Both female (F-F) and mixed (F-M) wrestling related material is welcomed.

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Started by polybious, 05-Oct-21, 06:38 PM

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Beating a sad loser and his balls

Beautiful, muscular and sadistic Miss Dorian is having a great time playing with her sad loser prey. A complete dumbass that thought it would be a good idea to challenge the towering mistress to a wrestling match. After an intense stare down the obviously stronger dominant miss Dorian unleashes a barage of groin attacks, scissors, holds and strikes to the now whimpering victim. She ends him with a humiliating finale, sitting on top of him flexing while he is made to kiss her feet.


Α ballbusting beatdown of a sad ninja wannabe loser

Miss Dorian comes up against a loser nerd wearing a ninjutsu gi (what kind of loser does ninjutsu?). She immediately destroys him with ball busting kicks punches and slaps, along with nut grabs and twists. In the end he is a humiliated mess forced to worship her feet.

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