Both female (F-F) and mixed (F-M) wrestling related material is welcomed.

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Started by jiggle, 18-Dec-21, 11:51 AM

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Builtmore Clips Studios is a Company based out of Santa Monica, California which specializes in Athletic, Amazon and Wrestling Videos but is not limited to just those genres.
This site allows for you to open a new Studio and sell Clips on it by going through an approval process.


Twisted Sisters
If you've ever dreamed about being married to an amazon woman with huge muscles and a bad attitude, you may want to reconsider. Builtmore's Sisters puts the incredible talents of two of bodybuilding's best-built stars together to teach their boyfriends a lesson in the art of female persuasion...That is, physical persuasion. It's amazing how two women like Debra Hanson and the awesome Laura Vukov can dominate their submissive partners simply by using their super-human strength. If you don't believe it, just check this short film out. It begins with two guys (one of whom is Bill Wick, married to the late Kay Baxter) setting up decorations for a birthday party. These two gentlemen, for lack of a better term, like to refer to themselves as the Bruise Brothers. They sit down to take a break from the work and get into a conversation about their girlfriends, aka the Sisters. Bill comments that it's great that they have strong young girls that can carry them around as they get older and more feeble.


Pounds Per Square Inch
The towering Amazon arrives in a one-piece bathing suit at a place called "Centimeter" so that she can be measured. The camera follows her into the building keeping the lens focused on Eva's massive and muscular back. The last time I saw a back like that was in Conan the Barbarian. Few men could show off such a powerful and sculpted back as Eva's, let alone women. Once inside the stunning measurements are taken, and they are all for real. Eva's neck is 15". Her massive biceps are 16" with a forearm of 12". Her upper thigh is a powerful 26" and her calf is 17". Eva then takes a stroll out of doors in high-heeled mules, pacing back and forth so we can see a close-up of her massive and powerful thighs.


Sheena's Masterclass
Flavio first met sheena at Skylar's event but could had a chance to wrestle her. He expressed his desire to wrestle sheena in a competitive match and sheena accepted the challenge with a smile. Flavio being fit and having some MMA skillsthought he could give sheena a tough time but sheena skills, agility, were matchless and just 5 mins into the match, flavio wwas clueless against sheena's masterclass. If you are a fan of sheena skills and want to see her demonstrate against fairly built and skillfull guy, this video is a must for you...Enjoy


A Lesson For Thunder Skye
Thunder Skye has been doing Bodybuilding for a few years and recently started wrestling. She wanted to have a go against Bianca. Bianca just proved too good for thunder Skye. A high-intensity match where Bianca event hit her head twice against the wall but that didn't stop her and props to Thunder Skye for giving tough time to veteran Bianca.

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