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Account of a match with Katherine O’Hare

Started by Wannawrestleme, 15-Jul-21, 02:50 AM

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This is a boxing match that took place around 2003.  I can attest that this account is true.

I had the dubious honor of being in a 6 round boxing match with Katherine O'Hare earlier today. She video taped the fight, so you can see how accurate my recollection is if you happen to see that video.

She has a great boxing facility in an out of the way place about an hour from Los Angeles. I arrived more or less on schedule and was greeted by Katherine and her camera man. She was already dressed in black everlast foxy boxing trunks and matching bra. She looks really great. She has a buffed body and this outfit really shows off her curves and muscle definition. Katherine was friendly and let me know that we would be doing a 6 round fight (if I could last that long).


I knew to protect my head, so I held my hands up high. She landed quite a few body shots that I wasn't able to stop. She hits amazingly hard for her size. I tried to get some body shots in on her, but she landed more shots than I did. After the two minute round, we went back to our corners.

I wasn't tired at all, and thought that I could beat her if I could just break through her defenses. It seemed like a long time between rounds, and I was ready to go when the bell sounded for round 2.


Katherine started out slowly and let me come to her. She pounded my ribs with a hard shot. I covered up and she got a solid shot to my head. I could feel my strength being taken from me with every blow she landed. I was starting to breathe hard and slow down a bit. She was relentless, pounding my body time and again. I did a pretty good job protecting my face, but my body was feeling the effects of her attack. With 10 seconds left in the round I eased up (mistake) and she pounded me pretty hard as the bell sounded.

I was breathing heavily and feeling pretty weak. It took the whole one minute break to recover from this round. The bell sounded for round 3.


Katherine started out slow again, I think to assess my condition. She darted in and punched my ribs again. I was wondering how a woman that looks that good can pack such a hard punch. I tried some offence, but she blocked most of my attempts. Her relentless pounding of my body was having its affect on me. My arms felt heavy and she pounded my head a few times. I was dazed, but stayed on my feet. She got in another good hit as the round ended.

I staggered over to my chair and sat down, breathing very heavily. I glanced over to Katherine's corner, and saw her pace from side to side. She didn't look tired or hurt. I on the other hand was sitting on my stool slumped over, trying to get more oxygen in my lungs. My left side was hurting badly, and my left arm was sore from trying to block her punches. I think at this time, I started to think less about trying to win the fight and more about just trying to survive 6 rounds with this female tiger. Up to this point I hadn't been knocked down, and was hoping that I could last the whole fight on my feet. The bell sounded to start round 4. (It seemed like just a few seconds rest, not a whole minute)


I slowly advanced to the middle of the ring. At this point I wasn't noticing Katherine's beauty, just her gloves. She started pounding away at my ribs again. I made the mistake of protecting my ribs, and she responded with a shot to the side of my head. I ducked down and she started pounding my back, ribs, and my head some more. I finally backed away, but I was really dazed. She stalked me and kept punching me. My arms felt like lead and I wasn't blocking her attacks like I was in the first round. She nailed me in the head again and I went down for the first time. I heard the count start and I jumped up. She stalked me again and kept punching me. The round finally ended but I knew I was in trouble.

I think this was the round that I used the wall to stay up until I hit the stool. My head was spinning and I felt sick. How was I going to last two more rounds. I devised a new strategy while I was waiting. Try for one solid punch at her to stop her vicious attacks. Too soon the bell rang to start round 5.


My vision was a little blurred when I started this round. I tried to stand straight up so she didn't think I was so hurt. I tried to punch at her, but I knew there wasn't much force behind my blows. (She had to know that too) Katherine started connecting with blows to my head more and more. I went down hard during one of her attacks. I got up at the count of 7, I think. She was right there waiting for me and continued her attack. (How long are these rounds, anyway?) I tried to get close to her so her blows wouldn't hurt so much. She somehow got one of my arms tangled up in hers and started hitting me with her free fist. The pain was intense and I went down the second time in this round. The count seemed to go real fast. I got back up noticing that it was getting harder and harder to get up. Somehow I got through the rest of the round standing up.

I sank to my stool and was so tired. I was breathing heavily and hunched over the whole time. My head hurt and I was disoriented. My left side ached and my left arm felt like rubber. I looked over at Katherine and she was pacing again with a determined look on her face. I knew I was too weak to win the fight, and wanted to stop right there. But when the bell sounded, I staggered out for the final round. It was music to my ears when he announced that this was the FINAL round. (If I can just get out of this round without being knocked down....)


I thought that maybe she would let up since this was the final round, but just the opposite happened. She started pounding my sides harder than ever. I dropped my guard and she pounded my face. Down I went. She danced away and waited. My ears were ringing, but I stood up. She advanced and started with a flurry of punches again. My arms were useless in protecting myself. I went down a second time. I felt terrible. The round had just started and I was already down twice. Somehow I found the strength to stand up again and she was right on me as I got up and started pounding my face. I bent over and knew I wasn't getting out of this round. She was attacking fast and I was hunched over unable to protect myself. She clocked me with a vicious right and I went down and out. I hit the mat hard and wasn't able to move.

I think I stayed in that position for a few minutes. I felt so tired. Katherine asked if I was ok. What could I say? I was totally beat up by a sexy woman who is a lot smaller than me. "I'm fine, Katherine" (She knew I was lying)

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