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Sisters in their fifties wrestle each other naked

Started by headlock111, 30-Jan-21, 06:41 PM

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How my wife Beverly came to wrestle her older sister Carla in the nude is a very interesting story.

I'm Beverly's husband Andy. The whole thing started when Beverly and Carla were talking on the phone three months ago. I could hear the conversation because Beverly had it on speaker while she worked in the kitchen.

"Yeah," Carla's husky voice said over the phone. "I'm going to start a weight training program. I'm gonna drop this fat and build some muscle. I just turned 54, and I'm gonna get toned."

Beverly scoffed. The two of them had never gotten along. Carla always seemed to have advantages over her sister — taller, prettier, with more money, a far bigger house, and a tall, good-looking husband Richard. Bev, two years younger than her sister, is average looking with a considerable amount of middle-aged fat. I'm a short stocky guy with a beer gut. The two sisters lived 200 miles apart and usually only saw each other once or twice a year.

"Well, if you're going to get toned, so am I," Bev said, her face irritated as she chopped carrots.

It was Carla's turn to scoff. "Bev, you have got a lonnngggg way to go if you're wanting to drop all that weight of yours. I'm just sayin'. Sister to sister. I gotta be honest."

I could hear Bev's whispered reply to herself: "Bitch ..."

Bev spoke up. "Tell you what, big sister. Let's both train and see how we each do. Give it three months. And then let's get together and put it to a real test."

"I like it," Carla's husky voice said. "But a 'real test'? What do you mean?"

Bev smiled and gave me a look.

"In three months, I want us to wrestle. On a wrestling mat in my den. Me against you. Sister against sister."

Carla seemed genuinely surprised. It took her a few seconds to reply. "Um ... wow. That's some strong shit there, sister."

"Submissions only," Bev said. "First woman to submit her opponent five times wins."

"Hmm. All right. Ya got a deal."

"And there's something else," Bev said, smiling.


"We're gonna wrestle in the nude."

"Wow. Wow. OK, let's go for it. ... Hey, I got an idea."


"Richard and Andy can watch — and they have to be naked too!"

Bev shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "OK by me."

"I know Rich is gonna get hard watching us grapple. I'm gonna give him permission to jerk off while he's watching us."

"OK," Bev said. She looked over at me. "But I'm not letting Andy touch his cock while he's seeing you naked."

"Well, wait a minute," Carla said.


A mischievous tone crept into Carla's voice. "Speaking of cocks, let's give you a real incentive not to lose against me."

Bev's face tightened. With her sister, it was always some bullshit you had to contend with.

"Yeah, what kind of incentive?"

"If you lose, you have to blow Rich's cock. Right there in front of me and Andy. That's my stipulation if you want me to wrestle you."

Bev paused and pondered. "And if I win?"

"Well, that won't happen. But hypothetically, if it does, then I'll get on my knees and give your hubby the best blow job he's ever had."

I gulped and blushed. Bev frowned at me.

"Yeah, all right," Bev said. "It's a deal. Better get serious about your training, sister."

"No, you better get serious. Later ..."


Over the next three months the two sisters trained — trained hard. Bev — 5 ft, 9 — hit the gym. She didn't build up muscle, but as the weeks went on, she did lose weight. She went from 157 pounds down to 142. For a woman in her fifties, she looked almost lean — it was the sexiest I'd seen her in years.

Bev reiterated to me that during the match, if Richard wanted to jerk off while the sisters fought, that was his call.

"But," she said, "you absolutely are not to touch your cock. You understand me?"

I sighed. "Yes."

"Promise me. You will not touch your cock. Not once during the match. Promise!"

"I ... promise," I said sheepishly.


Over the next months, Bev and Carla talked on the phone occasionally. Carla made it a point to brag about how she supposedly was getting incredibly toned. Bev remained skeptical.

The big day finally arrived. In our den, Richard and I stood nude on the carpet, awaiting the entrance of the wives. Richard was a lean fellow, in contrast to my chubbiness.

Richard clearly intended to do some serious cock-whacking: He placed a bottle of lotion beside him and had already put a small, initial coat of the liquid on his limp cock.

The two sisters, wearing bath robes, entered and stepped onto the wrestling mat.

"You first," Carla said to Bev.

Bev dropped her robe.

Richard whistled. "Nice," he said.

Bev stood proudly. Her body was pale, as usual, but in many ways her look was impressive. She had dropped a lot of weight and had a nice shape. Her body was still feminine soft, rather than tightly toned, and she had wide middle-aged hips, but there was no question, for a woman her age, she had made great progress.

"OK, you ..." Bev said to her sister.

Carla smiled. She dropped her robe and revealed the results of her three-month training.

I gaped. Carla's body was exquisite.

Her training had given her excellent body tone (not extreme bodybuilder taut, but notably fit). She still looked like a "regular" woman, but she now had a hint of a V taper. She was tanned, with considerable muscle heft.

At 5 ft, 11, she was one powerful woman. And now, surely a powerful wrestler.

Then there were her breasts. They were always bigger than Bev's. I eyed them hungrily now: They were full, luscious.

I wet my lips.

Carla grinned.

"You like, eh?" she said.

Bev glared at Carla, then frowned at me.

"Hey," Carla said to Bev, "let's show the boys our biceps. You first, girl."

Bev sighed. She lifted her arms and gave it her best effort. Her arms trembled as she tried to make her modest muscles as impressive as possible.

"OK, now me," Bev said.

She spread her feet slightly and slowly brought her arms upward. She was showing off. Her biceps gradually grew larger. Then even larger. I gulped. At last, they achieved a round, rock-hard muscle.

"They're firm," Carla said, smiling at her left bicep, then her right. "Muscles!"

I could feel my heart racing. I looked down and saw that my cock had begun to swell. I'd never seen a woman with muscles like that. I wanted to walk over and feel them. I wanted to lick them.

My cock, now fully erect, trembled as I thought of Carla's muscles.

Carla grinned, checking out my hard cock. My poor dick was desperate for proper hand stimulation.

"All right," Carla said, "let's get to it, sister — time to wrestle!"

Bev warily lifted her hands, preparing to grapple. Carla quickly grabbed Bev's hands and lifted them high.

"Hey, let's do a test of strength," Carla said. "See who's the strongest woman."

Bev was pissed. Seeing her sister's intimidating muscles, she knew she didn't stand a chance. She tried, though. Clasping Carla's hands and concentrating, Bev's arms and shoulders quivered with exertion.

Carla scoffed.

"Is that all ya got?"

Carla began forcing Bev's arms down slowly. Bev whimpered.

My dick throbbed as the women fought.

Carla suddenly pulled both of Bev's arms behind her back, then jerked them up high. Bev's body shuddered. She cried out pitifully at the pain.

I heard a smack-smack-smack sound and looked around: Richard, his hand wet with lotion, was whacking his erect dick with gusto.

Carla saw him and grinned. She nodded her head mischievously at him, then tensed her powerful arms and gave another hard yank upward to Bev's arms. Bev threw her head back and wailed miserably.

Richard moaned and whacked his dick wildly.

Smack-smack-smack ...

"That's it, Rich — stroke it!" Carla said. "If you're gonna cum, you better do it early, 'cause your dick needs to be hard again when Bev gives you that blow job!"

Carla looked into Bev's eyes and sneered: "Now who's the better wrestler, sister?" She jerked Bev's arms again. Bev wailed in misery.

I heard a groan, but it wasn't from Bev. I looked over at Richard: An orgasm contorted his face as cum streamed down his fist and cock.

"Bingo!" Carla cried.


The match stretched on for a good while, always with Carla having the upper hand. Twelve minutes into the match, Carla clamped her powerful legs around Bev's torso and squeezed. Bev grunted helplessly. 

"I really worked hard on the weight training for my legs," Carla taunted. "See!" She gave Bev a quick, brutal squeeze. Bev cried out in agony.

Carla's dominatrix work was an incredible rush. My hard dick was throbbing wildly. One time I put my hand on it and started to jack off wildly.

Carla saw me and called out: "Rich! He's trying to jack off! Bev said that's not allowed! Hold him!"

Richard quickly stepped over, stood behind me and held my arms.

"Sorry, man," he said, "but you're not allowed to cum."


It was 18 minutes into the match, and Carla had Bev in a dragon sleeper. Carla tensed her arms — her shapely deltoids were magnificent — and pulled Bev's body back hard. Bev grunted pitifully.

That sight-and-sound combination had my dick aching for an orgasm. I looked down at it and saw a bead of cum glistening on the tip.

At that moment I would have sold my house for a dime as long as I could stroke my cock and gain release.

I struggled against Richard, looking down at my aching cock.

"Richard," I said, "let go, I gotta stroke my cock ..."

Carla watched me, grinning. She tightened the choke on Bev, and Bev gurgled.

"You like this, Andy?" Carla teased.

I grunted and thrust my hips forward, desperate to reach orgasmic release.

"Hold him, Rich!" Carla called out. "He's trying to cum!"

Richard's arms tightened against mine.

"Sorry, man," he said.

Bev was helpless, unable to win. I was helpless, unable to cum.


At the 30 minute mark, Carla finally ended the match with a brutal camel clutch. Bev was exhausted. Her hands trembled at the pain her sister was applying.

"Am I hurting you, little sister?" Carla taunted. "My muscles too much for you?"

Carla pulled back further on Bev's neck. Bev let out a long whimper.

"You give?" Carla said. "You ready to end it?"

"Yes ... I give," Bev said weakly. "I give! I give!"

Carla released her, and Bev collapsed to the mat.

"I knew I'd win," Carla said. "I always do, don't I, little sister?"


Carla gave Bev a bit to recover, then spoke to Richard.

"OK, Rich, you stand over there and Bev will do her thing."

Rich released me, and stood in front of Bev.

"OK, sister," Carla said. "Do your thing. You were the one that set the rules."

Bev, on her knees, gave a lick to Richard's cock. Richard went, "Ahhhhh ...." Then Bev got to work, with determined locomotion mouth action.

Carla stepped toward me. She smiled.

"Poor Andy with his hard dick," she said. "I think I can help you out."

She stepped close to me and put her mouth close to my right ear. She started to whisper. As she did, she took hold of my cock and slowly stroked it.

"I wrestled your wife ..." she said breathily in my ear. "I made her say Uncle! ... You like that? ..."

She licked my ear and pressed her breasts against me. My dick tensed deliciously. I could hardly catch my breath.

"Yes ..." I said weakly.

Carla, smiling, got down on her knees and put her face close to my throbbing cock. She licked the tip of it. I moaned with pleasure.

She licked it again. I sighed with pleasure.

"Here," she said. "Feel 'em. I know you like 'em. My muscles."

She flexed her biceps. "Go ahead," she said. "Feel 'em."

I did. I squeezed her biceps hard and gave a rocking motion with my hips. Her muscles were fantastic: Firm and sexy.

Carla put her mouth around my cock and started her mouth work.

My heart raced. I grunted with pleasure. I could see Carla's eyes glimmer with amusement as she kept up her mouth work.

I looked over at Bev. She had finished her business with Richard, who had cum quite hard. I heard her speak to him now. Her pussy, I saw, was wet with excitement. Her nipples were erect and hard.

My wife wanted to cum.

"Get my arm behind my back and finger-fuck me!" she told Richard. "I want to watch them! Make me cum!"

Richard did as she asked. Bev and I started to climb toward mutual orgasms.

Bev began panting wildly: Her orgasm was approaching fast. I could feel mine about to grip my body too. My fingers squeezed Carla's hard biceps: Soooo sexy ... I felt her wet mouth work deliciously on my cock.

I was so fucking hard ...

I heard Bev cry out in a high-pitched voice — not in pain, but in ecstasy.

Her cry brought me to climax: My cock swelled, it felt so fucking good, the orgasm arrived and gripped me powerfully.

The room went dark for me for a few seconds. When I recovered, I looked over at Bev.

She smiled.

I looked down at Carla. She smiled.

She gave her biceps one last, hard flex.

"Bingo," she said.

Funny thing: The four of us decided we're going to get together in three months and do it again. It turned out to be fun.

But under the rules, I'm still not allowed to cum until the very end.

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