Headscissor in movie (don't know some from what movie, any help?)

Started by modelsuperheroine, 08-Dec-16, 04:38 PM

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Please tell me if you know the title..
and I will be happy if you post some pict of headscissor in movie at this topic..
Your welcome..




Nice ones!
By any chance do you have these short clips even in low quality?
Particularly UNK1 UNK3 and UKN4

Most of these movies are from Giga or Zen pictures (for the action type)
Femdom ones are more difficult to identify.
all seems to have been released between 2005 and 2012 (by looking at the girls haircut)


Wow..neddy..you are great..just by see girl's haircut..hehehe..
Thx for information guys..
Ok i try to upload the clip..
Unknown 1 they are not scissored into death or neckbreak..
Unknown 2 he died because choked
Unknown 3 he died in neckbreaked
Unknown 4 he just tortured between leg and his hair is cutted..


Yes, Japanese girls tend to change a lot haircut (particularly bang area)
But when a haircut style is the new fashion, every girl have to get it.
This is one of the japanese aspects I don't really like.

BTW can you share some clips here?
I would love to see these Unknown 1, 3 and 4

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