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Author Topic: 8 years of karate  (Read 6745 times)

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8 years of karate
« on: 04-Jan-15, 09:42 PM »
I have a really good friend that I went to high school with. She was a grade above me but we knew each other since middle school. we were on the track and field team together, we were both sprinters so we spent a lot of time together. This passed winter break she was visiting from college and we began talking on facebook. We began talking about sports and how we missed track then I brought up that I had tried wrestling this passed summer. she thought that was cool and I took my chance and asked her if she wanted to try. She was totally game for it. So it was her a fit 19 yr old F 5'3" 125 vs me 18 yr old M 6'1 150. So we met up at her house and she greated me wearing an outfit I remember from our days in track, a blue nike sports bra with black nike spandex and was barefoot. We stretched out and warmed up for a bit before our match. We payed down the rules for our match and made it a 20 minute match and whoever had the most pins or submissions after that would win pins and submissions legal. So we started out match and she started smiling and said "this is gonna be fun" as soon as she said that she tripped me onto my back and proceeded to apply submissions (headscissors and bodyscissors mostly) and pins too (the cradle was her most used) after those 20 minutes my very fit Asian friend had beaten me by a dominant margin of 17-0. I couldn't believe how bad I had lost and asked her how she was strong and more skilled than me. Her answer was "wait I thought you know I did karate for 8 years?" She's a very honest girl so I don't think I got suckered into that.