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red eye rings from head scissors

Started by Sebastian, 18-Nov-13, 09:28 AM

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I wanted to bring up this topic for several reasons....First, I experience some serious red eye and rings around my eyes after scissor sessions. They are obviously caused from the squeezing and blood vessels popping around my sockets. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this issue because it is a recurring problem for a few days after sessions. I hide it with sun glasses but it can get nasty. A session lady recommended makeup around the eyes for a few days. Second, is it dangerous? Did anyone have any long term injury or serious blood vessel popping? Does anyone have any recommendations?


Are the sessions intense? If she's squeezing hard for prolonged periods, or choking you out, you can expect some kind of minor trauma. Some guys will be more susceptible than others, depending on individual physiology.

Goes with the territory, I'm afraid......
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