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SGPs & Facesitting Galore

Started by RBAP, 20-Oct-12, 12:39 AM

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This is my first experience with an online image host. Let's see how it works!  :-\
Hold on, it's a shitload!



Lovin' this....all the more because its real and not staged........

AND I prefer small muscular tits > big saggy melons..... ;D.......K+

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!



Just got to look at these today. I know it's an older thread, but awesome!!


Nice selection of pics, I love it specially the old ones from DWW :k3:


You can always tell the photos that are staged and I don't how anyone wants to see that. 


Nice collection of photos especially of Nadege and a lot of the old DWW girls.  Nothing like those SGP's if it is legit and not faked.  Only real wrestling is exciting to watch not staged

tStill one of the most exciting things to watch is a simple straddle followed by a nice school girl press that is shown here.  The beautiful black girl had to work a bit to get it done getting her opponent under control but did it.  This fight was in a fairly small area in front of a small crowd including some women.  Love hearing the grunting and groaning during a fight and liked the way the black girl gained control of the arms to keep the chick down. 
o watch not staged. 


What is fun and exciting to watch is the lead up to the simple but often times effective schoolgirl press which is very humiliating caught in one.  A good example are the pictures of this match between this black girl Chloe vs Amanda a British girl.  Both are fit and a good struggle ensues but Amanda gets fatigued and gets torn up good.  Once she gets Amanda straddled and under control she puts everything in place and gets the pin down.  Black girls always seem to have more speed and in this case Amanda could not keep up with Chloe's aggressiveness also.  This was in front of quite a big crowd also.   


Thank you all for contributing these, I AM IN AWE.....Most I have never seen before and I appreciate it so much. Have a Great Day


I'm glad you like them and thanks for commenting on them.  I always enjoy seeing good fights and have a lot to show you and others if you like them. Thought I'd show a few of this match which was a while ago but as you see the two are very pretty and it was a good match up.  The black girl took apart the white girl which seems to be the case most times.  Speed and stamina was the difference as usual and you can see who had more of it.  Lol. 


One thing for certain is if two women wrestling go off the mat a bit and they look like these two. especially Electra who is on top handing out the harsh treatment,  you don't want to stop it.  The expressions of Devon the girl "getting it" are priceless.  Unfortunately grimacing, grunting and groaning do not get a skilled woman off of you.  The camera catches this incredibly exciting sequence perfectly and it's one to enjoy . 
One photo was added of Devon's face as Electra has her down and being pinned!


It's a simple hold but one of the most exciting to see in a good fight with great looking women!  Love to see the kicking of the legs of the women being pinned trying to escape.  Very humiliating indeed. 
Added one of Nadege fighting Gia outside in front of a crowd including many women who took photos and it was a good one.  Nadege gave Gia fits throughout and it was a joy to watch. 
Added a Nadege pinning Renata and also Mystique doing a job on a tall white girl.  Another girl Bliss is fantastic to watch and as you see she does a job on her opponents.  Love the skin contrast in the interracial fights also. 

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