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first experience

Started by imafire, 17-May-14, 05:20 PM

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i started to acknowledge this fetish to myself around eighth grade. i started searching for it online and quickly realized it wasnt unique to me.

there was a girl who lived right behind me. neither my friends nor i could stand her. frankly shes a brat with some issues. none the less i began to fantasize about her. particularly after the time that she play wrestled with my friend and i. there was nothing special or unique about that episode, at least not that i can recall, except that i kept repeatedly throwing grass at her, which would cause her to choke me from behind. i remember hoping her legs would end up around me. they did not.

now since she was a brat, i was comfortable teasing her, even being snarky with her. i tried to imagine how i could use that to more or less invite her to scissor me. each time ive written this story, im still ashamed of my underhanded methods. i think its far better, healthier, and more effective to be relatively up front about your kinks.

nonetheless, i was a fourteen or fifteen year old kid with no idea what to do with said kinks. i came up with my idea. at the time, instant messaging was exceedingly popular amongst my age group. i decided i would play dumb. this girl, lets call her cindy, had mentioned to me that she would watch wrestling because of "sexy guys in underwear". one day she showed up at my house wearing a white top, short shorts, and imo sexy shoes, somewhat impatiently asking if i wanted to hang out. i told her id call her and come over in a bit, and i did. for those of you who care, she was no longer wearing her shoes. we were sitting on her bed chatting when i brought up the fact that she liked wrestling. i then invented "some girl online who has been asking me about this wrestling move" and asked if she knew anything about it. to my luck, she was pretty sure she knew what i was talking about because some female friends of hers and she had "did that to each other in a pool." she demonstrated for me, im not positive if it was on a pillow or the air, but she, now sitting on the floor, extended her legs in front of me and crossed her ankles and explained "you wrap your legs around them like that and squeeze." still playing dumb, i asked if she could show me just what this invented girl online was talking about. we decided to go outside.

she had a multi level yard thing and we were in the middle of it i believe, and she had me sit down and sat behind me. this is a bit foggy, but she wrapped her legs around me, and being pretty short had difficulty locking her ankles. so after a bit we gave up on that and she had me lie back and put her legs around my neck and crossed her ankles. she probably had a fairly good squeeze although not enough to quite make me give up. perhaps if she had been able to hold out a bit longer. again, i played dumb, asking her what i was supposed to do to try to get out. "oh i have no idea" she replied. i assume i feigned pulling at her legs. at some point, i swallowed wrong and coughed, which frightened her enough to stop, at which point she asked "OH MY GOD are you choking?!". i tried to calm her but she was spooked. frankly, i wanted more. i remember after that, she sat on one of the levels, and with me sideways this time, did more or less a throat scissor, briefly. wasnt particularly memorable to me.

i forget just how i invited it, but i suggested she ought to try to make me give up. we went back to her room. we sat on the carpet next to her bed, and again she wrapped her legs around my waist from behind, relatively unsuccessfully, at which point she said to me "let me see your neck" and lowered my head down to her legs. i remember helping her do so and us both kind of grinning at each other before she began squeezing. bless her heart, she tried, but still couldnt make me submit. i again challenged her to do so, and she got fairly close. i remember her shaking me a tish with her legs and saying "woohoo! this is fun!".  eventually she stopped on her own, i assume because she was tired.

in addition to the playing dumb thing, i told 'cindy' that this online friend had told me the holds appeared in various movies, like miss congeniality, but that i hadnt seen them. so for what its worth, she tried a front scissor, including the knee slam thing, but only did this to me briefly.

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