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Beware of "Download Managers"

Started by Ronald_Frump, 16-Jun-13, 02:10 PM

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The SqueezeQueens team constantly endeavours to make your download experience as happy as possible.....

However, we have no control over the policies of external file-hosts. Many of these file-hosts try to trick you into downloading their own "Download Managers".....

These are generated, when you fail to un-check the little pre-ticked box on the download page.....

If you don't un-check the box, you are presented with a .exe file, rather than the hot scissor-chick clip you expected.....

These Download Managers may contain P.U.P.'s.....

Another classic PUP candidate, is an application called iLivid. Once again, this is presented in a way as to trick you into clicking it, rather than the actual download link.....

The bottom-line is, be careful out there. We are uploading to the the best, fastest free file-hosts we can find. However, nowhere is safe from these dubious and potentially malicious applications, when the opportunity arises for companies to make a quick buck. Learn to differentiate between your .exe and your .txt file-extensions and you won't go far wrong....."Happy Downloading!"

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!



Thanks Stewie, I've fallen for this trick a couple of times.  This is good info for our members.


thanks stewie for the advise

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