Both female (F-F) and mixed (F-M) wrestling related material is welcomed.

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Started by smaxarena, 17-May-22, 04:37 AM

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SMAX⚡ARENA WRESTLING | Hyper-Sexualizing the Oldest Full-Body Contact Sport in the World!

SMAX ARENA is your place for the hottest fantasy-mixed erotic wrestling with hardcore XXX action. We create male/female sex wrestling series for your erotic fantasies and entertainment. Our videos are a must-see for sex wrestling fans. Think of us as a content-creating lab with the goal of tapping into your erotic wrestling fantasies, rather than a production studio. We are a think-tank for erotic wrestling fetish entertainment. If you are into wrestling porn, you will find this to be the hottest series featuring fantasy mixed erotic wrestling.

⚠️The scenes from our content are purely scripted and fantasy-based entertainment for your viewing pleasure.⚠️


Introducing our flagship series ⚡MALE vs. FEMALE HARDCORE EROTIC OIL WRESTLING⚡! This series is an ongoing series of featurette videos. Each of our videos comprises a scripted scenario depicting conflict and rivalry between a male and female. All of our videos are packed with hot roleplaying fantasies that lead to hot couples dancing the lines of pleasure & pain with body-bending leg locks, scissor holds, chokeholds, and of course, XXX hardcore action.


At SMAX ARENA, our mission is to make the sport of wrestling as sexy and erotic as possible. We promise to do that by presenting you with high-quality sex wrestling content. Our core direction conceptually revolves around heightening the sexual nature of primal play through scenes featuring combative, yet erotic body contact. Everything we do as content creators should serve only to further this mission by ensuring all aspects of production — from casting to editing — link to our concept of precisely what constitutes quality hardcore erotic wrestling.

🔔 We value your feedback and is very important to us. Let us know what you're looking for and how we can improve our content. Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, questions, issues, or even just to say "Hi!" Twitter | Fantasy mixed erotic wrestling videos with hardcore XXX action.

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