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Cuddle Monster

Started by dworth, 26-Sep-21, 08:34 PM

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It was supposed to be a one night stand, same as every other night. I was on the market for a thicker girl. Inna fit the bill perfectly. Curvy hips, thick thighs, booty so big I got a face full of it, when she slid past me to refill the popcorn on our movie date. Boobs you could get buried in. Only problem was within five minutes of talking to her, it was clear she was not looking for meaningless hookups, so just to keep things going I said I wasn't either. I led her on. I never said I was a good person.

By date number four I was beginning to think this wouldn't be worth the work, but that's when she invited me back to her place. It was girly to the max. Stuffed animals, scented candles, lavender everything, shelf full of rom-coms and the Twilight trilogy on prominent display. Clearly this poor girl had bought the message of every rom com hook line and sinker and was waiting for a prince charming type to sweep her off her feet, pop the question, and make a home with her. So when she asked if I wanted kids, while pouring us a few tall drinks, I said yes, and soon. Yeah, I know I'm an asshole. Don't worry - I get paid back by the end of this.

Because, see, if I hadn't been transfixed by her girl decor and the honey smell of her hair, and the way her boobs stressed the buttons of her blouse, I might've noticed the lamp with all the medals hanging off of it. I might've read what they were for, and realized those arms, and thighs were so thick for a reason.

I might've realized that when she flicked some popcorn at me and started a play fight on the couch, that culminated in me mounting her, and pinning her down, listening to her squeal and giggle in delight, she was LETTING me take the dominant position because she wanted me to feel like a man, and she wanted to get to feel like a lady.

But what really should've tipped me off was when she said "wait, just let me freshen up real quick."

"Oh I think you're plenty fresh I said, reaching to undo her pants."

"Hang on" she said, shoving me back with one hand. That should've tipped me off because her quick casual shove had sent me so far in the opposite direction I'd almost fallen off the couch. But I'd quickly forgotten about it when she'd disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared a few minutes later in white lingerie slip that clung to her in all the right ways. It was obvious to me that she'd bought it for her wedding night. I considered for a second I might actually be her first. She was so nervous, she quivered standing in front of me.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," I told her striding up to her in my best impression of one of those buff dudes on a paperback romance novel cover. And just because I knew it would get her wet, I literally swept her off her feet, and carried her to her bedroom. That was one of many big mistakes. I was in good shape, but the lift was from my back, and Inna was the kind of girl you really need to lift with your legs. I knew I'd done something to my back right away. It didn't hurt. It just felt off, and I knew I'd be sore tomorrow. But there was no way I was walking away from this now, because looking at her in my arms, I knew she would do whatever the fuck I wanted. And I had no idea how completely the tables would turn.

The sex itself was disappointing. It usually is. Especially because all through it I kept wondering what I'd done to my back, how bad it was, if I was making it worse, riding her like this. And grateful as she was, I felt like she was holding back. Now I know why.

But I got off, which I guess means mission accomplished in the end, and then fell asleep, aided by the wine and the post-coital endorphins.

I woke up to Inna staring down at me lovingly. That's when I knew for sure I was her first — something about that morning after naive lovesick look gave it away. What a nightmare.

"Hey sleepyhead," she said.

"I gotta pee," I said, rolling away from her. A dull pain shot through my back, but I was relieved to find it wasn't too bad.

"Yeah, sure, but when you come back, I want to get in some good cuddle time. Cuddling is mandatory in this house."

I didn't answer her, just stumbled into the bathroom to plan my exit strategy. I was practiced at this. I kept my stuff in the restroom, so I could collect it and head straight for the door. That was the plan here. Go home, take a fistful of ibuprofen and a beer, sleep the pain off, plan my next fuck.

Emerging from the barroom I said "Oh my god," staring at the blank screen of my phone. "I've got kind of a minor emergency, babe. I gotta run," I said heading for the door.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Inna said, jumping up from bed and blocking my way out. "What's wrong?"

"It would kind of take a lot of time to explain, and I really need to just...kinda...bounce..."

"Hey, hey, hey," Inna said, grabbing my hand, guiding me back to the foot of her bed, and sitting me down.

I did not want to be sat down, in fact I tried to remain standing, but somehow she sat me down anyway. I blamed it on the back pain. I hadn't fully realized the situation yet.

"Tell me what's going on. I want to help."

"It's complicated. Look, I gotta go."

I went to stand, but her arms locked onto my shoulder and I didn't budge.

"I'm doing this. I'm helping you. First I'm making you breakfast, and once you've got some food in you, you can tell me what's up. Whatever it is, we can handle it."

"Look I've got to GO," I said a little forcefully than I meant to, angling to get up.

"Then I'll go with you," she said keeping me on the bed.

"You can't go with me," I said, dropping any sweetness or politeness, just being the cold, selfish, asshole I really am for the first time in front of her.

And I could tell she heard the difference. I could tell she was starting to get the game. Which is why I was surprised when she said "just cuddle with me first."

She said it quietly, almost sadly.

"I'm not really a cuddler," I said.

"Yeah, I'm starting to get that," she said, a little anger creeping into her voice. "But maybe you can pretend, like you did last night."

"I really didn't want it to go this way, Inna-"

"Because I've dreamed about this night for a long time, and the night was supposed to end with cuddling, but then you fell asleep, and I said 'that's fine. We'll get in some quality cuddling time in the morning.' THAT's the part I really wanted. Not the fuck, which was kind of lousy by the way. What I REALLY wanted was a cuddle. So at least give me that."

"Look, I'm sorry I played with you. I don't think there's really any more to say."

Inna stared down at the ground. I got up and silently left the room. My hand was on the doorknob, when I felt her big thick arms wrap around me, and her boobs press against my back.

"No, this is happening. I'm gonna get my cuddle," she said, lifting me up into the air. My legs paled painlessly. My arms were pinned at my sides. My back pain now failed in comparison to pain of her clasped hands digging into my diaphragm.

I'd never fully realized she had a few inches of height on me. She was so shy on the dates, it made her seem smaller somehow. But the size differential was enough for me to feel like a pre-pubescent boy getting tossed around by his teenage step-sister.

"What the fuck dude," I said. "Get off me."

There was absolutely fuck all I could do. This body that had felt so soft and delicate last night now felt like a mountain of muscle.

"You're going to cuddle with me for as long as I want and you're going to like it."

"I'm warning you, Inna," I said.

"Really? You're warning me? Well I'm warning YOU, you're about to get a visit from the cuddle monster."

This freakishly strong girl had clearly ingested one too many cutesy YA love stories, and gone mad.

Then, Inna somehow effortlessly swung my body sideways, and scooped up my legs so that now she was carrying me the way I'd carried her last night, only I don't think her back was giving her any grief about it. I tried to get away from this new position but found it just as pointless.

"Oh hey," she said looking down at me, "how does it feel to be on the other end of this."

"Inna, let me go," I said.

"Babe, this is happening," she said, sitting down with me in her lap on the couch.

"See those metals," she said motioning to the gold and ribbons hanging off the lamp next to us. "All for weightlifting. NCAA champ three years in a row. Set records in women's deadlift, squat, and bench. Not a lotta guys chasing after me then. Just a lonely strong girl and her rom-coms. But then I stopped working out, let my curves get a little curvier, and suddenly I was a catch. Every asshole wanted me, and everyone tried what you tried, and STILL I thought you were different."

I was still scrambling to get away. "Oh STOP IT ALREADY," she said, positioning me between her massive thighs and clamping down. I screamed. I felt my ribs might be one more pound of pressure away from shattering.

"Shhhh, shhh, shhh" she said loosening up. "Just accept it. We're gonna have some cuddle time now, and you're gonna be sweet to me, and I'm gonna be sweet back, and we're gonna pretend you're the man you said you were. Now put your arms around me. That's right.

I hugged her hips and rested my head on her chest.

"There you go," she said. "See, isn't this nice?"

She loosened her grip more, enough for me to get stupid enough to try sliding out.

"hey, NO," she said tightening again. And again I screamed.

"That's it, you're getting punished," she said, tossing me over her shoulder and taking me back to her bedroom.

She threw me on the bed. I scrambled to get up and ran for the door and she picked me up and threw me, like a backpack onto the mattress.

"Give me your clothes," she said, "irritated."


"Do you want me to rip them off?"

This is when I got desperate.

"Back off, Inna," I said, pulling my keys from my pocket and lacing them in my fingers.

"You're gonna pull that 'girl walking alone at night' move on me," she said, a bit of a smirk creeping onto her face.

"Back. OFF," I said.

"No. If that's how you want to play it, come on."

I jumped off the bed and flailed my key-laced hand at her. She just turned and used my momentum to shove me face first into a poster of Jacob from Twilight. She held me against the wall, and pulled up my key hand behind me.

"Drop the keys or I break it. Do you really want to try me?"

I dropped the keys. She ripped my t-shirt off my body in a few clean rips.

"Lose the pants and underwear, or I'll tear them off too."

I did what I was told.

"Turn around."

I turned around to see she'd slipped off her white lingerie and stood naked before me, and now the body that had seemed like a good time frightened me. I noticed the musculature peaking out from underneath the curves.

"Now, let's hug it out," she said, wrapping me up and pulling me into another bearhug. The air left my body in one squeeze, as my feet tangled helplessly, and tried in vain to inhale.

"I said hug me," she demanded.

I flailed some more.

"Hug me!"

I put my arms around her.

"Good," she said, loosening up. "Now, are you gonna be a good boy and take your punishment?"

"That wasn't the punishment?"

"That was just to make sure we were on the same page."

She pulled me towards her, and fell back onto the bed, now bear hugging me again from a lying down position. My face was buried in her chest. Luckily her boobs were so big I could turn my head and find a small pocket of air in her underbooob. Her arms and legs enveloped me.

"This is the punishment. Pretty good, as far as punishments go, right? But it's about to get rough. Just know, it's okay to cry. I like a man who's not afraid to cry.

She tightened her hug. I screamed into her chest, "aww, that's it, let it out," she cooed, rocking me back and forth. "Let all the toxic manly, womanizer bullshit go."

She tightened her squeeze again. I dug my nails into her back, more out of instinct than out of tactical choice.

"Hey," she said, lifting me head up. "No."

She slammed my face into her chest. "No, no, no, no, NO," she said, slamming my face into her boobs with every no. I'd gotten a black eye once before and it felt exactly like this. I was pretty sure she'd just given me a shiner with her left tit. I'm sure it would've hurt more, but I was near blacking out.

"Yeah, it's okay, Go to sleep. I'll be hear when you're awake."

I came to and found Inna staring over me lovingly again. Deja vu.

"Morning sleepyhead. I thought we might re-try this whole morning, starting from when you woke up. How's that sound."

'Sounds great."

"Sounds great, WHAT?"

"Sounds great...honey?"

"Thank you. Now how about a cuddle."

"Yes, huh...honey."

"Yay. I wanna be held by my big strapping man."

Inna laid down in position for me to spoon her, and I obediently wrapped my arms around her.

"It's okay to squeeze a little tighter," she said, "go on."

I squeezed higher.

"Tighter. You can't hurt me, baby."

I squeezed as hard as I could. "Mmmm," she purred. "That's a good squeeze. Now let's watch a movie."

She put on a rom-com. About thirty minutes in, she turned over and said "you in the mood for breakfast? Yeah, I bet you're starving."

She lay on her back and opened her legs, pointing at her pussy. "Come on. Be a good boy and eat your breakfast."

I didn't move.

"Is it punishment time again already," she said, with a half smirk.

"No," I said, moving to get in position.

"Sorry, too late," Inna said shoving me down, and sitting on my face, her massive ass fully covering my face.

"Okay, NOW you can start."

Scared as I was, once I found a pocket of air, and took a breath in, I found I loved the smell of her.

"Oh, I think somebody likes it down there," she said moving her hand onto my stiffening cock. "Well maybe if you take care of me I can take care of you," she said, fondling me.

I eagerly went to work. I wasn't much good at eating women out, but she told me what to do, and after a while of patient instruction from her and obedience from me, it was her turn to scream.

She rolled off of me. "Fuck the fairy tale romance. THAT's what I really wanted," she said.

"Inna, would you...I know I have no right to ask this, but...would you sit on my face again?"

Inna smiled. "If you're good, I'll consider it. For now, let's cuddle some more."

She spooned me and we watched some more of the movie. I fell asleep in her arms and woke up to the smell of bacon frying. In the other room I heard Inna on the phone.

"Inna" I called.

"Hey babe, I'm making breakfast," she called back to me. "Yeah, that's him," she said into the phone."

"Who're you talking to," I asked.

"Some jock friends from college," she said. "Yeah, you were right, Ashley," she said into the phone. "I needed to drop the fairy tale dream and just take what I wanted. You were absolutely right...Oh he was a slow learner, but he learned. I think I'm gonna keep him around for a while. Wanna come over and play with him. Sure, I don't mind. He'll do what he's told....sure, bring the whole crew. Yeah, my new place has a pool. We'll make it a pool party. Sweet babe. See you soon."

Inna hung up the phone. "Hey honey, we're gonna have to make this breakfast a quickie. I've got friends coming. You up for a pool party?"

"Do I have a choice," I said.


Half an hour later I was staring at a whole amazon squad of girls built just like Inna.

"He's so cute," one of them said, looking down at me. "I just want to scoop him up and eat him up," she said.

"Go for it," Inna replied. "He loves to cuddle."

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