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Started by SessionGirlClips, 18-Oct-12, 09:56 PM

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New competitive female wrestling from FWA Grappling on SessionGirlClips

Competitive Match. Only submissions by Figure Four moves counts. These two wrestlers have to see who has the better figure four! Figure Four body and head scissors were the two main moves of this match.

Now on FWA Grappling on SessionGirlClips


Sinn is one of my all-time favorites and this looks hot!

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Merciless Wrestling Interview with Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is such a strong, dominating wrestler, that she can keep a guy wrapped up in her holds and control him while giving an interview! At first, it seems like a normal interview, but a few seconds in we see she is crushing a helpless guy between her legs! Jennifer dominates him effortlessly and makes him suffer while talking to the camera.

Now available on SessionGirlClips


New mixed boxing from Taylor Made Steele!
You don't see as many mixed boxing videos produced these days, so fans shouldn't miss this one.

Taylor Steele and Devon Damo Challenge Marvelous Mike to a Mixed Boxing match 4 2 min rounds with headgear! Can mike take on two girls?
Real boxing

Now available from Taylor Made Steele at SessionGirlClips


Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas - these 2 vixens have had it out for each other since Jezabel entered the world of fantasy pro wrestling. No one knows what the heat is between these she-cats, but whenever they get together claws and fly! This brutal match is a Last Woman Standing match, winner by knockout! The stipulation is when one woman is down, the other must stand in her corner until the count of 10 or her opponent gets to her feet, whatever happens a match with belly punching, scissor holds, and vicious females........who will be the last woman standing?

Available on SessionGirlClips and Clips4sale


VeVe travels to Chicago to take on Gia Primo!

In this intensely competitive match, all submissions are legal. Both ladies are hungry for the win, trading submissions and fighting for control.

They fight in an enclosed space, so there's nowhere to run: hit the walls or fall off the stairs. Tight quarters add to the intensity level!

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 125 lbs
Gia Primo: 5'3" and 120 lbs
Length: 11+ MINS

New on Gia Primo Productions on SessionGirlClips!


Jennifer Thomas proves that she is one of the best squeezers out there against two men who've taken loads of scissorholds. She has both men tapping, struggling to escape, and submitting to her powerful legs. Jennifer shows no mercy as she enjoys making them suffer!

Available on SessionGirlClips


Lingerie pro wrestling catfight, Jennifer vs Frankie Z!

Jennifer Thomas takes on Frankie Z in a pro-wrestling catfight! Frankie does not wrestle often anymore, so fans don't want to miss this one. Both fighters have extensive pro-wrestling experience, are strong, and never give up. This is one action-packed sexy catfight in hot lingerie outfits.

Now on SessionGirlClips!


Jennifer Thomas teaches the amazing Goddess Amazon some wrestling moves on one of her favorite male victims. She shows Goddess Amazon how to use her strong, lethal legs to wrap around a man's neck or his body and make him wince in pain, and change colors! They put this poor man through some pain while enjoying every minute of it.

Available on SessionGirlClips


Perverted Trainer Steve Gets His Ass Whooped!

Jennifer Thomas hires a man for some training, but she's in for a surprise when she realizes he's a perverted sleaze ball.

Little does Steve know that his approach won't get him far. Jennifer being a expert wrestler furiously teaches Steve a Lesson as she man handles him and makes him submit in humiliation. Fantasy female domination mixed wrestling.

Available on:
SessionGirlClips -
Clips4sale -


Mutiny vs Jennifer Thomas!

A classic match featuring Jennifer Thomas crushing poor Mutiny with many different holds.

Available on SessionGirlClips


Catfight in shiny tights! Jennifer Thomas vs Liz Lightspeed.

A policewoman-themed clip, Liz is a cop and Jennifer is a jewel thief.  When they clash, it's a battle!

Now on SessionGirlClips


New COMPETITIVE Mixed Boxing featuring the former world champion Hotstuff Hollie Dunaway!  Presented by FWA Grappling

Extremely rare, 100% real mixed boxing, featuring a real professional boxer.  Mixed boxing fans are in for a treat, as videos like this don't come about often. Decked out in full headgear, someone's going to get KNOCKED OUT!

Now on SessionGirlClips

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