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F vs F: Pam Wrestles Mal; Excited Husbands Watch

Started by headlock111, 11-Feb-21, 01:42 AM

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(Helpful author note: Anyone who doesn't want to bother with the setup to the wife-vs-wife/(very) excited husbands match is welcome to scroll down to the wrestling and sex scenes, but you're gonna miss some jokes and sex talk ...)

Additional photos from this match are here:


At my neighborhood bar, I took a drink of my scotch and looked up at the TV screen above me and my friend Dave. Two thin twentysomething female grapplers were going at it on a weekly wrestling show. Inside the ring, a blonde had a brunette in a nicely applied crossface submission. The tall blonde pulled hard. The brunette whimpered.

I sighed. "I gotta a confession to make, Dave."

"Yeah, what's that, Jerry?" Dave and I had been drinking for a good while, and it had loosened us up.

"I'd love to see Pam" — that's my wife — "wrestle another woman. Wrestle her hard. With both of 'em topless." Pam is a big-boned, busty 50-year-old. She's got a fiery personality. She's put on some pounds at middle age, but the same goes for my fat ass.

"I've fantasized about it a lot," I said. Meaning I'd thought about it a lot with my excited cock in my hand.

On the TV, the blonde grappler stood up, victorious. She flexed her biceps and grinned.

Dave and I were business partners at a small company in our town. I was the financial guy. Dave, in his early thirties, was the software/technology guru.

Dave set down his glass of whisky. "Wrestling — oh yeah, that would be hot. Pam's a sexy woman."

I watched the TV as I spoke. "I'd love to see her get in the ring and really go at it with another woman — submitting her opponent, and her opponent making Pam cry Uncle!"

"Shit, that's exactly the way I feel about Mal. I'd fucking love to see her grapple with another woman." Dave's wife was a super-hot brunette. Short, cute, mega-sexy in body and personality.

Dave's eyes brightened: "Hey!"


"Why the hell don't we do it!"


"The wives — wrestle! My Mal versus your Pam! That would be so fucking hot!"

I gulped at the thought: "Wow." Mal, I imagined, could really give a challenge to my Pam in the ring. Mal wasn't a big woman, but she was feisty — really feisty. She had nice girl-muscles I knew she'd eagerly wield to try to dominate my Pam.

Making my Pam — big-boobed, tigress-in-bed, often bitchy Pam — cry Uncle!

I felt my cock starting to swell.

"Damn," I said, "why don't we ask 'em? You think Mal would say yes?"

Dave grinned, thinking about the sex games he and Mal regularly played at home. "Oh yeah. I know she'll be up for it. What about Pam?"

"Well, I'll have to see." Pam was a strong-willed woman. I knew that once I asked, her reaction, pro or con, would be totally one-sided. She'd either love or she'd hate it. (I'll cut to the chase: She loved it. In part because of the incentive to win. As explained shortly.)

Over the next 40 minutes, Dave and I worked out the details of the match — it would be a true contest, a competition with a big prize to the winning couple:

— If Pam and I won, we would take a two-week vacation in Paris (Pam had nagged me for years about wanting to go to Paris, "It's so romantic"), paid for totally by Dave and Mal.

— If Mal and Dave won, they'd take a two-week trip to Hawaii, with me and Pam footing the bill.

The winning couple would need to score 100 points. Each pin or submission by a female contestant would earn her and her husband 10 points.

Dave suggested that the husbands ought to do something to contribute to the score.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well," Dave said, " when our wives start going at it, I know I'll need to start yanking my dick while I watch 'em. I'm not gonna be able to stand it otherwise."

I swallowed. I'd like to jerk off, too, while watching the match.

"So, what are you saying, Dave?"

"Let's me and you compete to score points by jacking off while we watch our wives wrestle — 20 points for each orgasm!"

I was a heavyset middle-aged guy; Dave was a fit thirtysomething. Maybe getting two orgasms would be possible during the match for a young buck like him. But for me? Doubtful. Doubtful for even one manly climax, maybe —  I knew I would be nervous with the others there.

"I dunno," I said. "I don't think I could jerk myself so good with everybody watching."

"Aw come on. The wives are gonna be going at it hot and heavy — topless! You know you'll wanna yank it! It's not gonna be a problem, man." Dave's eyes brightened again: "Hey, here's what we'll do: We'll rent a ring for Mal and Pam to do their thing. And we'll light it so the girls are visible but me and you will be sitting separately there in the dark, whacking away at ourselves — in privacy! No need to be nervous, see? Problem solved!"

I sighed. I was still nervous about it. I could envision young Dave out-orgasming me completely, racking up big points and embarrassing me. Knowing Pam, she would give me shit over it: "We lost a trip to Paris because you did a poor job of whacking yourself!"

I put down another obstacle: "Yeah, but what's to keep you from cheating? You're a great guy, Dave, but with so much on the line, how would I know you weren't claiming false orgasms there in the dark to rack up points?"

Dave was stymied momentarily. He frowned and took a sip of his whisky. Then he smiled: "Got it!"


"I'm the technology guy, right? I got an idea — I can rig us up a device to verify the orgasms."

"What is it?"

Dave grinned. "Two words: Penis. Cam."

And so it was settled: If the wives agreed, it would be a topless match, with a 100-point goal. The wives would grapple hard in the ring. And as the husbands watched and whacked off, verification of orgasms would be confirmed via ... PenisCam.


"OK," I said, "everybody ready?"

We were all in our proper places: Pam and Mal, topless, giving each other a stare down under the lights in the ring. Dave and myself, each standing separately in the dark, hands at the ready for some serious whacking.

Everybody responded in the affirmative.

In the ring, Pam gave a little grin. She knew Mal would be a focused fighter, but Pam was bigger and quite spirited. She certainly was willing to kick this 33-year-old's cute round ass if it meant a free trip to Paris.

Pam did that wrestling-woman thing where she put her hands behind her head to show off how big and intimidating her biceps are. That was something she often did in our bedroom before applying some very tough domination to yours truly.

From out in the dark, I hear a grunt: At the sight of Pam's muscle display, Dave must have started his masturbation.

We could all heard him, somewhere out there in the dark, grunting softly:

ugh ... ugh ... ugh-ugh-ugh ...

Pam smiled and flexed her biceps harder, peering into the darkness. Dave's grunting grew louder. Out in the darkness, we could hear his hand work begin to pound out an impressively up-tempo rhythm:

Chug ... chug .. chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga ...


"I'm starting, I'm starting!" I answered. I began whacking.

My tempo was noticeably slower than Dave's.

Chug-chug-chug-chug ...


The wives locked up in the center of the ring. Pam was surprised: Mal was three inches shorter than her, but as Pam attempted to assert her muscle strength, the little brunette wasn't budging one bit.

The women's shoulders trembled as they struggled for domination. Their breasts pressed close together as their bodies, quivering, locked up tightly.

Neither woman was giving in.

"Fuck ..." Pam mumbled. Her eyes met Mal's. Pam could see the look of confidence in Mal's eyes: a young woman's confidence that she can kick an older woman's ass.

Mal, her nipples erect with excitement, leaned forward, stymying Pam's efforts. Mal held her ground against her larger opponent.

Dave called out from the dark, urging her on.


Pam grunted. Her shoulders trembled.

Mal's face was close to Pam. Mal whispered: "I'm gonna kick your ass, Pam ..."

At Mal's soft whisper, Pam, breathing heavily, felt a new sensation. It was something she hadn't anticipated: She felt her own nipples begin to harden. And below ... at her clit ... she felt the first hint of a delicious ... tingle.

She grunted. Not in frustration, but in pleasure. The sensation was something new. It felt sensual.

It felt good.

"Fuck ..." she whispered, smiling. Mal saw her smile — and smiled back.

"This is gonna be so fucking hot ..." Mal whispered.

So: Four adults playing an adult game, excited to see what was going to happen.

The only sound in the chamber was the breathing.

Wives, bodies quivering sensuously in the ring. 

Husbands, watching and pleasuring themselves.

Everyone aroused, waiting to see what would happen next ...


Dave called out from the dark.


Mal let go of Pam and dove for her opponent's legs. The women tumbled to the canvas.

That set off a crazed scramble between the two women's bodies. Mal grinned excitedly as she reached her toned arms around Pam's body.

Dave called out again.


Pam struggled to fight off the hold, but Mal was too determined: Her strong lean legs snapped tightly around Pam. Pam let loose a shriek of desperation.

"No! Noooo!" she cried.

It was too late. Mal's leg muscles tensed — it was so fucking sexy — around Pam's thick waist. Pam writhed helplessly. Mal grinned as she gave a brutal jerk with her legs, then another, then another.

Mal turned her head and called out to Dave.


Each time Mal's legs squeezed, Pam's middle-aged body spasmed violently.

Mal called out again.


From out of the dark, Dave let loose an incredible groan.

It was time for verification: Under the PenisCam protocol, I pressed a button on a panel and we all looked to multiple screens that flashed alive, showing the same image:

Dave's lean, trembling body in utter orgasm, his hips thrust astoundingly high into air, his erect cock (it was damn big, I gotta say) trembling as his surge of cum was released in a dramatic stream.

This went on for a good while, transfixing everything.

In the ring, both women gaped at the sight. Mal released her hold. Pam stared, dumbstruck, her eyes glued to the screen.

When Dave was finally spent, he lowered his hips. His body sagged forward in release. He let out a long, weak sigh.

I clicked the button and the screen went dark.

Pam turned her head and called out to my darkened part of the chamber.



The attached photos show highlights from the rest of the match: The girls' giggles at my and Dave's pleasure-moaning. My first orgasm of the match (hooray!) when Pam, at my direction, got Mal in a headlock and brought her down hard to the mat. Dave's Orgasm No. 2, when Mal applied a well-executed arm bar on Pam (while also pleasuring herself against Pam's arm). Then, at the end, Mal's mischievous foot work to Pam's clit that brought all three of us — me, Dave, and Pam — to sky-high arousal.

Dammit, Dave's Orgasm No. 3 at that sight, barely beating me to climax, gave him and Mal the win!

Pam was pissed at me for failing to reach orgasm before Dave. I tried my best, dammit.

Still, it was terrific. I made Pam happy by telling her, hey, let's go to Paris anyway. (We did, and it was great. This meant I had to pay for two expensive vacations — ours and the Dave/Mal trip to Hawaii — but screw it, it was worth it).

I also, weeks after the match, found out that Pam and Mal had started clandestine naked-wrestling matches against each, capped by ... well, Pam wouldn't tell me exactly. And she was emphatic in saying, "No. Men. Allowed." But given how hard her nipples were in wrestling young Mal, I think I've got a good idea what kind of post-grappling, body-to-body activity those two have been up to.

Hmm. I think about that a lot. With my cock in hand.

Chug-chug-chug ...

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