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The Big Wipeout of 2022 (restoration aftermath)

Started by Zeus, 09-May-22, 04:07 PM

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Check your Time Zone settings in Look and Layout in your Profile (click your username in the top left corner) if your displayed time (in regards to posts etc.j is off.


You may have experienced login problems in the last hour or so... was messing around with login cookie storage... as I noticed forum keeps logging me out after some time even when set to be logged in Forever.

The inability to login should be fixed, however the underlying issue and why I was messing with it in the first place seems still present, ie the forum keeps logging me out after some time, even when set to be logged in Forever. I reckon that happens to everyone?

I remember we had it back in 2013 too.. don't remember how I fixed it eventually, however. Not a big issue but nuisance nonetheless.


No login problems for me since the forum came back. Set to "logged in forever" and it seems to be working fine. I did have that time zone setting issue though, and had to change it. Thanks!

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