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Rousey vs Holm

Started by malderat, 12-Nov-15, 12:44 AM

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Anyone expect this to be a match? Personally I'm not a big fan of Ronda the person, however much of a bad ass she may be in the ring. On top of that, I know Holly's wrestling coach from way back. But I just can't bring myself to hope for much. Any thoughts?


I can't see Ronda wanting to try and outstrike Holly. Not gonna be good for her acting career, if her face is bust up after a boxing match.

It's probably going to be an armbar within 30 seconds of round 1.
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Agree, Stewie. Ronda has been putting in a lot of work in the striking department, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some fisticuff action. When push comes to shove, Ronda is not one for the "sweet science" though and she's not one for patience. She's a brawler. It's in her nature. She just wants a ruck. That'll probably be the first 10-20 seconds. Then they'll clinch and Ronda will get Holly down. When Holly is down, she won't be getting back up again. Wouldn't be surprised to see Ronda lamp Holly out, either, but an armbar is most likely, IMO.

As I've said for the last few opponents of Ronda's, I just hope it isn't embarrassing for Holly. TBH, I'd love to see Holm "shock the world" as all this Ronda hype; "once ever", "Michael Jordan of MMA", "Ali of her time", "female terminator", etc is getting cringeworthy.


Quote from: jiminy on 13-Nov-15, 04:52 AM

As I've said for the last few opponents of Ronda's, I just hope it isn't embarrassing for Holly.

Luckily, there's little chance she could end up looking as bad as Zingano and Davis did.
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I thought this was a friendly fight between two fighters who had respect for one another. Did I miss a comment from Holly or is this just a promotional stunt? I do believe that Ronda has some anger issues.


It's a stunt by Dana. He's 20,000 seats short of selling out the stadium, so trying to generate last-minute interest, lol!
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End of Rhonda KKKKKKKKKK


Holly was great from the beginning. Ronda looked like she was woefully underprepared.
And that left kick was sexy...  8)


More proof that MMA has become a striker's game. As was the case with Joanna's victory earlier.


After NOT touching gloves with Holly, I kinda lost all respect for Ronda.

"Those who live by the sword, die by it"

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Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 15-Nov-15, 01:55 AM
After NOT touching gloves with Holly, I kinda lost all respect for Ronda.
I lost all respect for her a long time ago. Too arrogant, to say the least. I am really glad Holly demolished her.

I didn't see the fight, only the highlights on Youtube. What a kick!


Agreed Stewie - I was very disappointed when Rousey didn't touch gloves. After Holly escaped the armbar attempt, I thought we might be witnessing an upset. My heart was racing throughout the entire fight - lol
I was waiting for Rousey to come in for the take down and kill but everytime she got close, Holly popped her. She fought the perfect fight - AWESOME!!!



In a state of shock. Like it or not (and I kinda like it) Holly Holm is YOUR new UFC Bantamweight champion.

Rousey got bloodied up and knocked out by a pro Boxer & Kickboxer. I think she got some awful advice from Edwin Tarvidian (or whatever his name is) between rounds. "Excellent work, she's just looking for that left". Ronda fought like Roy Nelson. Just looking for an overhand right. She put herself in a position where she was the one playing catch up. Ultimately I think Ronda believed her own hype and believed she could knock Holly out. At least when Carla Esparza lost, she was always looking for the TD.

Holly meanwhile exposed all the holes in Ronda's game perfectly. She picked her apart and tested her gas tank. Ronda looked tired after 2-3 minutes. Ronda showcased a good chin, but shin to jaw is like baseball bat to jaw. No one will come back after that.

It will be interesting to see how Ronda deals with this psychologically. She kept talking about knowing that she'll retire undefeated, and already planning her future in Hollywood. Like "Shadface" will haunt Rashad Evans for the rest of his career, haters will ALWAYS have this over Ronda. There'll be gifs. There will be memes.

I believe Ronda can win a rematch if she uses her grappling. Chosing to strike, armed with your right hand and a preyer against a pro-Boxer is a bad idea. Preyers probably don't work against preachers daughters anyway!


Ronda's tactical approach was wrong since the beginning. She underestimated Holly and thought she would beat her at her own game like she did others before. Holly was ready for that and Ronda couldn't deal with it. When Ronda finally got Holly in a semblance of an eventual armbar, Holly got out of it easily and Ronda lost it after that, opening herself up to all kinds of strikes. She got bloodied and dazed, missing shots and losing her balance until the natural (and extremely satisfying) end...

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