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My New Assistant

Started by dworth, 25-May-17, 02:16 PM

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At 29, I became the youngest senior partner in the history of my firm, and I made it that far without ever having an assistant. I didn't trust assistants; I preferred handling all the work myself. Less room for error that way. But two weeks after my promotion, I started waking up in cold sweats, heart slowly pounding its way out of my chest, and I realized if I didn't hire someone to lighten the load, I might become the youngest person in the history of my firm to have a heart attack. Over the next week I interviewed applicants; nobody was up to my standards. But in a crazy coincidence, my old high school crush showed up for an interview. Molly had been captain of the volleyball team, a stunning 6 foot brunette, with intense green eyes. Back in school, I'd go to all the games, just to watch her; during matches, she transformed form the bubbly, girly girl she was most of the time into this amazon warrior, hellbent on dominating anyone and anything that stood in her way. Her performance in the games was how I discovered I had a thing for dominant women; it was the one fun part of a high school existence otherwise dedicated singularly to becoming a valedictorian. The greatest moment of my high school career, hell, the greatest moment of my life up to that point had been after one of her games, at a party, when she'd drunkenly marched up to me at a friend's house shoved me up against a wall, locked her lips onto mine and for a few glorious seconds, stuck her hands down my pants. Caught off guard and completely inexperienced, I'd tried to pull away, but she was strong and she'd held me in place for a full thirty seconds, giggling at my attempts to escape. Then, when she'd gotten a sufficient taste of me, she'd simply said "thanks, Patrick" before turning around and walking away as quickly as she'd approached.

During the interview, all these years later, I wondered if she remembered that moment, but I doubted it. Her high school days had been full of conquests. I was probably just a blip in her rearview mirror. One thing I could say about her with certainty though, she'd only gotten better with age. She still had the same tight, toned body, with legs for miles and a much more solid upper body than most members of her sex. If anything she was in better shape now than she had been then, probably due in part to the time she'd spent in the marines after high school. All my other applicants had nervously fidgeted during their interviews, but she sat back, relaxed, with her intense green eyes fixed on me, until I was the anxious one. In fact, during our interview, it felt more like she was interviewing me. I felt like she was sizing me up, getting to know me; I don't even remember asking her questions. The whole thing went by in a blur, and after it was over she shook my hand with her firm shake, and that little bit of physical contact with her gave me a rush. No way would I hire her though; too much of a distraction having someone that hot around.

After work was done, I drove home, figuring that's the last I'd ever hear from her, only to find her in my driveway, leaning against her car, parked out front, holding a bottle of wine. 

"Hey Patrick. Right on time. I brought us something to drink."

"Molly...hi," I said, confused.

"You're wondering how I knew your address, right? I got it from a piece of mail off your desk."

"And how did you know when I'd be home?"

"I'm your new assistant. It's my job to know your schedule."

"I...didn't offer you the job."

"Yeah, I know, so let's go inside and take care of that right now," she said. I couldn't tell if she was joking or serious. "Come on, at least have a drink with me for old times' sake."

"Alright, sure, come on in," I said, unlocking the front door.

Inside I took my jacket off and got out two glasses. When I turned around, Molly had taken off her work clothes, revealing her old volleyball uniform underneath. It was a little tighter now than it had been; her frame had filled out a bit more. Her leg, strong arms were on full display now.

"I thought I'd wear this, for nostalgia" she said. "You used to go to all the games, right?"

"I...yeah, I went to a few," I said.

I handed her a glass but she didn't take it.

"No need for that. We'll drink straight from the bottle."

"I'm actually not drinking tonight. I've still got work to do."

"No. You're gonna drink to celebrate your new assistant."

"Okay, look Molly, I'm not going to offer you the job. I'm sorry. I like you, but I take my work really seriously, and I have very specific needs, and you're just not the right fit."

Molly's eyes narrowed as she stepped closer to me. She was getting that look on her face she used to get during games.

"I know what your needs are, Patrick," she said, "and I think I'm a perfect fit. Now drink," she commanded, pulling the cork off the bottle.

"Molly, I think you better go."

Molly nodded and put the bottle down on the counter next to us. Then she put her hands around my waist and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

"Remember that party after the game with Northbrook, when I shoved you up against the wall? I know you remember. You could have that every day."

"Enough," I said shoving Molly back, "I'm not some high school dork anymore. I will not be pushed around or manipulated. Get out, or I'm calling the police."

"I get it," Molly said, "you're the guy in charge now. You order people around all day. You make high pressure decisions. You're always in control. But wouldn't you like to have a little time every day when you're not in control."


Without another word, Molly rushed me, and tackled me to the ground, climbing on top of me. She pinned my arms with her knees and grabbed my hair with one hand pulling it With the other, she grabbed the wine from the counter, and poured it into my mouth.

"Loosen up, Patrick. Have a fucking drink."

Wine poured down my neck and chest. Some actually made it down my throat, but most of it ended up on my shirt.

"Oh no, let's get you out of that shirt before it stains," she said, unbuttoning it, while I struggled to free my arms, to no avail. She licked a little wine off my neck.

"Okay, I'm gonna let you up, Patrick. Will you promise me that when I do, you're gonna listen to what I have to say."

"Yes. I promise," I said, panting.


She got up. I immediately reached into my pocket for my phone and started dialing 911. Molly sighed and knocked the phone out of my hand.

"Bad, Patrick, Bad," she said.

Now that my arms weren't pinned, I figured I had a shot at getting the upper hand, so I went to take her down, but I guess I forgot she'd been a marine. Before I knew what was happening, she had sent me face first onto the floor, and tied up my arms behind my back.

"Your problem right now Patrick is that you think you're too big to be spanked. You're not."

She pulled my pants down and firmly hit my behind with her open hand a few times.

"You're always in charge, always in control, but for just a little bit of time every day, what you need is someone else to be in charge and in control," she said, flipping me over onto my back, "that's where I come in," she added, mounting me.  "I can be the one person you answer to. The one person you can be vulnerable with."

"Get the fuck off me" I shouted.

"That's good, babe, let it out," she said, undoing the button on my pants. "That's what I'm here for."

"I'll call the cops," I said again.

"You already tried that," Molly said, "but sure, try again. In fact, you know what, I'll even dial the number for you." She took out her phone and punched in the numbers, then sat it on the floor next to me, spreading her legs apart and putting the phone between them.

"All you have to do," she said "is get the phone from between my legs, and press the call button. Go ahead. It's just one button. I'll even put my hands behind my back. Go ahead. Go for it."

She locked those intense green eyes on me, waiting for me to make my move. I knew it was a trap and part of me knew there was no way I'd be fast enough to get away from those legs, but I didn't care. I went for the phone, her thighs snapped shut around my head. My nose was pressed against her crotch, and for a minute or two, she held my head in place and grinder against it.

"That's right, baby, smell me. Maybe that'll help get you in the mood."

Keeping my head in lace with her hands, she snaked her legs further down my body, until she had me in a bodyscissor.

"Let go," I shouted.

"Never," she said wrapping her whole body around mine. She let out a pleasured sigh, like she was savoring the experience of holding my body contained with hers. She started kissing all over my face, and stroking my hair, and  saying things like "aww, poor baby, you're so cute when you struggle." She'd blow on my ear, and giggle and say "it'll be okay, honey, just give in to me." The more I struggled, the more she seemed to relax and enjoy herself. She had me completely at her mercy.

And then, once she'd made it completely clear that I couldn't go anywhere, she started squeezing. Her legs constricted around my stomach, while her arms hugged my chest tight.

"Help," I screamed.

"That's right. Scream for help."

"Help," I screamed louder. My air was running out in her python grip.

"Now cry," she said in my ear.

"Stop it," I shouted back.

"I will. But I need you to cry first."

"I will not cry."

"It's okay. Take all the time you need," she said, playfully rocking me back and forth in her grip. I was fighting for my life, but to her this was just playing with a toy. "Patrick, you have to understand, I'm not making you cry just to be mean. I need you to cry so that you know you can do that with me."

She grabbed my head and turned it towards hers so my eyes and hers were less than an inch apart.

"You're an incredible man, Patrick," she said. "You've worked so hard and risen so far, but you're not an alpha male. You're a beta. You need an alpha female to belong to, and if you don't have one, you won't be able to keep up the way you've been going. I can be what you need. I'll do the filing and get you coffee at the office. I'll call you sir, and wear tight slips for you. I'll be yours, but after work, you become mine. I take you home, get you out of your suit, and that's when it's my turn to be the boss, and your turn to finally be yourself. Your beautiful submissive self. Do you understand that? Now cry for me!"

She squeezed harder, and I started to realize she was only using about 50 percent effort at this point. This woman could break me in half if she wanted to and maybe she did. Still, I would not break.

"Wow, very resilient, Patrick," she said, "I guess I need to loosen you up a bit."

She let go, and I scrambled away, but she pounced on me again. I struggled for a few moments, and then she let go again, giving me the chance to run once more. I realized she was letting me go just for the fun of catching me again. I got to the other side of the couch. She jumped clear over it, like it was a low hurdle, and then grabbed me and took us both down onto the couch cushions.

She was on her back with her arms and legs wrapped around me again.

"I know what'll loosen you up," she said.

She reached one hand down into my pants, and under my boxers, still able to detain me with her three other limbs.

"Remember this? It's like we're right back at that party."

"Stop," I said.

"Your mouth says no, but your cock says keep going."

She was right. I was rock hard. It took her less than half a minute of stroking to make me shoot a load.

"Oh god," I shouted in both pleasure and frustration.

"You came for me, now cry for me," she ordered once again, and finally, I started to whimper in equal parts despair and relief.

"Aww, here it comes," she said, sweetly. "I knew you could do it, babe."

She loosened up, and then sat up, with me positioned on her lap.

"Let it out," she said, pulling my head into her chest. The side of my face rested against the Captain's C printed on her jersey, just above her buxom left breast. I swear, I'd daydreamed about her putting me in this exact position back in high school.

I kept crying, and she held me there for who knows how long. And after I was done, she laid me down on my back and mounted me again.

"Now say you're in my power."

"I'm in your power."

"Say there's nothing you can do to stop me from getting what I want."

"There's nothing I can do to stop you from getting what you want."

"Excellent, sweetie, now stay right there. Don't move a muscle, or I'll have to hurt you." 

I lay there, and listened to her gather things from around the kitchen and the living room. A minute or two later, she'd dumped an armful of bottled water, pillows and blankets beside us.

"It's 7 pm," she said, "at 7 am, I start calling you boss, but for the next 12 hours, you're mine."

She pulled my pants and underwear off with one quick yank, then stripped down to the nude. Her body was power and sex personified.

"Molly, I have one humble request," I said.

"Yes, love."

"Leave the volleyball shirt on."

"Of course, baby."

She slipped it back on and then lowered herself onto me, her cool smooth skin pressed against mine. She pinned my arms behind my head as she put my throbbing cock inside her.

"Now I want you to resist until you can't anymore. Try as hard as you can to get away," she said, as she started working her hips.

I did as I was told, to absolutely no avail. My arms couldn't budge. My legs kicked pointlessly under her.

"That's right," she said, cooing, "I'm going to have you all I want, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. Fight harder."

I bucked with my hips.

"Harder" she demanded.

I bucked harder.

"Who do you belong to," she asked, the pitch of her voice getting higher as she neared climax.


"Say my name," she ordered.

"I belong to you, Molly."


We came together. She took a moment to breath, then grabbed a bottle of water and took a few big gulps. Then she took off her shirt.

"I know you wanted me to leave it on, but I think you might like what's underneath too. Now, you can have the rest of this water, but not from the bottle."

She poured the rest of the bottle of water on her full perky breasts, and pulled my head up into them.

"Now you can drink."

I obeyed sucking and licking off her glorious breasts and now I knew I had what I needed.


Howdy Squeeze Queen Dudes

I really enjoyed the above story and as such, have decided to convert it so that you can listen to it instead of reading it.

That way, you can simply close your eyes and imagine it as its being read back to you 8)


Password: ownboss2017

Enjoy Peeps
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Great work, from both of you.  Loved that!

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