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First time experience

Started by mwrestindia, 25-Feb-19, 03:26 AM

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First time experience.. is it feel sexy or just exciting?


Both. Its also nerve wrecking and freaky in a way.


To be honest it was so long ago I can't really remember. I do recall my older sister used to wrestle me to the ground and sit on my face in a classic SGP, I was powerless to stop her as she was that much older and bigger than me.

My next clear memory is of me engineering a situation where she would sit on my face, so I assume by this stage I had got to really enjoy it and found it exciting. We were both alone in the lounge and she was wearing just her school shirt and her white knickers with long white socks. She got up from her chair to fetch something from the kitchen and I took this opportunity to arrange myself in her chair so I was upside down with my legs over the back and my head on the seat.

When she came back and saw me in her chair she said if I didn't move she would sit on my face, this is obviously the outcome I was after and said something cocky like "you wouldn't dare". Well I suppose you can guess what happened next, yep, she sat on my face and smothered me under her tight knickers, I can still remember the excitement I felt as she lowered her arse onto my face, and that was quite a few decades ago, is it any wonder why I've been obsessed with facesitting all my adult life?

I would hazard a guess that many of the guys on this and similar sites had experiences much like these in their early life, comments anyone??


Whith your sister ? Ummmmmmm


Teach their own but if I had a sister that be too weird.

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