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Female Fantasy Fights

Started by runofthemill, 22-May-16, 09:58 PM

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I know I'm not the only one who fantasizes about girls I know or celebrities or famous women engaging in some hot wrestling action. For me one of my all time favorite fantasy wrestlers has been Gemma Atkinson. So imagine if you were a manager for an apartment wrestler, or even a female apartment wrestler yourself. You've signed a contract for a match without knowing who your opponent is going to be. You open the door and this is who you find waiting for you. Who are you putting up against her and what will the outcome be?


I would love to see her go up against someone smaller, and watch as Gemma dominates her from start to finish. Hayden Panettiere maybe. :D


That would definitely be hot. I had to Google who Hayden was but looking at her I don't think she'd give Gemma much of a challenge. I see her taking a serious wrestling lesson from the built blonde.

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