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Author Topic: Granny Wrestling Match: Carol vs Angela  (Read 363 times)

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Granny Wrestling Match: Carol vs Angela
« on: 09-Nov-21, 02:17 PM »
Sometimes mothers-in-law are so different, they have a hard time getting along. That definitely is the case with blonde Carol and brunette Angela.
Carol’s personality: mellow and sweet.
Angela’s: tough and demanding. Also, selfish — she’s pressured her son and daughter-in-law into letting her see Gina, her toddler granddaughter, four days a week.
It’s totally different for Carol: Thanks to Angela’s manipulation, Carol gets only one day a week to see her granddaughter, and it’s driving her to desperation.
“I think I’ll challenge Angela to wrestle me,” Carol told her husband Pete.
“Wow, that’s a wild idea,” Pete said. “I knew you two hated each other’s guts, but I never thought you’d challenge her to fight.”
“I’ll challenge her to fight me,” Carol said, “and the loser will have to agree to the winner’s terms on who gets to see Gina how often.”
“Hmm. Well, what if you lose? Then Angela will screw you even worse, won’t she?”
Carol paused. “I can’t afford to lose. Not to that bitch.”


That afternoon, Carol went to Angela’s house and delivered her challenge. Angie cackled.
“Well, you’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” she said. “I not only get to beat your ass, I get to tell you how often you can see Gina. You sure you wanna do this?”
“I do.”
“And you say, whoever wins two falls is the winner, huh?”
“Yes. Submissions only.”
Angela grinned. The thought of putting Carol in a painful hold and making her grovel and submit was a delicious prospect.
“I’m free right now,” Angela said. “You wanna fight me now? I’m ready.”
Carol swallowed, nervous as the reality began to sink in.
“Yes, Let’s do it right now.” 
They cleared furniture out of the way in Angela’s living room, then they began to strip. Carol, a thin, lithe blonde, had a slight height advantage; Angela was a bit hefty with terrific curves and more muscle bulk.
The women faced each other. Carol felt her heart racing: Angela, up close, topless, was a formidable physical presence. Angela fiddled with her long brown hair as a ploy to show off her impressive biceps, adding to Carol’s nervousness.
“Let’s do it,” Angela said.
Carol rushed forward as fast as she could, slamming into Angela hard and knocking the brunette off-balance. Angela tumbled to the floor and Carol scrambled frantically onto her back, wrapping her left forearm around Angela’s neck for a choke.
“Fuck,” Angela said, grimacing, “Fuck …”
Carol squeezed as hard as she could.
“Do you give?” she cried. She tensed her arms as hard as she could. Carol reared back to try to maximize the pressure on Angela’s neck.
Angela gurgled, fury gripping her face. “Fuck you …” she muttered. 
Angela placed her hands on Carol’s forearm and sank her fingers deep into the blonde’s skin.
Carol yelped.
Angela pulled furiously at Carol’s forearm to relieve the pressure on her neck. If she failed, she was going to black out. Carol had no idea how dangerous an uncontrolled chokehold can be.
Angela had muscle superiority, and she slowly began forcing Carol’s arm to loosen its grip.
“No!” Carol said. “No! …”
“Fuck yeah …” Angela muttered, her eyes brightening. Carol’s arm quivered desperately as she tried to maintain the hold, but it wasn’t happening. Slowly, Angela forced Carol’s arm away and achieved her escape.
Angela held onto Carol’s arm and turned her body to apply a body scissors to Carol while bending the blonde’s arm to put pressure on the shoulder joint.
“Now this is what you call pain,” Angela said, grinning.
Carol’s body jolted at the sudden burst of pain. Her eyes began watering.
“No! …” she moaned.
“Yes!” Angela said. She snapped hard on Carol’s arm. The blonde’s body jerked wildly.
“Do you give? Say it!” Angela said. She gave Carol’s arm another yank.
Carol whimpered pitifully. “Yes — yes, I give, I give!”
Angela, grinning. She released her arm and lay back on the floor.
“I knew it,” she said. “You’re such a fucking wimp.”
 Carol wasn’t giving up. Not by a long shot. She lay on the floor a bit more, rubbing her arm, but then quickly got to her feet.
“Come on, let’s go to it,” she said, motioning with her right hand. “I’m going to … beat your ass.” (Carol, being a “nice lady,” rarely resorted to such “nasty talk,” but she was dead set on winning this thing.)
Angela smirked and gave a little nod.


The women locked up. The big brunette and lithe blonde grunted as they struggled for leverage. Carol knew she was outmuscled, so she released her grip and lunged at Angela’s legs, toppling her. The brunette landed with a loud thud onto the floor. It knocked the wind out of her.
Carol moved quickly to try to maintain the advantage. She scrambled on top of Angela’s back and slapped her hands under the brunette’s chin. Carol leaned back, spread her legs, and pulled her opponent’s head tight into her crotch.
Then she tensed her thighs and squeezed Angela’s head with all her might.
Angela cried out, her body jerking.
“Fuck — fuuuuuck!” she screeched.
Angela made a fist with her right hand and awkwardly pounded the outside of Carol’s right thigh as best as she could, ramming an extended knuckle into the blonde’s leg muscle: Bam! Bam! Bam-bam!
It hurt like hell (Angela really knew what she was doing to maximize the pain), but Carol hung tough: She kept up the squeeze and did her best to ratchet up the pain.
Angela whimpered. She knew she was finished, this round.
“No … Noooo …” she whimpered.
Carol kept up the squeeze. “Yes!” she said.
Angela’s eyes began to water.
“No …”
“Yes! Say it!” Carol barked. “SAY IT!”
Angela had reached her breaking point. She cried out in a shaky voice.
Carol smiled and released the hold. She scrambled to her feet and stood over her opponent.
“Tied!” she said triumphantly.
Angela stayed on her back for two minutes to recover. When she got to her feet, she seemed completely revived, her attitude as cocky as ever. Her mouth dropped open in surprise when she happened to look down at Carol’s breasts.
“Whoa, look at those nipples.” Carol’s breast tips were strikingly erect and rock-hard.
“Somebody’s having a good time, huh, Carol,” Angela said. 
Carol couldn’t deny it. The body-on-body contact had gotten her aroused. Her nipples ached with excitement. She dearly wanted to stroke them and work toward orgasmic release. But she was too embarrassed to do that in front of Angela.
Carol would have loved to pull off her panties and have Pete do that thing he does: putting his face between her legs, nuzzling her clit with his nose, and then doing that special, wonderful thing he does with his tongue …
“Hey,” Angela said, “you drifted away there for a minute. Don't tell me you're day-dreaming about fucking me?”
Carol brought her mind back to the present. “No — god, no,” she said awkwardly. But the truth was that, at least in a body-on-body female grappling situation, she did find Angela’s body, well, stimulating … 
“Hey, I don’t blame you for getting turned on,” Angela said. “I know I’ve got a hot body. I’ve masturbated naked a lot of times in front of a mirror. I’m a turn-on. Always have been.”
This talk about sex was getting Carol revved up even more.
“Let’s get back to fighting,” she said.
Angela smirked. “Yeah. Time for me to put you down.”


Third fall: The women locked up again, their bodies quivering with exertion. Angela quickly looped her left arm around Carol’s neck and began a fierce choke. Angela’s back and shoulder muscles tensed as she tightened her grip and bent Carol’s body slowly down toward the floor.
Carol whimpered, powerless to overcome Angela’s muscle power.
Once she had Carol stomach-down on the floor, Angela took her left hand, grabbed the back of Carol’s head and pushed the blonde’s face hard into the floor. Carol struggled frantically just to find air passage for her nose and mouth.
Angela pressed her weight down hard, working to weaken and unnerve Carol as much as possible. Carol gurgled, trying to catch air.
Angela gave Carol’s head a hard slap, then grabbed the blonde’s wrists and, with Carol still on her stomach, began to push the blonde’s arms up into the air behind her and then forward, putting pressure on her shoulder joints.
Carol cried out in pain, flailing frantically. 
“No! Noooooo!” she screamed.
“Too late,” Angela said. “Say it! Say you fucking give!”
Angela leaned forward, putting maximum pressure on Carol’s arms.
Carol screamed. Her body writhed desperately.
“Say it! Say it, you dumbass! I’m breaking your arms!”
Carol's voice broke pitifully as she spoke. 
“All right! Please stop! I give! I GIVE, I GIVE!”
Angela laughed and released Carol’s arms.
The brunette, hands on hips, stood triumphant over her opponent.
“All right,” Angela said. “Her are the new terms for visiting with Gina."
Carol looked miserable. She knew something horrible was about to descend on her world, thanks to her wrestling failure. What a stupid idea this was, she though.
Angela spoke: "I’ll split the time with Gina half-and-half with you: Two days a week for you, two days a week for me.”
Carol choked out a response.
“What? But, I thought … I thought you’d take away more of my time with Gina. I thought … you’d screw me over if I lost.”
Angela smiled. “Well, you fought hard for her, and there’s only so far a bitch like me can go. Plus … I really do want to screw you.”
Angela knelt down and put her right hand between Carol’s thighs, then slowly moved her hand up to Carol’s crotch.
One of Angela's fingers began a gentle stroking action to what Carol called her … “special spot.”
Carol let out a quick, excited breath. She raised her hips in excitement.
Oh my god …” she whispered.
Angela kept up the stroking, then brought her head down onto Carol's body. She licked Carol's thighs. Then she put her face deep into Carol’s crotch.
Carol took another quick breath, her eyes closed as she savored the delicious sensation.
Her moaning grew more excited, on her way toward orgasm ...

The mothers-in-law now get together at least once a month for private, woman-on-woman wrestling. Followed by the intense, moan-filled post-grappling action. 
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