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Her Rules PART 1

Started by Smothered123, 02-Feb-15, 04:48 AM

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I know this section is called 'Stories', but the following account is actually what happened, you can choose whether to believe it or not. I'll not use her real name as that would be dishonourable, so I will refer to her as Sally, I've always liked that name.

I met her through posting an ad in a London advertising paper called LOOT, this was back when they first started and you were allowed to insert phone numbers into your ads. I had advertised for women who were into wrestling and would enjoy regular sessions, Sally phoned me about three days after the ad came out. Apparently she'd been umming and ahhing but decided to take the plunge. We arranged to meet in a pub in the West End as it was convenient for both of us. I got there first and she turned up shortly after, I recognised her immediately from her description. I bought her a drink and we found a quiet table and sat down.

We hit it off right from the start, I was certainly attracted to her physically, she was above average height at 5'8" and had an imposing chest, but what I saw straight away was the way she filled her jeans. Some may have described her arse and thighs as slightly too fleshy, but to me that was just about as near to perfect as you can get. It occurred to me that her thighs were built for scissors holds and her backside was just made for facesitting and smothering. I imagine by now you are getting a taste for the types of wrestling holds I favour!

Without much prevarication we soon got onto the subject of wrestling, it turned out her grandfather had been a pro wrestler up in the Manchester area which was where she originally came from, although she had largely lost her northern accent as a result of University and a few years working in London. She had always loved to go and watch her grandad when he wrestled and after he retired from the ring, he would take her along to pro bouts on a fairly regular basis. She confided in me that she found it quite erotic to see big men in tight bulging trunks getting sweaty and rolling around a few feet away from her.

We stayed for a few drinks but uppermost in my mind was to get her back to my flat for a match up and see what she had to offer. She didn't take a great deal of persuading and we were soon finishing our drinks and heading off arm in arm for the nearest tube station. We got back to my place in under 30 mins and I have to admit, by this time I had a raging hard on in anticipation. We had been discussing wrestling non stop on the journey back and I had told her my favourite moves and holds, they seemed to strike a chord with her as she told me, with a sly grin, that her fave holds were the forward and reverse facesitting moves. It seemed this was going to be my lucky night.

Once back at my place I opened a bottle of wine then fetched the duvet from my bed and clearing a space, spread it out on the floor of the living room. We had a quick slurp of our wine then without too much messing about, we both started to get our clothes off. I was soon down to my tight white briefs which by now we're barely containing my rock had erection, she gave an appreciative purr and rubbed her hand over my stiff cock. She was soon down to her bra and knickers, then to my surprise she took the bra off, releasing her firm, proud tits, that took my breath away. What I noticed then was her prominent pudenda and clearly defined labial lips, her tight pink knickers were molded to her bulging sex, what I believe some people call a 'camel toe'. She cought me staring at her crotch and responded with a wicked grin and pulled her thin little knickers up even tighter around her bulge, accentuating what she knew was something to be proud of.

We agreed that the winner would be the first one to get five submissions, she had suggested that the loser should pay a forfeit to the winner, keen to get on with the wrestling I agreed with everything she said. We both got onto our knees and squared up, without any warning she just lunged forward and grabbed me in a tight head-lock, I found my face mashed into the side of her firm right breast as she bore me to the ground beneath her. This knocked to wind out of me completely and I found myself powerless to resist as she quickly converted the move into a full grapevine. My arms were stretched up above my head and pinned to the ground while her legs had snaked around mine and were stretching and twisting my legs in opposite directions. I let out a yelp of pain and she just grinned down at me, I continued to moan so she decided to shut me up by bringing her magnificent tits down over my helpless face, now as wells as being in agony, I was unable get get my breath.

I had been prepared to give a little during the match, not try too hard and let her get the upper hand..I soon discovered that I didn't really have a choice in the matter. Not only was she strong, she was also skillful, her grandad had taught her well when she was younger and she had a vast repotoir of wicked holds at her disposal. I was now starting to panic due to the combination of the pain in my limbs and my inability to breath. I could also feel her groin grinding back and forth on my hard cock, a mixture of pain and pleasure for me. Luckily it was at this point that she lifted her ample chest off my face and asked if I wanted to submit. I didn't hesitate for an instant, I just screamed out my submission to her and after flexing the hold once more, just to show me her complete control over me, she rolled off me and got to her knees, reaching for her wine as I lay there, completely exhausted and overwhelmed. She grinned down at me as if to say 'you didn't expect that, did you?'

Rubbing some life back into my limbs I got up and grabbed my wine, I needed it, and I had the feeling that before the night was out I would need a whole lot more. The knowing, evil grin on her face did nothing to diminish my raging hard-on, I had to adjust my briefs to ease my discomfort, this was not wasted on her as she knelt there sipping her wine and glancing at my erection, I could just imagine she was deciding which hold to use next to allow her to target my turgid member, I took an extra large gulp of wine as she said "ok then, that's one nil to me, let's get on with round two."

Stay tuned for PART 2 where she really puts me in my place!!

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