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Great software to free up hard disk space

Started by ownboss, 06-May-18, 11:02 AM

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Like you, I have several large hard drives which are used to archive my combat media and as such, was seeking to purchase yet another due to running low on space. Then I read about a method to obtain extra space by finding duplicates on each of the hard drives so I had to give it a try. To my amazement, the software discovered that I had over 383gig of duplicate files spread over my archive drives which I quickly removed. I now have all this extra space to store more media and as such, saves me from buying another drive for a while longer.

Download the software here:


1 ) Install the software package
2 ) Connect all your hard drives
3 ) Run the software up
4 ) Wait for it to locate duplicates
5 ) Click clean files and you're done

It's that easy :-)

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Hey Guys

Now, has anyone actually done this and been as successful as I was, because I would love to hear about it. Therefore, if you have followed my lead and installed and run up the software and deleted all duplicate files and in doing so, freed up valued hard drive space then let us all know, and let's see the overall results.

It works trust me 8)
Bringing Order To The Chaos Created By A World Infested With Idiots!


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