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Boys Can't Fight

Started by koedkid, 26-Jan-16, 01:32 PM

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Mickey was a star running back on the school football team. He thought all the girls loved him.  He liked grabbing girls up top or on their behinds - thinking that they liked the fact that he was showing them attention.  While talking to a girl, Mickey would extend his finger as if to make a point and then poke into a girl's breast.

He'd quickly apologize and the embarrassed girl would weakly smile. Or sometimes, he'd go up to a girl and pretend to show her a new wrestling move he saw on TV - and while he's behind her his groin would rub against her ass.

Most of the girls knew what Mickey was doing but they didn't know how to stop him.  After all he was over six feet tall, about 210 pounds of football muscle - who regularly worked out in the weight room. Mary, who was 5-foot-2 and 105 pounds - was like the other girls who didn't appreciate the sexual poking and rubbing.  She certainly didn't like the fact that the boy was coping a feel and thinking the girls were too stupid to recognize that. 

Mary had yet to be a victim of Mickey's poking, until one day in the lunch line. When Mickey began talking to Mary and poked her breast - she yelled "Stop that Mickey." She grabbed his finger and bent it back and Mickey screamed out in pain.  Everyone in the cafeteria stopped to look and they saw Mary bending Mickey's hand backward.  The pressure brought the big kid down to his knees in front of the tiny girl.

"Try that again and I'll kick your ass," Mary warned.

Mickey was embarrassed that this small girl brought him to his knees and threatened him. He felt he had to answer back -- especially with everyone watching.

"You couldn't kick my ass in your dreams," Mickey yelled.

"Oh," said Mary, as she let the boy's hand go and gave him a shove. "You boys think you're so tough.  You think we girls are weak. Well the reality is that boys can't fight and they certainly are no match for a girl who has had some training."

Mickey knew Mary took martial arts classes and  was a brown belt. "Wearing a fancy uniform doesn't make you a fighter who can beat me. I'm nearly twice your size," said the 17-year-old boy, as he got to his feet and stood looking down at the 15-year-old girl. 

From his vantage point, Mickey got a good look down Mary's blouse and saw developing cleavage that made him wish he could grab a handful. Mickey, who was proud of his biceps and six-pack abs from his daily workouts, waved his fist in front of Mary's face. "If you weren't a girl and if I wouldn't get in trouble I'd show you who can fight."

"Tell you what tough guy," Mary said. I'll meet you behind the school at the end of class today and it will be just you and me. If you win, I won't tell anyone and you won't get in trouble. But based on how quickly I brought you to your knees just now -- I don't think you have a chance."

The whole cafeteria heard the challenge. Mickey couldn't back down - So he said "Deal, I'm going to beat you senseless and as a winning trophy I'm going to rip off your blouse and bra - leaving you topless laying on the ground."

Mary answered "nice touch big shot. Be sure to wear your jock strap, because that's what I'm going to strip from you when I win."

For the rest of the day the whole school was abuzz about the pending fight. Mickey - the star running back was challenged to a fight by a girl half his size.  His friends were giving him hi-fives and encouragement  as they thought of Mary laying defeated on the pavement with her tits hanging out. They all thought Mickey was pretty lucky to be able to go hand-to-hand combat with a shapely girl and get the chance to grab her tits and ass and then strip her topless, without getting in trouble.

Mary's friends were worried and suggested that she back out. "He's twice your size," said one girl. "He lifts weights and is really strong," said another.  "You're crazy to have agreed to a strip fight," they said.

Mary assured her friends she was not worried. "Boys play wrestle with each other all the time - but when it comes to actually fighting most of them haven't a clue," Mary said."Plus I'm in good shape too. I work out at karate four times a week and I run a couple of miles each day and do 100 situps daily. I probably have as much endurance as any boy on the football team."

The time came and practically the whole school was in the back waiting for the combatants to appear.  Mary showed up first wearing shots and a tight tee-shirt that showed off her taut little body,  Mickey arrived followed by an entourage of about a dozen boys, screaming about how they were going to see some t-and-a.

"I'm surprised you showed up," said Mickey, who was wearing shorts and cut up tee-shirt that showed his abs and huge arms.

"You're really going to be surprised before the afternoon is done," Mary said confidently.

"Are you wearing a cup," shouted one of Mickey's friends. "You don't want her to take a cheap shot to the balls."

"I won't need to smack your your nuts," said Mary. "I'm going to kick your ass in a clean fight and then wave your jockstrap to the crowd."

Anyone seeing the two fighters square off had to question the girl's confident tone.  Mickey towered over Mary who had had fists balled in a fighting pose. Mickey slowly walked in figuring one punch would end this quickly. However, when he threw out a jab. Mary ducked under it.  He threw out another and she ducked again. A bit frustrated at his two missed swings, Mickey stepped in quickly and threw a right cross. Mary stepped under the punch and moved behind Mickey.

"That's it," she said. "Three swings and your out." And with that she jabbed her foot into the back of Mickey's leg, catching him behind the right knee.  The football player crumpled to the ground, skinning his knee. A little blood could be seen trickling from the cut.

"What's the matter Mickey, a little girl too tough for you," taunted Mary. The crowd was looking on in disbelief, In the past minute, Mickey hadn't put a hand on the girl and Mary knocked him down - drawing first blood.

"Time to end this," snarled Mickey as he jumped up and charged Mary. At just the right moment she dropped to the ground and cut Mickey's legs out from under him.  He fell face first into the pavement. Blood was now trickling from cuts on his forehead and chin, as he lay on his stomach trying to regain some senses.

Mary saw the boy sprawled on the ground and stepped on his rear-end saying "It looks like you're down again and I haven't even broken a sweat." The crowd thought they were going to see a girl get massacred and stripped and here she was holding her own against one of the school's best football players. 

Many of the girls were there to make sure Mary didn't get beat too badly but now they were yelling "Get him Mary," as some thought of the seeing Mickey without his jock strap. I told you "Boys can't fight," Mary taunted, as she stood in a fighting pose with her fists balled up waiting for Mickey to get to his feet.

Mickey got up and couldn't believe the girl was defiantly facing him. he thought by now he would have blasted the girl with a couple of punches and he'd be waving her tee-shirt and bra to the crowd. "I'll show you who can't fight," Mickey growled as he raised his fists.

"You want to box?" Mary asked. "Okay we'll box."   Mickey stepped forward throwing about a dozen jabs and roundhouses and Mary did not back away. She stood toe-to-toe with the big kid and parried and rotated her arms in a defensive sequence that blocked every punch.

"Now it's my turn," she said as Mickey stopped to regroup and wonder why nothing connected. Mary took advantage that Mickey was so much taller leaving his mid-section wide open.  She feinted jab to his face and then piston-punch four hits to his stomach.  The crowd could hear the boy wheeze as the punches took the air out of him.

"I thought your sit ups would have toughened you better than that," Mary laughed  She then threw a round house to Mickey's face, which he blocked, but again his midsection was wide open for a straight jab. Mickey doubled over and Mary stepped behind him. She wrapped her arm under his chin and locked it tight with her other arm and began to squeeze a sleeper hold.

Mickey began thrashing as he realized that if he didn't get the girl off his back she would cut off his blood supply and put him out. The girls were cheering wildly as they saw the girl winning this fight. The boys were shouting "throw her off Mickey," and "hang in there," -- words of encouragement that they never thought they would be saying when the fight started. Mickey was able to get to his feet and rammed backward into the school building hoping to knock Mary off his back. He heard the thud and felt Mary loosen her grip. He rammed the wall backward again using Mary as a battering ram. This time she let go and fell to the ground. Mickey was the first to catch his breath and he jumped on top of the Mary who was sprawled on the ground. 

He sat on her in a schoolboy pin and began slapping her face. "So boys can't fight," he said, as he pawed at her tee shirt trying to rip it off. "So you're going to kick my ass. Girly you're dead," he bellowed. 

The huge boy clenched his fist and took aim at the girl's face. The fighting female realized she was in trouble as a rain of punches headed her way. Mary's defense in the down position was okay but some punches did get through.  Her lip was cut and a bruise began to show on her cheek.

Some in the crowd figured they better step in and stop the fight before Mary got hurt bad.  But before they could move, Mary threw her right leg up and over Mickey's shoulder and used all her weight to pry him off. She was able to roll out of the way and jump to her feet. Blood could be seen dripping from her mouth and a dark bruise was showing on her cheek. Mickey also got to his feet to face Mary and he too had signs of being in a fight -- with cuts on his face. Again the two fighters faced each other.

The fight has gone on for about 20 minutes and everyone was amazed that the girl was not giving in and actually was more than holding her own.

"You had your chance Mickey. You had me down and I took your best punch and got out from under you, even though you had me pinned," Mary said. "That was your best chance and you blew it."

Mickey was sick of the girl's taunting and charged in throwing punches and kicks like a wild man. But Mary blocked them all. She returned with a jab that caught Mickey in the nose. She then kicked his mid-section causing him to double over. She came down hard on the back of his neck with a double hammer that crumpled the boy to his knees. Mickey was groggy and he was losing steam from the fight, which was more than 25 minutes long.

"I knew I had more endurance than you," Mary said, as she looked at the tired boy, who was on one knee. "You're mine," she said as she stepped in to finish him off.

"Not yet," Mickey snapped in a tone of male bravado, that he followed with a straight jab to Mary's mid-section.  The punch made Mary wince, but she was also surprised that she didn't double over and it didn't hurt that much. Her abs absorbed the blow. Mickey was also stunned that his punch didn't stop the girl and he tried another.  This one too didn't move her. Mickey was too tired to get any muster behind his punches and for the first time the thought crossed his mind that he might lose to this girl.

Mary saw the look of doubt in his face and smiled - as she was  face to face with the kneeling boy - she knew she had him.

"This won't take much longer," Mary said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. She began a series of jabs, crosses and roundhouses to Mickey's face and body. Each punch of her small fist could be seen leaving a red welt on the sculpted muscles of the football player.  Mickey was tired and he couldn't raise his arms to block the punches. After about a dozen hits by the female's fists he was on his knees wobbling,

Mary gave a round house kick to Mickey's head and the big shot football player fell over - nearly unconscious. She then gave a sit down bomb on his chest and straddled him in a schoolgirl pin. The boys in the crowd were dumbfounded at the sight of this 210 pound boy who 30 minutes ago was one of the toughest kids in the school and now he was getting destroyed by a girl half his size. The girls were cheering wildly as Mary began pummeling Mickey's face.

"You're not so tough," she said. "What's the matter the little girl beat up the big football star." She continued beating Mickey's face into a bloody mess. 

Someone in the crowd asked "should we stop this? Did she actually win. Is this fight over." 

The boys and girls couldn't believe what they were seeing. Mary took on a muscled football player in a knock down drag out fight and was beating the crap out of his unconscious body. She lifted his head by his hair with her left hand and then piston punched his face with her right hand.  She let his head fall back to the pavement, unconscious. 

Mary got up and with one foot standing on Mickey's chest and crowed to the crowd "I told you boy's can't fight. And now its time to collect on the bet."

She bent over Mickey and ripped his shorts down to his knees. She then pulled down his jock strap and his dick flopped to one side.  The breeze on his private parts began to revive Mickey, who soon realized what was happening. "No don't, Please don't," he begged, as he tried to get up. 

Mary sent another three punches into Mickey's face and said "don't move. You lost and this jockstrap is mine."  Girls in the crowd began to inch closer to the fallen boy hoping to get a better look at his dick, which was beginning to twitch and stand straight up.

"Oooh, it looks like Mickey likes getting beaten by a girl," someone shouted as his member was now a full eight inches at attention. Mary got the boy's shorts and jockstrap off as Mickey lay on the ground whimpering in embarrassment.  All the girls who were felt up by Mickey over the years now got a chance to see what he had, if they ever decided to take up his offer.

As Mary waved the jockstrap over her head and walked off, the girls all cheered. They were buzzing about girl power and asking if Mary would teach them how to fight. A group of boys stayed behind to revive Mickey. One lent his jacket to cover Mickey's privates. No one could believe that a girl - half his size - took him apart, and left him bloodied and naked behind the school.


Women are tough and sexy.  As long as they use both they can punch out any guy.

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