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What is the forums opinion on content being shared from here?

Started by submittome7, 19-Feb-21, 02:32 PM

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It has come to my attention that some of the stuff I've been posting has been taken by a particular member who is then posting it on another forum in order to reap the rewards on the other forum and make it seem like it was their content that they purchased.

In general, what do the mods/forum think about this? Is it just a name of the game or something that is look down upon? It's frustrating that I share the stuff here only for someone to take that same list and share it somewhere else.


I would suggest putting a password on the archive or zip, and make it your name - at least whomever it is will have to repack it or something, makes em work at least.


Better yet.  Make the PW something like "I'mAFuckingSleazeBall"

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