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Author Topic: Your Favorite Producers  (Read 4685 times)

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Your Favorite Producers
« on: 19-Jul-13, 05:09 AM »
Okay - so whose your favorite F/F producer.

For me - Im not all that into real competitive wrestling, though its okay.  I prefer some type of foxy fantasy match.  It's got to be barefoot as boots suck.  Regular wrestling holds are preferred like all manners of scissors, camal clutches, boston crabs, armbars, etc.  The end has to have some kind of victory pose or finality to the match. Getting up and walking away drives me nuts.  Ideally some facesitting is always nice.

Hollywood matches are always good, I also was a huge huge fan of Lusa Sexygrappling site and other sites when they had F/F.  A solid update of a 5-8 minute match (with an ending) and a bunch of high quality photos from the match.  Now only one site does F/F there and its a part of a match, and mostly competitive which doesnt end in any type of victory at times.

I'm so-so on sites like dangerousvideos - where the girls don't do a good job of selling the match, even thought they look spectacular.  I have other examples, but I'll save those for future conversation.

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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #1 on: 28-Sep-13, 01:08 AM »
Academy Wrestling for me by far, although I think the producer/owner of it has changed and the quality has declined a lot sadly. But the older ones are close to perfect in my opinion.

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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #2 on: 28-Sep-13, 03:50 AM »
I don't really have a 'favorite producer'. This is due to my personal preferences:

  • athletic girls
  • one-sided
  • submissions only

Probably over the last decade, the companies who specialized in this type of match, would be:

  • fightingsty1e
  • londonwrest1ingstudio

Unfortunately, as a sub-section of the genre, this kind of action is becoming rarer than rocking-horse shit.....    :(
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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #3 on: 28-Sep-13, 10:34 AM »
My preferences are similar to Stewie's but with some nuances:

athletic girls
sexy knockouts and victory poses

APL has always been a favorite of mine. Lusa FvF too. Others might be sexier, but are usually much worse at faking it. ;)

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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #4 on: 11-Jan-14, 05:40 PM »
Most of my favorite producers are not around anymore it seems. Joan Wise put out some REALLY hot videos with a lot of the action I prefer. I like a lot of one-sided domination with sexual overtones. Not the mutual gratification of typical sexfights but more of a "forced" scenario with one woman dominant over another with wrestling moves as well as a sexual humiliation/torture aspect. Yes. I'm a perv hahaha!  ;)

Double Trouble is great as well. They still seem to be putting out some really good stuff.

I like Napali due to the full-figured girls they use (tiggens are your friends!) but lately they just seem to be doing weak boob/sexfight type stuff. I prefer their "catfight" vids of course. Yes they're cheesy but they've been known to use some gorgeous models (Kianna Dior, Jelena Jensen, Tanya Danielle, etc) in their fight vids in the past. My favorite model (in my avatar) is Veronika Zemanova. She did some work for them but only glamour videos. No fights unfortunately for me  :'(  hahaha - Zemanova did do some wrestling for back in 2003. She did a couple of playful, yet boner-inducing matches  ;)

California Wildcats got really weak for a while there as well. They've got several new videos that seem to be actual catfights again so maybe they'll become a contender again in the femfight industry.

Les Femmes Fatales seem to still be offering material to my tastes.

There are a few still around but most producers aren't quite "hitting the spot" with me anymore.

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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #5 on: 03-Sep-14, 12:19 PM »
flamingo wrestling and les femmes fatales

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Your Favorite Producers
« Reply #6 on: 08-Jan-15, 03:57 AM »
grapplinggirls its not the same how he youst to be ,but still its on top.
scissorfoxes this site has change it but i dont like it something . same victim :)(no offense)
fightingpulse in this site how he filming and videos are not bad :)
freshfite i discover this site. this year i was concentrate on this(meaning buy).some very nice and sometimes brutal fights. dont like hairpulling .
afwrestling some nice videos but same problem . same guy is a victim. also like fvsf wrestling.
fightingdolls a replica to an old dwww. fvsf are fine but mixed im kind disipoint what ive sen so far.
does are my opinion of what i ve seen last year .