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good video recovery software?

Started by llordzzx, 10-Feb-15, 11:51 AM

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hi a few weeks ago i had a friend over, who i was going to let use my laptop, to download some stuff, and he doesn't know i like mixed wrestling ect videos, so i decided id move all the videos to the recycle bin from downloads page, so he wouldnt notice them while using my llaptop. but for some reason  i went on auto pilot and hit empty recycle bin straight after, much to my horror it deleted a large section of my collection i aquired over the last year or so (laptops not that old, most of my videos are on desktop or old laptop) which is still quite a significant amount of videos.

i found a peice of software that claimed to be free, and could recover deleted files, it found the files wonderfully, and let me preview, them but said if i want to actually recover them i have to pay $70 for the softwares premium version.. which is a little more than im willing to pay + id rather just spend that money on new videos, if someone could give me a peice of software like the one in screenshot below, that could help me recover these videos.

ill happily share all the videos on the forum after recovering them. 


Most of Recovery Software cause a lot of damage and bad sectors to your hard drive  so i wouldn't Recommend that You do recover your files, especially if these files can be easily Found on internet.


Key thing is if you want to recover anything, minimize what you do on the machine so it won't write over what you accidentally deleted.

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