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most extreme holds?

Started by submitme, 08-Mar-13, 02:47 AM

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I was interested in finding some extreme wrestling hold videos, where the girl is giving 100% and the guy is being squashed with absolute agony, but most of the videos the guy simply taps out. I was wondering if there are any sites out there, or videos that show 100%, and perhaps the guy's tapping is ignored, but the key is, 100% and the guy is in agony. The closest I've found could be crushwr3stling. I'm kinda getting sick of videos like on sc1ssor foxes where the guy on there is so bloody annoying and like screaming even when the girl is relaxed. Its a pity, cos their girls are so bloody hot.


Most of Japanese ones are this type oriented. Even if men cry to much for nothing sometimes.
I'm interested in such vids too, so I'm ok to have some names too... :P


This is actually a very good question and makes us take a subjective view of how we perceive this genre.

I would say that most mixed vids fall into the category of "fantasy" where a hot chick lightly dominates a guy in a heavily scripted match. Now before we go any further, I believe these are the most popular with customers, so those of us who prefer real action, MAY be in a minority. Having said that, there is not much hard action available. I think producers are becoming aware of the merits of "harder-action", due to the amount of "REAL KO" vids which are now being produced eg. Realitygirls etc. The problem is, of course, that very few of them ARE real and IMHO, a fake KO is worse than no KO at all. The downside to producing hard, real KO stuff is, of course, serious injury. That's why the most you'll get is a semi-glazed expression and the cameraman will jump in saying "stop, he's out", or suchlike. Club Q are the nearest to what could be considered "real" wrestling domination KOs, but for some bizarre reason don't sell downloads to Western countries via a clipstore.......and I thought the Japanese were astute businessmen  ::)
The other aspect of hard wrestling which could be exploited more, are long held-on submission holds. How many times do we see a guy tap to an armbar and the girl has to release it instantly? Why not let her have a couple of minutes manipulating the joint? You watch a video in anticipation of some exquisite, painful submission-hold and TAP-TAP, it's all over. If the girl has a basic knowledge of jiu jitsu, she can apply enough pressure that the guy feels a reasonable level of pain. The same with scissors and chokes. All this could go some way to minimizing the "bad-acting" which may have been acceptable when Kandor first started out, but which is now just plain tiresome. 

I've said this before: the first one to do a Western version of Club-Q Scissor Goddess will have the lion's share of the market. Will it ever happen? Probably not.
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Cheers stewie, I have seen the no tapping allowed on realitygirls but, got bored too quick. My fav girl is still nikki though, damn she's got killer legs. As for club q, I might check it out. I've seen it before, and remember people were selling a certain video of theirs online. If I remember it was two 6'amazons totally destroying this little japanese guy. I may have to purchase a video if I can.

I think too that bijou's headscissors look highly damaging, extremely muscular, but am I the only one that finds her utterly annoying at the best of times?

I'll try to think of anymore that come to mind, but might try the crushwrstling out this weekend. I don't mind the occasional fantasy type video, but they are growing tiresome. I just wish gg would do a competetive fight with a 120lb guy who is reasonably skilled, but pair him up with kaycee, but actually have the guy try to put on a hold. Just having a little guy lie there and take it like a bitch is so boring. If you look at both Kaycee and veyron, against a semi-skilled 120lb guy, they'll hold their own. Just let the guy try ffs. And some of these strong girls should be armwrestling the guys too, why don't they do that? so sick of all the fantasy shit. Luzia from DWW used to be a favorite, because the guy she would wrestle david I think, would be busting his gut, but losing. The thing is, that companies say 5-10 years ago, for mine, like lusaent, continued to stray down the same path, and I for one lost interest in their videos. The key to staying competetive is to NOT continuously produce the same videos.

Electra looks like she's really putting in some strength with her scissors so I like that, the facial expressions and all.

If you guys are into really serious beatings, some are quite scary, and dont' do it for me, but erotic beatings prod on clips4sale are teh most violent Ive seen. I think its a spinoff from shefights. Some guys went to hospital after the fight. But I fell in love with heather, she was truly insane. I got a dozen clips from them and they're probably the hardest going around. Most of the others are staged and fake.

I'll do some research and post back, If you guys have any suggestions, drop in.


I like your concept of an american club q

I really think it would sell as well


As to why there's no Club-Q or the same level of western counterpart material sold directly online, one of the reasons could be that they are considered so extreme that sites like clips4sale or western payment processing gateways used to take your CC when selling downloads online won't approve 'em. Clips4sale has an official policy of no blood, no forced sex, no asphyxiation, etc. I guess stuff like Shefights or regular hard scissoring can fly in some grey zone but Club-Q level is just too much?

It's one thing when Jay fakes his KO's and whole another to see mouthes foaming from real & prolonged KO's, trapping all 4 limbs by 2 girls while their victim gets jerked off against his will and KO'ed just as he comes,... could be that such stuff finally crosses some lines and VISA will stay away, lol.  just a thought.


Probably is. The nanny-state mentality. Oh well, it would be great to see one of the truly sadistic scissorettes such as Electra or Dixie given carte blanche to ignore taps and reduce some poor slob into a frothing, twitching, snorting mess.....  :o

Quote from: Marty on 08-Mar-13, 10:06 AM

It's one thing when Jay fakes his KO's.........

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Thanks for the suggestions so far, I've had a look at some of these ones on club Q but I don't find the women in the videos appealing, they just don't do it for me. I'm more into the more athletic larger women.  But yeah they are tough and brutal.

I decided not to go to crushwrstling because from what I've heard, they are really fake and I'm sick of that. sfoxes girls are probably the hottest going around, Just wish some of them did some real rough sessions.

Over the years I've learned how to read the description and not get caught up in the hype, they all talk shit about how awesome the video is, but quite often I've been let down. Which is why I wish all sites would give a good preview first, some on c4s give 10 seconds and the first 5 is a title, the second 5 shows no action. I'm especially careful when they talk about KO's, if its not real I don't want it.

I think the best scissors I've seen are actually from Bijou, her scissors are tight. anyway,  I might look around some more


I love the ballerina-type body. Its my favorite for scissoring vids, because bulging calves, athletic legs and slim/compact upper-bodies are characteristics which express strength, whilst retaining feminine traits. The problem I find with Bijou, is that talking directly to the camera, detracts from any trace of realism. IMHO, the dialogue should be less scripted and focused at the victim, rather than the viewer.

re. the C1ub-Q girls. This style is awesome, but could be improved on. Its nothing new. Nikki Fierce and Gia Primo used to choke Ron into a twitching mess, way before Sc!ssor Goddess came on the scene. I believe occidental girls could make a better job of it. Maybe because I can identify with them more, culturally. Two girls that come to mind are Electra and Chyenne Jewel. Ay, there's the rub....because along with Cheyenne comes Mr Dynamite, who has a penchant for killing the mood, via overacting. When will these guys realize? They're not the headliners: the girls are! All the viewer wants to see is a "regular" guy (whom he can relate to) getting KTFO. Rob from rea1itygirls and the guy from Bruta1beauties are about the best, IMHO. The aforementioned Ron was also a perfect stooge. This is where C1ub-Q do get it right. The guys are like businessmen and nerds, who act like frightened rabbits: perfect and believable choke-out material.
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