms, powerful thighs.

And a delicious ass. 

"I'm gonna beat that bitch good!" Evie shouted, smirking. She flexed a thick, round bicep. Throughout the room, men's dicks trembled in ecstasy.

Evie knew the effect she was having on the male members: She cackled and stuck out her tongue, wiggling it provocatively, like she was using her sexy mouth-muscle to stroke a man's cock. At the spectacle, men at various spots around the gym moved a hand into their lap and surreptiously massaged their aching cocks.

Then Ms. Landry swept into the gym. Everbody applauded. She was very popular.

"Yayyyyy, Ms. Landryyyyy!" a high school freshman called out. "Yayyyy! You're the greatest!"

Ms. Landry was in her familiar multi-colored one-piece. She had a sweet personality (in contrast to her toughness in the ring). She waved to the crowd. It was a boisterous atmosphere.

Once inside the ring, Ms. Landry stepped forward and offered her hand for Evie to shake.

Evie smirked. She talked in a low voice that only Ms. L could hear.

"I wish this was a private match," the teen growled. "I'd worked on those fat tits of yours and make you squeal."

"Well, that's not nice," Ms. L said. Then she lowered her own voice, so only Evie could hear, and said, "OK, you fat cow, I am so going to kick your ass ..."

"Let's see you try, old woman ..."

The bell sounded: Time to cut the chatter and fucking grapple.

At the lockup, Evie "accidentally" swept her hand across Ms. L's face, giving a sharp blow to the teacher's left eye.

"Fuck!" the 40 yr old cried. "Bitch!"

Two girl students in the audience, Annie and Paula, were sitting close to hear the exclamations, and gasped at Ms. Landry's outburst.

Evie laughed and delivered a brutal arm wringer to the teacher's left arm.

The audience shuddered at the sight — "Oooooo!

At the pain, Ms. Landry couldn't help herself: She whimpered pitifully as the teen continued to work on her arm. Men in the audience, watching the 40 yr old's face contort in agony,  massaged their cocks discretely, feeling their pleasure mount with each new moan from the thick-bodied teacher.

"Hey, let's try something different!" Evie cried. She stepped behind Ms. Landry and stretched her arms around the teacher.

Evie's hands reached downward, rubbing against her competitor's fleshy thighs.

Then Evie's hands, discretely but unmistakably, gave an "accidental" stroke to Ms. Landry's clit ...

"Oops, my bad," Evie said mischievously.

Ms. L, stunned by the unexpected maneuver, rolled her head backward as a pleasure-surge swept up her body ...

"Oooo ... oooo ..." she moaned. Her cooing was so soft it could hardly be heard.

A hush fell over the gym ...

The only sound was Ms. Landry's delicate, delicious breathing ...

In ... out ... In ... out

Evie's hands once again "accidentally" stroked Ms. L's special spot ...

The teacher moaned weakly, eyes closed, mouth open in deep pleasure ...

"Oooo ... oooo ..."

Evie giggled, watching men's faces in the crowd. It looked like every man she could see was desperate to cum right that moment ...

(A multi-camera study of the pay-per-view video of the match would later conclude that approximately 12% of the men in the audience, unable to control themselves any longer, plunged their hand outright into their pants and began jacking off as discretely as they could manage.)

Evie then changed things abruptly.

She reached up and snagged a thick heft of Ms. L's brown hair, then abruptly yanked the teacher's head backward. This began the phase of the match where the cackling teen hurled her teacher-opponent, ragdoll fashion, around the ring.

Later when both women were rolling around on the canvas in a mad scramble for domination, Ms. Landry surged toward Evie, in clumsy but determined fashion, and attempted to apply Ms. L's go-to tactic for victory: the ankle lock.

But Evie had other ideas: She lashed out with her right foot and smashed it hard into the teacher's face. Ms. L staggered back and collapsed onto the canvas.

"Ooooooo!" the crowd moaned.

This began a new phase as Evie applied a series of torture holds, to joints, back, neck.

At long last, Ms. L stretched out her trembling arms and pitifully offered surrender.

"I GIVE! I GIVE! ..."

"Fuckin' right you do," Evie said, slamming her foot into the teacher's back. Ms. L plummeted forward onto the canvas and lay motionless.

Evie stood preening and looked around at the crowd. She flexed her arms, making them tremble as she absolutely maximized the bicep bulges.

She grinned as he saw, way in the back, Mr. Jeffries, the gray-haired math teacher, roll his eyes deliriously, his mouth open in an almost perfect O, in a spectacle of male-orgasm ecstasy.

"Good one, Mr. J!!" she called out, cackling.

She jumped down from the ring and strutted proudly, giving the audience the finger the entire time as she headed toward the door.

That night, she got together with her sometimes boyfriend Jake and fucked him hard, deep into the morning.

The match, not surprisingly, spurred astronomical interest and generated an unimagined sum for the school:


Ms. L retired from wrestling after that.

Demand for Evie to return to the ring and deliver new thrills remains strong and firm, like a stiff cock a man wants to stroke while watching her wrestle.


Would like to see more of this where the 19 year uses sneaky sexual tactics against male and female opponents to defeat them.

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