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Author Topic: Grannies Wrestle Hard Against Coeds: Two Fights  (Read 426 times)

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Some grannies have awesome bodies when it comes to being fit and strong, and they’re eager to demonstrate their physical aggressiveness on the wrestling mat against a fellow female. But is that enough to prevail on the wrestling mat against a determined opponent in her twenties? In those contests, will a young woman’s speed and energy combine to make a muscled granny-warrior tap out her surrender?
Let’s find out in these two grappling matchups. Pictures are at the end of this story for members.

FIGHT 1: Margaret (age 65)
fights Shannon (age 21)

“What the fuck?!” Shannon said.
The young brunette had stepped out of her sports car and was walking into her apartment complex, returning from cheerleader practice at the university. As she rounded a corner of the building, she saw a woman exercising in the courtyard.
A gray-haired woman in her sixties energetically doing full pushups.
And doing them topless.
For an old lady, Shannon thought, she was in damn good shape. Had a nice tan, too. The woman’s arm muscles were impressive as she lowered, then raised herself with relative ease. Her ample breasts touched the grass, flattening out into an impressively large mass.
“Eighteen … nineteen …” the woman said softly. “… twenty!”
The woman stopped and sat, casually stretching her arms to relax the muscles.
“Hey,” Shannon said, “that’s pretty good.”
The woman looked over to her.  “Thanks.”
“Are you new here?” Shannon said. “I haven’t seen you before.”
“I moved in two days ago, yes. I’m Margaret.” Margaret put her right hand behind her head briefly. Her bicep was firm, Shannon could see.
“I’m Shannon. I’m a senior at the university, studying business. I’m one of the cheerleaders.”
“You’re a beautiful young woman. Fit, too. I’m not surprised you made the squad.”
“Do you always exercise … topless?”
“I lived in Europe for three years. It was common there. I picked up the habit.” Margaret smiled: “Also good for picking up young men. I’m a single lady.”
“Those were impressive pushups you were doing.”
“Thanks. I work out regularly. Important to stay in shape.”
“For sure. Especially for someone your age.”
“I’m not some decrepit old has-been. I could whip you in a fight, young lady.”
“Oh come on.”
“Yes! I’d have you whimpering in under a minute.”
Shannon couldn’t help scoffing. “Hey, you look good for your age. That’s cool. But if you and me wrestled, I’d take you. I’m a cheerleader, after all. I use my muscles all the time.”
“Well, then,” Margaret said, “let’s put this to the test. Why don’t we go to my apartment and settle it? The winner takes two out of three falls — decided by submissions.”
“Hey, no problem. You’re on.”
Shannon was already pondering what submission holds she would use to make her opponent tap out.
Margaret, supremely confident, was doing the same.


In Margaret’s apartment, the two fighters faced each other. Margaret had stripped off her shorts and panties: She was going to do this all-out nude.
Shannon didn’t go that far, but she looked super-hot standing, hands on hips, in her blue lacy lingerie. She warmed up by stretching. Margaret watched, sizing her up. Margaret could see how the cheerleading and associated workouts had given the young fighter’s notable muscle and toughness. This would a competitive contest, for sure, Margaret thought. 
Shannon finished her warmup. “OK, I’m ready. You?”
“Yes. Let’s fight, my dear.”
The two women’s bodies slammed together. They each could tell right away they were in for a tight contest: an even match. Their bodies trembled as the women fought for dominance.
They tumbled to the floor. Margaret was caught off guard by the quickness of Shannon’s speed: The twentysomething slapped a full nelson on her gray-haired opponent and wrapped her legs, python-like, around Margaret’s waist.
Then Shannon squeezed.
Squeezed really hard. She gave it all she had. 
Margaret moaned, her body quivering.
“Oh my god …” she whimpered.
“Told you I would beat you …” Shannon whispered, smiling.
But Margaret was far from surrendering: Using her formidable stomach and back muscles, she pulled herself forward, along with Shannon — then she pushed violently backward, slamming Shannon onto the floor with a furious crash.
Shannon, stunned, released her grip. She lay on her back, disoriented and moaning.
Margaret rolled quickly into position. Extending her legs crosswise to Shannon’s body, she gripped the coed’s thick right arm and began applying an armbar.
Margaret’s arm muscles tightened hard, to make the submission as excruciating as she could.
Shannon cried out — a desperate-sounded pain-squeal that left her embarrassed. She writhed, struggling to free herself, but it was no good.
“Surrender now!” Margaret commanded. She gave another jolt to the coed’s arm.
Shannon, whimpering, tapped out furiously. “I GIVE, I GIVE, I GIVE!”
Margaret released the hold, a smug look on her face.
Shannon lay on the floor, trying to compose herself.
“Fuck …” she muttered.


Shannon was pissed. First, because she had lost a fall to a woman old enough to be her grandmother. And second, because she had had Margaret so close to submitting, and yet the older fighter somehow managed to get free and turned the tables. 
If Margaret managed to win this next fall and thus the match, Shannon would never live it down.
So, the second fall began: The two fighters locked up. Shannon gripped her older opponent super-tightly, digging her fingers into Margaret’s skin, mainly out of spite and in part because she wanted to inflict some pain.
“Ow!” Margaret said, wincing. "Don't be a bitch!" 
Shannon, her face tight with determination, flung her left arm around Margaret’s neck for a tight headlock. The young fighter pulled upward while squeezing, both to deliver a dead-serious choke and to bend Margaret’s neck at a painful angle.
Margaret, looking surprised and a bit scared, gurgled, struggling for breath. The gray-haired fighter reached up and grabbed Shannon’s hair, giving it a hard yank.
“Fuck you,” Shannon said, holding tight on her opponent.
Margaret, desperate to escape and running out of air, went to an extreme: She reared back her right hand, then swung it forward to deliver a blow to Shannon’s lower back: kidney punch.
Shannon yelped, closing her eyes tight against the pain.
“Goddammit ...” she muttered. Her voice quivered with pain. That gave Margaret hope.
But Shannon was determined not to fuck up this time. She was going all-out.
She raised up Margaret’s head as far as she could — the tanned senior-age fighter sputtered desperately, her face tightened by the oxygen loss.
To weaken Margaret further, Shannon executed a new move: Using her weight, she pushed downward as hard as she could, bringing Margaret’s body down onto the carpeted floor with a fierce, ugly crash.
The crash pushed the remaining breath right out of Margaret in a dramatic woosh. The gray-haired battler moaned pitifully. No question, she was super-vulnerable now.
Shannon showed no mercy. She knelt down and planted her right knee hard onto Margaret’s left cheek, grinding the knee into Margaret’s face. Margaret moaned. Then the young fighter grabbed her opponent’s left arm, entwined her arms with it, and delivered a brutal bicep slicer, putting maximum pressure on Margaret’s joints.
Margaret's body jolted as if she were being electrocuted. She shrieked a wild, desperate cry.
Shannon kept up the hold for a few seconds more out of spite, and then released it. She stood up and looked down at her vanquished opponent. Margaret had gone from looking tough and confident a few minutes ago to being shattered and exhausted.
Margaret gave a small dismissive wave. “Go … get out of here. You’ve won.” She looked like a crumped-up paper bag.
Shannon’s face showed her frustration. “But there’s still one more round to go. The decider. Get up. Fight me.”
Margaret scoffed. “I’m done. Go. You beat me.”
“Then,” Shannon said, “I’m going to submit you one more time. That will officially give me the win.”
The 21-year-old quickly got on the floor and wrapped her muscled thighs around Margaret’s head.
Then, fueled by anger and determination, she squeezed with all the might she had.
Margaret whimpered and tapped wildly on Shannon’s legs.
Shannon released the hold and stood. She smiled. “You’re good, old lady. I give you that. But not good enough.”
On her way out, she let her foot “accidentally” give a sharp kick to the small of Margaret’s back.
The tanned fighter lay on the floor, absolutely crushed. This, she said to herself, would be the last time she challenged a young fighter. 

FIGHT 2: Evelyn (age 62)
fights Brie (age 21)

Evelyn was putting some things in her kitchen when a knock came at her front door. A fit sixtysomething retired from teaching high school, Evelyn was dressed a sleeveless T-shirt and shorts fitting for the July heat.
When she opened the door, she saw it was a former student, Brie.
“Ms. Boyd, hi,” Brie said. “Can I come in?”
Brie was a super-cute brunette with a lusciously curvy young body. At 5’7”, she stood two inches shorter than Evelyn. Shannon was wearing a sports bra and tight leggings.
They sat in Evelyn’s living room and made small talk for several minutes. Then Brie got around to the reason for her visit.
“Um, Ms. Boyd,” she said hesitantly, “you remember that time the high school had that fundraiser and for the first time it included a female wrestling match in the gym? That raised big money, you remember?”
Evelyn smiled. “I certainly do. I wrestled Ms. Finch, the biology teacher. Now that was a strong woman, lean but muscled. A tough opponent, but I could handle her …”
Evelyn began to describe the match, in which she and Ms. Finch had wrestled each outfitted in a sports bra and tight shorts. As Evelyn spoke, Brie felt her breast tips hardening with desire as she remembered watching the match. The sight of two sexy mature women going at it on a wrestling mat fueled deep arousal among the young coed, who had spent the past few years exploring her sexual desires.
“I slapped that full nelson on her and made it tight …” Evelyn said. Brie wet her lips hungrily in remembering the image of the teachers’ scantily clad bodies pressed tightly together — soooo sexy, she thought. 
“I remember how Ms. Finch whimpered when I put her in that camel clutch. The audience really got excited over that! I reared back and really tried to make her suffer …” Brie, breathing heavily at her arousal, felt a delicious wetness between her thighs. She wanted to touch herself down there and do some frantic stroking to stimulate herself, but she fought the urge.
“It got to the point that I wore her down so, I could do just about anything to her body I wanted. That was really something to have a woman that much under my total control, in front of everybody ...” Evelyn’s words were getting Brie so excited, she could stand it no longer: She reached into her top, grabbed her left breast, and began stroking her nipple.
Evelyn, lost in thought now in remembering back to the match, chattered on, oblivious to Brie’s resort to self-pleasure.
“That arm hold really made her squeal …”
Brie, licking her lips, made a soft moan of sweet pleasure. “Mmmmmm …”
Evelyn continued her long description of the match. “I didn’t know a woman’s back could bend at an angle like that …”
Brie gently stroked her nipple. Her heart was pounding. 
“And that’s when I decided to try that figure-four leglock Mr. Allen had taught before the match. A lot of people fake that hold, but I really bore down on Ms. Finch’s legs. I wanted her to really hurt. I’ll never forget her begging me to stop …”
Brie’s nipple was so sensitive now, when she stroked her, it brought a surge of sharp pleasure. She released a high-pitched squeal. The sound made Evelyn pause, breaking out of her reverie.
“Did you say something, Brie?”
Brie, catching her breath, spoke nervously. “Ms. Boyd …” She paused.
“Would … would you …”
“Yes, what is it, Brie?”
“Would you wrestle me? Naked?
Evelyn smiled. “Wow. I’m flattered. I'm more than 40 years older than you, you know. Well, why not? Let’s do it!”
Brie, super-excited, stood and starting taking off her top. Evelyn stood and did the same.
"I need you to understand," Evelyn said, removing her top and bra and revealing a set of firm, mature breasts, "I'm a strong fighter and I won't be taking it easy on you."
Brie smiled. Her chest was now bare, revealing her full, beguiling breasts and erect nipples.
"That's great," she said. "I want you to take the fight hard to me, just like you did with Ms. Finch."
In short order, the two women — gorgeously naked — were rolling on the living room carpet, a frenzy of female strength and sexiness.
Brie was stomach-down on the floor, with Evelyn on top of her. The long-retired teacher got Brie’s left arm behind her back for a submission.
“OK, say Uncle!” Evelyn asked. "I've got you!" 
“No. Not yet,” Brie said. “Make it hurt. Make it hurt bad. Please!”
Evelyn hesitated. “Are you sure?”
“Yes,” Brie said. “I want you to hurt me. Do it, please.”
Evelyn did as instructed: She yanked the coed’s arm up her back as far she could.
Brie grunted at the pain, her body spasming.
“Now …” Brie said breathily, “with your other hand, touch me …”
“Touch you where?”
“Reach under and touch me … between my thighs … Touch me in a woman’s special place. Down there … You know where …”
Evelyn reached between Brie’s thighs — they were gleaming with wetness — and began the delicate work on Brie’s sensitive spot. In short order, the coed was bucking her hips frantically and moaning: She was well on her way toward climax.
As Evelyn stimulated her, the sixtysomething fighter felt her own nipples harden, wanting stimulation of their own. Evelyn moaned at the sensation. She thrust her crotch against her young opponent's body.   
When it was clear that Brie was just seconds away from orgasm, Evelyn gave an extra hard yank to the coed’s arm to heighten the arousal. 
The explosion of pleasure that seized Brie next was extraordinary: Her entire body trembled like a seizure as she made a prolonged, high-pitched pleasure-squeal. Evelyn, smiling and stimulated, rode her like riding a horse.
The two women savored the sweet, dramatic moment.
Once it passed and Brie could catch her breath, Evelyn spoke:
“Now do me. Please! Quickly!”
And in short order, Evelyn was moaning and writhing on the carpet: Brie’s face was tight between Evelyn’s thighs, giving a well-placed tongue massage to Evelyn’s hyper-stimulated clit.


Evelyn and Brie now get together regularly for wrestling and sex. They’ve discovered many new ways to put a woman in a wrestling hold and bring her to climax — all-consuming, earth-shattering female orgasms. Very impressive and sexy. Well done, ladies.
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