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Fantasy Mixed-Wrestling Stories

Started by Ronald_Frump, 08-Mar-13, 11:01 AM

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Older Gentleman School Girl Pinned

Lisa and Judy shared an apartment next door to a very nice man. They where both attending the local college about a mile away. The man, Jerry was always very courteous to them. He was a good looking man of 65 years of age and was quite wealthy. Both girls liked him and picked up on his subtle flirting. One day Jery made the comment in conversation about sports that he enjoyed watching college girls wrestle.

Both girls where athletic as Lisa (20 yo, 5'10", 170 lbs) played on the soccer team as did Judy (21 yo, 5'8", 155 lbs) and both worked out at the gym three times a week. They decided to give their next door friend a show. The girls invited him in for some tea and conversation when the topic changed to wrestling. Lisa asked Gerry if he wanted to watch them wrestle on the livingroom floor. To their surprise, the older guy said sure but it would be even more fun if he wrestled with them! Both girls didn't expect this response but after some teasing decided to go along with it.

Gerry just took off his shoes.He had on casual pants and a knit shirt. The man was quite thin and about 5'8" in height. "I want to wrestle him first" said the busty brunette Judy. She winked at Lisa as she slipped out of her casual dress and shoes. Standing before the man with just her full black pantyhose and bra, the college cutie was a knockout. They began to tussle and roll around on the floor for several minutes. Both girls knew the man was having more fun than he had in many years. Finally, Judy got him in a strong grapevine and stretched his legs apart as her body weight pressed on him. He tried to struggle for a while but it was futile with the stronger heavier girl on top of him. She could hear his labored breathing. Thinking the time was right, Judy made the transition to a sgp and sat heavily on the older man's chest. She pulled her long curly hair behing her ears and placed her hands on her hips and smiled at Lisa "I think I got him now...this is a school girl pin Gerry...can you get me off? " she teased looking down at him. He looked up at the smiling girl and had a great view of her tits hanging above him. Gerry did feel quite helpless and the girl felt heavy sitting on his ribcage. For the next three minutes, Judy enjoyed sitting on him while teasing and tickling the pinned man. Finally, the older man tried to buck and move his legs back to kick the college girl off. She pretended it worked and slid up a little more until her ass was sitting high on his chest almost on his neck. Her powerful thighs trapped his head like a vise as the damp and scented crotch of her pantyhose pressed against his nose.Judy sat on him this way for over two minutes until he tapped out because of trouble breathing. The sexy brunette stood over the man heaving for breath and pressed her nylon clad foot on his chest in a victory pose."His heart is beating so hard I can feel it under my foot" she giggled to Lisa.

After recovering for a good five minutes, Gerry seemed tired and looked pale but had a smile and agreed to wrestle Lisa too as she teased him not to leave until they wrestled.The buxom blue eyed blond slipped out of her blue jeans, top, shoes and socks revealing her sexy blue thong. With a sassy smile she said "I thought you would like my wrestling attire and I don't mind going topless!" Gerry certainly did as Lisa was a very pretty girl with a bubbly personality. They began to playfully roughhouse around the livingroom when the big blond began to tickle him silly on the sofa. Before long she had the older man on his back on the floor. Instead of a grapevine, Lisa moved further up on him and buried his face between her busty boobs while easily keeping him pinned with her bodyweight. After a few minutes of this she changed position and sat full weight on his stomach while resting her feet on his face. "I want you to smell my feet and kiss them too or I'll keep sitting like this" Lisa said with a giggling smirk.

Poor Gerry did the best he could as her shapely ass pressed his stomach flat. Next, Lisa switched to a sgp and sat her sexy ass on his chest. She bounced on it a couple times to knock more wind out of him than just sat their for a while contented as Gerry grunted and "mmfff" under her heavy weight. Like her friend, Lisa moved up to sit nearly on his neck to bury his nose deep into the moist crotch of her panty for a couple of minutes until he was nearly breathless and tapped out. Lisa was turned on by this play and moved back and sat on his chest. The big girl could feel his heart pounding like crazy under her ass as her weight sat over it. Lisa sat on him for another five minutes knowing her weight was making it really hard for Gerry to catch his breath. Being naturally dominant she really enjoyed sitting on the thin man's chest. However, Lisa really liked Gerry and would not do this unless she felt he was submissive and liked it at some level which he did! Finally, she climbed off the older man and stoo d above him. Like her friend, Lisa placed her foot on his chest for a victory pose. Being just a little devilish, the big blond trampled his now sore chest. She stood on him like a bathroom scale, hands on hips until he agreed to give her a 20 minute foot massage. Needless to say, all had a fun evening!
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4th Date

In the opposite corners of the dimly lit room, Jana and Tom sized each other up. The floor was covered with a large gym mat Jana had from when she practiced gymnastics. They had just enjoyed their fourth date together (at the pool) and things were going great. After a few long, enjoyable hours of talking in the hot tub, things became a bit playful. One thing led to another, and much to Tom's delight, he was invited over to her place for a wrestling match.

At first, Tom was a bit disappointed; he thought for sure an invitation to her house meant he would be getting into her pants. But as he looked at those curvy gymnast legs, he figured it wouldn't be so bad either way. It was actually their first "alone time" together as well. Tom could hardly contain himself, and he trembled as he examined Jana. She had fair skin with dark blonde hair that came to her shoulders. She was still wearing the white bikini she had worn to the pool.

She would have been skinny, but the muscles she built for gymnastics gave her legs and torso a killer curvy figure. Her breasts were a moderate size, but held their shape rather nicely as they pressed against her bikini top. Tom wore only a pair of blue shorts he swam in. He had a slight build from playing sports frequently, but wasn't a bodybuilder. For a girl who invited a guy over to wrestle, she now looked somewhat shy and timid. Jana spoke first,"You ready for me to take you down?" She giggled and glanced at the floor. Tom replied, "Ok." She laughed. "Smooth", Tom thought "Real smooth".

They met hands at the center of the ring. Each of them moved slowly, studying the other's body more than wrestling. Tom put his leg behind hers in an attempt to trip her backwards. However, he hardly put any force into the move and Jana easily kept her balance. She hopped and wrapped her arm around Tom's head. He struggled lightly against the headlock as she pulled them both to the floor. She laughed as she watched him grimace. Tom managed to pull her arms away and he jumped across her back. Her skin felt warm and soft beneath his stomach as she squirmed under him. He decided to lie across her back for a while. But suddenly, she flipped herself over beneath him. She quickly grabbed one of his arms and her legs snapped shut on the other. She had gotten him into a cross-body pin. Tom was not only surprised by her quickness, but also by the strength of her hold. She desperately hugged one of his arms across her chest as her legs wrapped tightly around his other. Because he was lying on his stomach, he got upon his knees and easily slipped his arms out from her arms, but the hold her legs had on his other arm was too firm. He jumped onto her chest, with his arm still trapped and slid his rear onto her face. She laughed hard and squirmed, turning her face away, yet realizing the situation she was in. Her grip released on his arm allowing him to grab both her legs and lay on her body. He tried to wrap his legs around her head, but her arms were there to protect against the reverse head scissors. Tom's head was right on her groin and he couldn't help but enjoy the sight and sensation of her tightly fitted bikini rubbing against his face. Her face turned red and she laughed and pleaded, "Ok, ok. I give up."

Tom quickly released his hold and they both got up laughing. He noticed her top getting a little loose and mentioned it to her. She looked down at her breasts, almost hanging out and back at him. She smiled and untied the stings behind her back. Tom was awe struck. Jana seemed to blush even more as she saw him staring, but insisted they continue the match. "You got lucky. I'm serious this time she said."

They started in the corners again. This time Jana started out fast and came running up to Tom and jumped on him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, they both fell to the floor while his arms were pinned beneath her legs. As he slipped his hands free, he felt a jolt of pain run through his body. He winced at the pressure. He realized Jana was applying serious force. He desperately tried to pry her legs off, but they were far too powerful. "What's wrong?" she playfully teased. He didn't respond, in fact he found it hard to breathe. She continued her assault as he moaned in pain. For one brief second, the pain subsided and the pressure released. Tom looked up at her. Her satisfied expression met his gaze. "Aww, can't beat a girl?" she teased again as she pouted her lips. Again the pressure began mounting as he tried hurriedly to pry himself free. He didn't know what to do when suddenly, Jana arched her back. From his position it was a beautiful sight. He could see her taught, stretched torso accentuated by two perfectly shaped breasts jiggling at the slightest movement. They looked bigger than they usually did, and they were both beautifully pointed. His gaze became zombie-like, but reality started to set in. Air would not fill his lungs, and the pain was unbearable. Tom tapped hard against the mats. As soon as she released, he coughed and gasped for air. She giggled as she got up to her feet. It took a few seconds for Tom to regain his senses, but he was as excited as ever. He could tell she was excited too. When he caught his breath he mumbled quietly, "Oh my god, you're amazing." She laughed. She was already waiting for another round, with her hands on her hips. "You done that quickly, huh?" she mocked as she chuckled again. He didn't say a word and got to his feet.

They started in the corners again and locked hands in the center. Tom managed to slip behind her and tie her hands behind her back. He used one arm to wrap around her neck and tripped her over his leg. She fell backwards and tried to roll away, but Tom jumped on her back. As he sat on her back, he locked her arms behind her back again and wrapped his legs around her waist as they fell on their sides. He was completely in control. Tom thought to himself that she might be giving in to her natural "desires". Feeling confident he rolled to his back with her on top of him. He let go of her arms but hugged her neck tightly while his legs squeezed her waist. She struggled and grunted as he clamped her torso. Tom enjoyed her silky smooth skin writhing against his body, and her soft hair lying across his face. He laughed as she squirmed, completely under his control. Her grunts turned to cries, and her movements became more forceful and jolting.

All of a sudden, as Tom was memorized by the gentle rhythm of her body moving against his, Jana made her move. Using her legs, she slid herself up. Tom lost the grip on the headlock and suddenly Jana's back was on his face. Before he could push her away, she quickly flipped herself over. Her arms slickly wrapped around the back of Tom's neck and Jana's firm, pointy bare breasts mashed against his face. While Tom was occupied with dealing with her breasts, she wrapped her legs around his, placing him in a grapevine pin. He didn't even realize his legs were being tied up. All he was concerned with was the soft, round, milky breasts depriving him of air. Tom couldn't decide whether to struggle and break free, or stay and enjoy the blissful situation. The ache in his legs shot pain up his sides, but her legs were so smooth, so strong. He could feel her every movement, every laugh and giggle, resonate against his own. Her warmth was satisfying and unbearably exciting.

After a minute of muffled struggles, Jana noticed his inactivity. She could tell he was enjoying it, and she was too. Her expression went from playful to serious and lustful. She lightened the grip of her legs and slid down so her crotch was directly on his. She lifted her chest to see Tom's face as she smiled and teased,"I think I won." He was speechless from lack of air and the feeling of her groin pressed firmly, purposely, against his. She bit her bottom lip gently as she smothered his face again. She began rocking her waist back and forth against his crotch. He couldn't contain himself, he moaned and gasped for air as a sensation built in his groin. She continued to sway and grind against him, arching her back to apply more pressure. Tom's hands settled on her rocking hips as her body loosened. She started to breathe deeper and deeper, gasping sometimes while wincing in pleasure. Everything felt dreamlike for Tom, and his body started to sway with hers. Her stomach rolled like water against his, and would sometimes jolt as if she had sneezed. The sensation Tom felt increased and increased, but he realized he desperately needed air. Abruptly, the quiet room echoed with sounds of Tom slapping the ground, tapping out.

Jana rolled off quickly, so quickly that Tom worried she was offended. He gasped for air like a fish out of water, face red and sweaty. He rested silently for a moment while the sensation dissipated and the warmth subsided. When he brought himself up, he saw Jana, red faced and sweaty, with her bikini top back on. "Well, I win. I guess..." she said. She smiled, but Tom didn't feel it was authentic. As he left the front door of her house, they said goodbye. They met with only a kiss on the cheek. As he walked to his car he heard Jana say, "Maybe we can have a re-match." Tom replied, "I won't let you win the next time." She smiled as he drove off. He liked her smile.

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Judo Girl - Submitted at the Office

Jennifer was a very attractive young woman. At 24, blonde, 5'5" and athletic, she was very popular around the office. On dress down Friday's, she always wore tight jeans and belly revealing blouse. This Friday was no different. Jennifer was also very popular around the office with her warm smile and bubbly personality.

Jennifer was ready a newspaper on her break and it was turned open to an ad for an upcoming UFC match. Mike glanced down and said, "what are you looking at that for? UFC is not for pretty girls. Mike was generally friendly too but he had a bit of a temper at times. At 36, standing 5'11" tall and in shape, he sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. Jenn said, "who are you to tell me what it appropriate for me to read?" Mike said, "it just isn't you". "The hell it isn't", said Jenn. "I trained in Judo at college". Mike snapped his head back and laughed, "rolling around a little with other pretty girls hardly qualifies you for the UFC". Jenn was starting to get irritated by now. She snapped, "I know enough to take your sorry ass". By now, a small group had formed. Mike said, "don't write a check your mouth can't cash". Jenn told him, "come outside and I'll cash it". Mike couldn't believe it and decided to humor and they both went out into the grassy area by the office.

Jenn looked at him and said, "it isn't too late to back down you know". Mike thought he'd simply wrap her up and that would be the end of it. He said, "come on Jenn... cash it". Jenn grabbed Mike by his shirt, positioned herself, swept his left leg and dumped him on the ground. Mike, surprised, landed with a thud on his back. He laughed and said, "ok... I wasn't expecting that" and got up. Thinking she do the exact same thing again, he invited her to do it again. But this time, Jenn feinted with a right and then threw him down. Before Mike knew what was happening, she was on him and tied up his arms with a scarf hold.

Mike lay on his back looking up at Jenn while their co-workers laughed. He wrenched his arms free and rolled to his side and then got to his knees. Knowing that Jenn would come at him again, he lunged and landed on top of her. Jenn let out a grunt as she fell to her back. She knew she was trouble and tried to roll him off. But Mike grabbed her arms and sat down hard on her stomach. Mike then pinned her arms to the ground. He couldn't believe he was out here sitting on top of Jenn with all of the office staff around. She couldn't believe it either.

Mike looked down at her and said, "now look... you forced this whole mess". Jenn snarled back, "the hell! you were talking crap about my judo training". Mike reminded her, "look where that has gotten you now". This was really pissing Jenn off, not to mention Mike was heavy. Jenn in a quick move bucked upwards and twisted her hips, throwing Mike sideways off her.

Mike got up to a sitting position but Jenn was quicker. She scissored her legs around his mid section and locked her ankles. He could believe how tight it felt. Mike tried to pull her legs apart but it wasn't working. Jenn mentioned she could squat 200 lbs. and could squeeze even harder. "Don't believe me?" she asked. Jenn poured it on even more. Mike was experiencing some real agony her and tried even harder to wiggle free. His face was beet red and now he was sweating profusely.

Mike tried to stand up but Jenn maneuvered around to his back and sank her arms around his neck. Once they were really tight, Jenn pulled backwards, stretching Mike outwards. Now he was in real trouble and he knew it. It was hard for Jenn to keep him trapped but she knew Mike couldn't last much longer if she held on. Jenn through gritted teeth told Mike, "this is a rear naked choke... popular in the UFC". Mike could feel himself becoming afraid he'd loose consciousness and cried, "OK! OK! Let Go!" Jenn laughed and let him flop to the ground.

Mike rolled onto his to his back and Jenn sat down hard on top of him. She pinned his arms with her knees, grabbed his shirt collar and lightly twisted it across his neck. Jenn looked down into his face and told him, "This is shimewaza. Do you like it?" I could really mess you up with this if I wanted to. If you ever want another lesson, just talk some more crap when I'm trying to read a paper".

The crew of on lookers laughed along with Jenn as she got up and headed back inside.

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Thanks for the amazing stories! :)


Good stuff Stewie. I like stories.  :D


One on One

I took my loss like a man in the Gauntlet match that I had with my lady friends Tamara, Christina and Kim. For months I had to do whatever they said whenever they said it and I also lived up to that agreement. You could only be a footstool and a seat for so long before you got tired of it, and even though it was the asses and feet of three gorgeous women it started to make me feel like a wimp and I couldn't stand it. When my time was finally done being their slave I had planned on staying away from them for a little while and starting my life over. That turned out to be easier said than done.

I would hear constant bragging from Christina and Kim about their victory, about how comfortable my face was to sit on and how my tongue would tickle between their toes. Kim was the only one that really had the right to brag because she was the one that actually pinned me, but Christina didn't care, she viewed it as a team effort and always chimed right in the teasing. Tamara on the other hand was a different case. She hated to lose at anything...period. She didn't feel like she contributed in the effort and the only way for her to feel redemption was to beat me one on one.

"I want a rematch, now!" she would always tell me. It was nonstop, she was like a nagging wife with the constant talks of a rematch. If she wasn't blowing up my cell she was stopping by my apartment, calling me at work and even sending me letters. I always managed to come up with an excuse or avoid her and it worked for a few weeks before I finally broke down. I didn't feel as confident as I should of because she gave me a hell of a match when we wrestled the first time and I wasn't so sure that if she got a lucky break that I could win this thing.

"This time we're going to my place, just the two of us....where nobody can hear you scream." She said to me. I laughed but something in her eyes told me that she wasn't joking. Later that night I arrived at her house ready to go. She was wearing a tight pair of light blue jeans and had on a red lingerie top. I smiled at her. "You're going to wrestle in that?" She shook her head and pulled down her jeans, revealing a sexy red bikini bottom that barely covered her wonderful ass. I was stunned at the beauty of this six foot tall goddess, I never seen her so look so sexy before. It wasn't the time for that though, it was business.

I took off my shirt and shoes and kept on the sweat pants bottoms that I wore over there. I looked around her big living room just to get acquainted with my surroundings. "No pins, only submissions. We go until on of us can't go anymore" she informed me. "That's it?"
"That's it, is there problem?"
Here rules kind of took me by surprise; it looks like this is going to be a long match.

"Is it still the winner gets to do anything they want to the loser?" Tamara smiled a beautiful smile. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, ready?"
"Alright, let's see what you got"
We walk towards each other, trying to gain a position. I slap her hands away and she does the same to me. Thinking that her legs are easy pickings for a takedown, I lunge towards them but she raises her left leg up and snatches my neck and takes me down instead. Before I know I'm in a vice like front headscissors. I try to pry her legs loose but it's no use, her feet are crossed and she has no intentions of releasing her grip. "Give up?" She yells at me.

I shake my head no. Like a cat she momentarily lets go, spins on her stomach and wraps my head in an even tighter reverse headscissors. While the view of her ass is great the pain that she has me in isn't. She grabs my legs and now I'm completely trapped. It's taking everything in me not to scream out my submission but my pride isn't allowing me to give up, not yet at least. Using every ounce of strength that I have I force my legs from her arms and roll her off of me. I hook my arm underneath one of her legs and wrap her up on a tight cradle pin. She giggles. "Too bad there aren't any pins" Damn it, I had forgotten that and instinctively went for a pin. She positioned her free leg underneath and tried to shove my face away but I moved it and now hooked her other leg. Now both of her legs were trapped in my cradle pin and I had my arms firmly locked. She kicked like a mule to escape and I thought I had her, but I underestimated the power of her legs and she bucked free, sending me slamming onto the floor. Tamara tried to pounce on me but I slipped out of the way and wrapped my arms tightly around her in a reverse bear hug. I placed her on the ground on her stomach and squeezed some more.

"You're not getting out of this one Tam" I said to her. "Fuck you, I'm not giving up" She attempts to pry my arms loose but it's not happening. All of a sudden...BAM! She places a firm elbow in my stomach, and another one and another one. She starts to kick my legs with her feet wildly and I have no choice but to let the hold go. She jumps on me and lays her breasts on my face and wraps me up in an airtight breast smother. I try to push her off but she wraps her hands around my head and forces it up. I grab her by the waist and try to roll her over and at the same time she attempts to trap my legs. I'm almost successful until she leaps up and sits on my neck and pins my arms down above my head in the same movement.

"It's over, in a few minutes you'll be mine."
She pins my arms down with her feet and stands up.
"Are you ready? I don't care if you are or not, here it comes".
She comes down hard on my face with what I referred to in the previous story as the nicest ass on Earth. She just sits there and doesn't move, enjoying my muffled sounds underneath her. Of course I can't breathe, and she begins to laugh when she sees the look of worry in my eyes. I've never seen this cruel and sadistic side of her and I wasn't prepared for it. I struggle for all I'm worth and she can tell when I'm weakening. "Give up?" she asks me.
I have no choice but to say "Yeah, I give" when she temporarily raises up to give me some air.

She happily sits back down again.

"You know how I am, I hate to lose, and anybody who's ever beaten me I always paid back a hundred fold. You're no exception. Hopefully we can still be cool afterwards, but tonight I have to get my payback and you have to learn a lesson." I figured that she would keep letting me regain some air every once in awhile until she was done rubbing in her victory but that wasn't the case. She just sat there with every intention on making me pass out. Once I realized this I tried to maneuver out of my predicament but was way too weak. I was completely at her mercy and was out for the count.

I woke up later on and was now on her bed with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied together. A bare foot came from nowhere and stepped on my chest. I looked up and saw Tamara in all her glory. She had gotten rid of the lingerie and was now in her birthday suit, and a lovely suit it was. "What in the hell are you doing, let me go" I said to her.
She shook her head.
"Your lesson isn't over with yet, just chill out."
"What lesson are you talking about; it was just a damn wrestling match. I beat you, you beat me and we're even."
"No, we're not even. Not by a long shot. I take my record seriously and you're the only or woman that's put a loss on it."
At this point I'm confused as hell. "What fuckin record are you talking about?" Tamara sighs. "I never told you guys but there's this underground circuit that I'm in, we wrestle every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Women are in it, Men are in it and we draw straws to see who goes against who. I beat everyone who I ever went against and I'm the champion of the whole league. Then you come along and get lucky and pin me. I can't let that get out man."
"Oh, didn't know that. The only people that know are Christina and Kim anyway and I haven't told anybody."
"I know that, and I trust you and them. But to be on the safe side, let me show you what would happen if you do decide to open your mouth."

Tamara sits down on my chest and viciously rubs her feet in my face and mouth hard; she even kicks me very hard just to get her point across. Before I know it she plops down on my face hard and grinds away, controlling my head with her hands to make sure that I can't get any air. I pass out again and wake up the next morning with my hands and ankles untied and still in her bed.

Tamara walks in wearing the same blue jeans from the night before and a tight fitting t-shirt. "Bought time you woke up, get yourself cleaned up and lets get some breakfast. My treat" I pinch myself to make sure that it's real. This is the same sweet and kind Tamara that I knew before.

"Don't worry, we're back to how it was. I didn't mean to be such a bitch last night but I wanted to let you know that I was for real. You're not mad are you?" I shake my head no.

"Nah, we're ok. You have to let me watch a match in this underground..." "Maybe, just keep that and what we talked about to yourself. Hurry up and take a shower, I'm hungry."

Tamara leaves the room. I didn't believe that last night was just a one time occurrence and that the ugly side of Tamara would show itself once again. I would like to know what this underground circuit that she mentioned is all about and I was hell bent on finding out. 

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Mixed Wrestling Recap - Beaten by Black Widow

I like watching mixed wrestling Videos. One of the videos advertised it wanted men to have a wrestling match with a women so I applied by E-Mail. I got a reply with a photo's of women who would like to have a match with me. I choose a women who called herself Black Widow and I E-Mailed her. She told me a bit about herself and I also told her a bit about myself and also send her a photo of myself. I had never done real wrestling before but still decided to have a match with Black Widow. I thought it would a bit of fun for me. We arranged to meet in London England last week.

I got there at about 12-noon and she greeted me at the door. I was taken into a small room and we both sat down and talked for a little while about the match. We decided it would be a one hour wrestling match and the winner would the person who got the most submissions in that time. Then I was told to go to another room and get ready for the match. When I was ready I came out and waited for Black Widow. She came back then took me into another very large room with a wrestling ring in the middle of it. I was very nervous about seeing the ring as I thought I was going to be wrestling on mats as i have seen in most of my video's. Black Widow could see by my face I was feeling nervous and asked me if I had ever had a match in a ring before and I said no.

So do you want have this match? she asked. I did not say anything for a while thinking to myself I could not give in now as I had come so far... so I told her I did. So Black Widow said "let's get it on". She went up some steps and climbed into the ring and went to one corner of the ring waiting for me. After a while, Black Widow shouted, "whats keeping you Stewie? are you a chicken?" I did not like that and quickly climbed into the ring and went to the other corner. Black Widow took off her dressing-gown and she was wearing a leotard, shiny pantyhose and boots. I was only wearing some shorts. Black Widow looked really nice... short in height but well built and strong. As I looked at her from my corner, all I could think about was to run away as I thought I was going to be killed. Then I came to my sensess, thinking women can't really wrestle and I told her that. Black Widow glared at me and then her mouth twisted into a smirk. We both came to the middle of the ring and shook each others hand. Black Widow said, "come on then... what are you waiting for Stewie? We don't have all day."

I tried to get hold of her head but with no luck... she just pushed me down. I tried to get up she got hold of my right leg and got me down and started to twist it. I tried to kick her off but with no luck... in the end I had to submit. I was not very happy submiting so quickly as we had only been wrestling a short while. I was not going to give into a women so I had a little rest then we restarted again. We both came to the middle of the ring and again Black Widow said to me, "what are you waiting for... a bus or something?" I tried to get hold of her head again and I did manage to get her into a head lock walking around the ring and feeling happy with myself. It did not last very long... she got out of the hold very easily and got me into the same hold - a head lock. She started to squeeze my head and I could feel my head going round and I could also see stars in front of my eyes. She asked, "do you want to submit?" I did not say anything. "Did you hear me Stewie? Do you want to submit before I squeeze you to death?" I said, "yes! yes!" and she let go of my head. I fell down holding my head and again Black Widow came over to me and asked, "so do you still think women can't wrestle?". I was in bad shape and could see stars in front of my eyes. I could not say anything so again I though to myself I can't give into a woman.

After having a rest again, we restarted in the middle of the ring. What do you think Black Widow said to me?, "what are you waiting for Stewie?" I managed to get hold of her right leg and got her down and started to twist her leg as hard as I could. But she has very strong legs. As I was doing this, I could see Black Widow was getting mad and the more I twisted her leg she got agnrier. It sure did seem that Black Widow getting madder and if she got out of the hold she was going to kill me. After a little while of this, Black Widow kicked out and I knew I was in trouble. I tried to escape out of the ring but with no luck. She caught me by the hair and throw me back into the ring. When I got up she lifted me up and gave me a body slam and then did a splash on me. I coud not get up so I was countd out. As I layed in the middle of the ring Black Widow came over to me again and said, "do you still think women can't wrestle?". After a few mins Black Widow came over to me and said do you went to give up now and my answer was no way as I though to myself again I can't give up to a women.

Luckly I had not broken any ribs so after a very long rest this time I decided to go on. I got hold of Black Widow right arm and started to twist it then I put it in a back hammer and some how manage to get her down. Now as I had her down in a back hammer, I was plaesed with myself and I was thinking this was the best chance I had of getting a submit out of Black Widow. But I was only dreaming and as she was a lot stronger than me. She managed to break out of the hold and she got hold of my right arm twisted it and then gave me a posting. Then she got me by the hair and got me to my feet and then threw me across the ring. As I tried to get up, she got hold of my two legs and turn me over and got me into a boston crab. I submitted straight away. Black Widow did finally broke the hold I lay in the middle of the ring. I was totally defeated. Both she and I knew it. It must have been about 10 mins or so before I could move. I got to the other room and got dressed and then somehow found my way out and got a cab and went home.

After a few days I put on my computer and found an e-Mail from Black Widow saying, "So do you still think women can't wrestle? I was only playing with you Stewie. Hopefully we can can have a real wrestling match if you are a man and not a mouse". Hopefully one day I will have a rematch with Black Widow and this time I will be prepared.

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Battle at the Bank : Mixed Wrestling and Grappling

Jeff was a true chauvinist in every sense of the word. He treated the women at the bank very poorly. As head teller, one would think he was President of the US. Jeff would talk down to all of the ladies as if they did not have a brain in their head and constantly used words such as "toots", "blonde" and sometimes "air head". Jeff is not even that old. At 32 his attitude was a throwback to days gone by. But at 32, the 5'9" Jeff was beginning to show some paunch around his waist and wasn't in the shape he used to be. Of course to Jeff with his arrogance, he is the next thing to Arnold Swarzenegger.

Beverly had only been at the bank for a week but she was glad. Bev had spent many years dancing at strip clubs and finally earned her Associates. Bev was certainly attractive. At 5'6" and 130lbs, with strong dancer's legs and curly blonde hair, she was the kind of women you notice right away. At 35, she looked more like 25. Being at the bank was a break from the patronizing behavior she was so tired of at the clubs... or so she thought.

Right from the gitgo, Jeff was his usual insulting self. He wanted to get Bev used to the idea that he'd do as he pleased and was the boss in every way. Jeff went out of his way to make Bev feel dumb whenever something did not go right. He snapped at her and routinely called her "air head". The other ladies at the bank assured her Jeff was just being himself and "do your best to ignore him". But after about week, Bev had enough. If it meant going back to the club, that would be it.

It was Friday afternoon and Bev was trying to figure out how to get the computer to spit out a cashier's check. She told the customer it was her first time doing it and the customer was patient and understanding. But Jeff charged up, apologized to the customer and shoved Bev out of the way with his hip. He finished the cashier's check and apologized again to the customer. Once she was gone, Jeff turned to Bev and said, "you are such a buffoon, hot but mindless". Bev told him, "shut your fat mouth or you are going to get a foot up your ass". The ladies at the bank were shocked and so was Jeff.

After staring at her in surprise, he got a fat grin on his face and told her, "wow... so the brainless one is getting lippy". Bev said she'd get a whole lot more, including the satisfaction of putting her foot up his ass. Jeff said, "I'll give you the chance right now... come out side". He did not think she had the nerve. They both went outside into the parking lot with the rest of the bank employees filing out behind them. Bev looked amazing in her skirt, blouse and heels, which she quickly took off upon getting outside.

Jeff said, "ok you dumb bitch.. give it to me.. I never hit a woman, at least not usually", this is your free shot". With that, Bev grabbed him behind the neck with both hands and gave him a knee right to the gut. Jeff was doubled over and the wind was knocked out of him. He should have left well enough alone but stupidly did not. After about 15 seconds, Jeff started to straighten up and as he did, he took a swing at Bev. She easily leaned out of the way.

Bev yelled, "I thought you won't hit a woman". Jeff blurted, "you obviously don't count". He took another swing at her and Bev ducked it and then caught Jeff with a sharp upper cut with all of her weight behind it. Jeff's head snapped back and then she got him with a left hook. Jeff fell onto his ass quite stunned. He was thinking about giving it up but thought he'd have a better chance trying to wrestle with her. This time when Jeff got up, he rammed Bev and knocked her off her feet. He landed right on top of her and she was rather stunned. Bev knew she was much better at punching than wrestling and being on the ground was not her strong suit.

Bev managed to trap one of Jeff's legs with both of hers and roll sideways. But Jeff got the momentum and landed back on top. He quickly moved up and sat down hard on Bev's stomach. She took some self defense classes at college but wrestling was not the focus. What little they did involved the ladies wrestling with each other, they never did cover what to do with a heavy man sitting on top. Bev fought to keep her arms free and knew she had to do something. But it wasn't long before Jeff got control of her arms and pinned them to the ground.

Jeff looked down at her and began to laugh. Bev said, "yea.. some hee man.. you managed to wrestle a woman to the ground.. you ought to be real proud of yourself". Jeff laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. He began to go off insisting Bev was too stupid to function at the bank and dancing at the club was all she was ever good for, if that. Seeing Jeff's looming face and hearing his insulting words infuriated Bev. It gave her a charge of energy that Jeff would regret.

Bev planted her feet on the ground and bucked upwards. She then suddenly let one drop and push with the other. This send Jeff rolling sideways and off of her. Bev scrambled to her feet and gave Jeff a kick to the gut, causing Jeff to let out a loud groan. The circle of bank employees were cheering Bev on. Jeff struggled to his hands and knees even though he was struggling to catch his breath after Bev had knocked the wind out of him.

Bev got behind him wrapped her powerful legs around his neck He tried to sit up but was too out of it. Bev rode him to the ground and was sitting on his back but with the scissors tightly applied. Jeff tried to pry her legs off but it wasn't working. His face soon began to turn a bright red. He was making gurgling sounds but this only inspired Bev. The crowd was rooting Bev on. Some were shouting the "finish him! finish him!".

Bev knew he was about to pass out. She let go of his head with her legs and his face flopped to the ground. Bev flipped Jeff over and sat down hard on his chest. She pinned his arms with her knees and grabbed him by the face and made sure he was looking right at him. She warned Jeff, "Look what happened to you. You couldn't take me standing up and you couldn't wrestle me on the ground. If you ever talk shit to me again, I will take out here again and it will ten times worse for you!"

There was a rousing and enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. They knew things would be much different from now on.

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Mixed Wrestling Scissors in the Gym

Sarah was one of those women you notice right away. At 5'5' and obviously fit, she is a very attractive older blonde at 38 years old. For years she worked as a dancer and always took good care of herself. Once retired from dancing and working behind a desk, Sarah took up weight lifting, paying particular attention to her legs. At 145lbs, she could squat 250lbs. When pumped, her legs were clearly impressive. She always looked great at the gym and this day, she wore a red tank top, blue workout shorts and a white weight lifter belt. Brad was the sort of guy who liked to feel superior to people. At 29 years old, 5'8" and 170lbs, he was not massive but in strong shape and no stranger to the gym.

He noticed Sarah doing squats and said, "that is impressive... for a girl". Sarah smirked and reminded him, "it is just what I do". Brad said it is great that she can perform so well in the gym but in real life, her strength really isn't of much use. Sarah told Brad, "you as usual don't know what you are talking about". Brad went on to try to lecture Sarah about wrestling and she was just wishing he'd go the hell away. Brad sensing that Sarah was getting tired of this, said to Sarah, "come on then, put me in a hold and I can get out of it". Sarah said, "you are on!"

There was a large mat at the back of the gym and Sarah told Brad, "get down and I will teach you about scissors". Brad laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He sat down and said, "bring it on". Sarah stepped around behind him. Placed her legs around his neck and then sat down, pulling Brad backwards. She applied pressure to the sides of Brad's neck with her thighs. At first Brad was trying to pass it off saying, "is that all you got?" Sarah squeezed tighter and Brad abruptly stopped talking. In fact, he grabbed at Sarah's ankles in a reflex to try to pull them off.

By this time, some of the other people working out headed back to see what was going on. They were quite amused. Cassie asked, "ok you guys... what are doing back here?" Sarah said to her, "I am teaching Brad how to apply scissors and how useable a woman's strength is". The crowd got a chuckle out of that. Brad mumbled, "I did let her get me here". Cassie asked him, "then why don't you break free?" Brad was turning bright red both from the predicament and the python legs wrapped around him. He was now determined to break the hold and he pulled with all of might on Sarah's legs, trying to pry them apart. But it was not working. The veins on his head started to really bulge and Sarah said, "it looks like you are about to pass out cold" as she let go.

Brad was obviously relieved and let out a moan as his head was let free. Sarah remained laying on her back, propped up on her elbows. Brad got up to his knees looking down at her. Sarah asked him if he had learned anything. Of course he hadn't and Brad said, "that really is not very meaningful as I let you get the scissors on me" Sarah threw her head back and laughed as she said, "I could take you even if I put up a sign with the time and date I was coming!"

Brad dove forward landing on top of her. Seizing Sarah's arms, Brad pulled himself up and sat down hard on top of Sarah. It was a quick surprise move. Cassie and the group started forward and Sarah said, "don't! I'll deal with this". Brad said, "see what I told you? All that working out doesn't do much good when your opponent doesn't make it easy" Sarah sneered to Brad, "get the fuck off me or I am going to make you suffer badly". Brad looked down at her and laughed. It was clear he was not about to get up. Sarah planted her feet and bucked upwards, making Brad slide forward. When they came down, Brad was sitting further up on Sarah. This was the room she needed.

Sarah swung her legs up and got her ankles right into Brad's face. They hit with a meaty thud. Brad let go of Sarah's arms and grabbed at her legs. But she squeezed and pulled Brad backward with a bang. Sarah then rolled over so that Brad was face down with Sarah's legs around his neck.

She maneuvered herself so that her thighs were around his neck and legs locked at the ankles and poured on the pressure. Brad was again turning red. He was frantically trying to pull her legs apart and twist free. Instead, Sarah tightened her legs even more. Brad groaned in agony. She asked him, "see you dumbass, are you now going to say I let you put these scissors around your neck this time?" Brad gurgled out, "no... I won't". Sarah was enjoying the moment and said, "I am thirsty... I might just keep poor Brad here while I sip a nice quart of water". The group was laughing again as Cassie gave Sarah her's.

After several minutes of this, Brad was turning a bright and very scary crimson as he begged, "ok... you win... please let my head loose". Sarah gave him one last squeeze making Brad moan in pain and desperation and then let go. Brad's face flopped to the mat. Sarah flipped him over and sat down on his chest. She looked down at the exhausted Brad, grabbed him by the hair and told him, "don't you ever try to lecture me about wrestling ever again". Sarah got up and the group laughed and cheered.

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Thanks for the stories Stewe, it can be as satisfying to read a well-written story as it is to watch wrestling videos.  Where did  you get them?  Or did you write them yourself?


Quote from: rassleme on 17-Mar-13, 02:12 PM
Thanks for the stories Stewe, it can be as satisfying to read a well-written story as it is to watch wrestling videos.  Where did  you get them?  Or did you write them yourself?

They are amongst many that are freely available on the net. Full credit to those authors and the various blogs that have preserved their work.

IMHO, it is important for a forum like this, to address all aspects of the femfight genre. I am acutely aware that the majority of members only want to access the video content....and I fully understand where they're coming from. However, for this board to distinguish itself from the myriad of fetish websites which provide similar video content, I would encourage a holistic approach, which encompasses art, literature and debate. Hopefully as more members become actively involved, we can develop these aspects alongside the more obvious ones.
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I agree, Stewie.  Would it be difficult to create a new section of the forum dedicated to stories?  I know we have The Talk, but I mean more specifically regarding stories, themselves.  In many cases they are my favourite, because they really fire the imagination in a way that videos simply cannot do, as the action and protagonists are generated by your own imagination.  Regardless, I thank you for sharing these stories with us.  I tend to look all over the web for such tales and I hadn't read most of the ones you shared.  Thanks again, mate.


Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 17-Mar-13, 06:31 PM
IMHO, it is important for a forum like this, to address all aspects of the femfight genre. I am acutely aware that the majority of members only want to access the video content....and I fully understand where they're coming from. However, for this board to distinguish itself from the myriad of fetish websites which provide similar video content, I would encourage a holistic approach, which encompasses art, literature and debate. Hopefully as more members become actively involved, we can develop these aspects alongside the more obvious ones.

Book-worthy comment, fully agree.

Quote from: Mixfightor on 18-Mar-13, 08:48 AM
Would it be difficult to create a new section of the forum dedicated to stories?

I'll add "Stories" sub-board to the Talk section, that should work? I'll move this topic there to start it off. Cool stories indeed, thanks Stewie.


Wrestling Mistress Erin

I usually enjoy semi-competitive matches the most but I decided to try something different. I came across the web site of Mistress Erin. She is a lifestyle dominatrix who also does session wrestling. Mistress Erin is a hard body twenty something with fire red hair, various tattoos who stands 5'11" (with heels) and weighs 140lbs. I discussed my interest in wrestling with her and she told me she is not into competitive but will absolutely put me through my paces. She added, "You won't escape my clutches until I am ready to let you move". I was immediately excited about our session.

I went to her place where she has a full fledged dungeon. Mistress Erin opened the door and there she stood looking quite powerful, wearing a lace up leather corset, studded belt, heavy boots and leather gloves. She flashed a wicked smile and led me in. One room contains a well appointed set of mats, complete with padding on the walls (obviously the wrestling room). We made some small talk during I which I was sure to remain "respectful". Finally, Erin asked, "Are you ready?" I nodded and then she commanded, "take off that ridiculous shirt and tie as well as those stupid pants". I readily complied.

Erin bent and then charged at me, shoving her shoulder into my gut and wrapping her arm around my back. She continued pushing with her legs, ramming right up against the padded wall. It was surprisingly forceful. I started to push forward and she stepped out of the way while pulling my arm and tripping me at the same time. I went right to the ground landing on my chest. In an instant, she was on me bending my left arm behind my back. She asked, "Why did you think you could push me? You know that is going to cost you". With that she bent my arm a little further.

In a deft move, Erin rolled me over and got her legs around my neck for a scissors. My left arm was also trapped up in her legs. My other was free but I did not have much in the way of leverage. Erin began to laugh at my predicament. I struggled and bucked, working up quite a sweat in the process. I was starting to pull out and got my arm free but then she twisted her legs so that it pulled my head to the left and she used her arms to get her body behind me. This gave her much better leverage with the scissors. I used my arms to try to pry her legs apart but it was not going to work. I rested for a second to try to think of what I would do next.

But then Erin quickly released the scissors and sprang forward landing on my chest. Before I knew what was happening, she got my legs and pulled backwards on them and trapped them under her arms. I was truly bent over and felt much like a ball. My arms were pretty much useless in this position. Erin moved back so that she was sitting over my face and also managed to push my legs further towards the ground in the process. She asked, "Do you like to breath? I told you I'd make you pay for trying to push me". With that she lowered her weight onto my face. I was truly immobilized and after a bit, I muphled, "I give". Erin laughed and then got up.

I got to my feet and it felt good to upright for a moment. She began to circle me, taunting me to lunge at her. I finally did and she tripped straight down to the floor, landing on my side. She stood waiting for me to get back up. As soon as I got to my knees, she rushed me, bearing me down to my back. I managed to roll her over and land briefly on top. But she bucked upwards throwing me over. She sat on top of me and quickly had my wrists pinned. I struggled and tried to roll sideways but I was pretty much caught. Erin pinned my shoulders with her knees as she sat on me. She grabbed my hair and slapped me a little bit with a leather gloved hand, laughing the whole time. She did however seem to tire of this and slid upwards so that she was sitting astride my chest. Erin then reached back for legs and bent me into another pretzel and moved her as over my face. I tried to roll but she sat her weight onto my face. She was laughing with wild amusement.

She let go of my legs which flopped to the ground. Erin flipped me over so that she was sitting astride my upper back. She then wrapped her legs around my head and tightened them as she pulled my arms upwards and towards her. There was just no escape. I said, "I give".

This is pretty much how it went. Her holds and pins were quite tight and pretty much inescapable. After about 40 minutes, I was totally done. Mistress Erin found this quite amusing. As I was getting dressed in my "stupid shirt and tie", Mistress Erin said, "you be good and come back the next time you are ready for another lesson". I absolutely will.

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