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Baptized in Sweat by Bonnie

Started by dworth, 03-May-20, 11:38 PM

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In college, I used to work out at my school's rec center every day. That's where I met Bonnie, who is still probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen face to face (and definitely the most beautiful I've ever seen ass-to-face, but we'll get to that). She had the tanned skin of someone who worships the sun, the tight body of someone who never stops moving. Major hippie vibes. The kind of girl who probably talked to rocks. She couldn't have been more than five foot four, and a hundred ten pounds, but the muscle tone in her legs and back was a little intimidating. Sometimes, I'd watch her scale the gym's rock wall like a sexy female Spider-Man and I'd regard the musculature with a mix of fear and arousal. Fear and arousal charged every one of our interactions, I guess.

Looking back, I know exactly what I did that made her decide to own me. See, unlike most girls at the gym, Bonnie truly didn't give a fuck how she smelled. She didn't bother with perfume or deodorant, and she worked out harder than anyone there, so after one intense day of scaling the rock wall, she walked past me reeking like a linebacker after football practice in a heat wave. I just wanted her attention. I wanted to flirt. I didn't mean to offend her when I said "damn girl, you need to hit the showers."

And at the time, she didn't seem offended. She turned, and smiled a big, fun-loving smile at me and said "this is what we're supposed to smell like when we're not doused in chemicals."

"Don't tell me you're such a hippie you're against soap."

"I'm against anything that tricks your brain into thinking the way we naturally smell is bad," she said. "In fact, I love the smell of a sweat."

She stepped closer to me and started fanning her t-shirt, so the smell of her BO wafted right into my face. Of course she didn't wear a bra, and for someone with the compact body of a gymnast, she had a surprisingly sizable rack, and with this much sweat, I could see through most of the fabric.

"You know there are pheromones in sweat," she said, getting within a few inches of me. "Maybe if you showered less, you'd get laid more."

With that, she turned around, and walked away, and I shifted my stance to conceal the half-erection she'd just given me. I memorized her workout schedule after that, and made sure to always be at the rec at the same time as she was. I thought I was the one stalking her. That's what she wanted me to think.

I kept the small talk going by giving her more crap about not wearing deodorant every time I saw her.

"You love it," she'd say dismissively.

One day, after a few months, Christmas break was coming up, and I decided to use the holiday to take my flirty teasing to the next level.

"I got you a present," I said one day, walking into the gym at the same time as Bonnie. I passed her a gift wrapped bag.

"Whaaaat," she said with a high pitched squeal of genuine delight that I found adorable. She grabbed the bag from me, threw aside some decorative tissue paper and pulled out the triple pack of Arid Stick deodorant inside.

"Oh you piece of shit," she said giggling. She punched me hard in the arm. I pretended it was cool at the time, and only after did I find big, colorful bruise forming.

Then she backed me into a wall, her usual permanent smile replaced with a look that was positively savage, and said "One day, I'm going to fucking drown you in my sweat. I'm gonna make you taste it, drink it, breath it. I'm going to fucking baptize you in my sweat, until you see things my way. That's a promise." Then she smiled again, turned away, and went about her workout.

I couldn't work out that day. I couldn't do anything until I went home and rubbed one out a couple times over. But Christmas break passed, and I didn't hear much from Bonnie. She wasn't on Facebook, obviously, though one of her friends posted some photos of her having scaled a rocky hilltop barefoot like the freakish climber she was. Our flirting had cooled down a bit, and I was starting to give up on anything when one day she invited me on a hike up to Encinco Point, this local range.

"It's so pretty up there, you have to see it. I keep wanting to go, but I don't have any friends fit enough to make the climb."

I figured that meant we'd be up their by ourselves. Hell yes, I was in.

We met at the foot of the advanced path, around sunrise. I brought just some food and water. She had a backpack that looked like it weighed as much as her. "ADVANCED HIKERS ONLY," said a sign in foreboding font.

"Race you to the top," she smiled.

"With all that weight on your back?" I smirked.

"So it should be an easy win, right?"

She took off and started booking it, almost full on running up the trail. There was no way she could keep up that speed, with all that stuff on her back. I'd take it steady and pass her in twenty minutes I figured.

I figured wrong. This trail was intense. Slippery footing, and sudden rocky terrain that got massively steep. It seemed like practically no one dared to climb it, so there was also plenty of fallen branches of tangles of vines in the way. After twenty minutes, I was out of breath. Occasionally, I'd get to a clearing and see Bonnie's tight little body getting smaller on the horizon. Occasionally, she'd rush back down the mountain, and say "there's a gorgeous bird's nest up ahead. You have to stop and check it out," before dashing back up again.

This was killing me. I was in good shape. I ran a 7 minute mile, and squatted 300-something, but clearly this was out of my league. Even my little sack of food and water started to feel like a ball and chain. By the time I got to the top, I was exhausted, panting harder than I had in years.

Bonnie was fine. Breathing normally, looking out over the horizon, with her big, nature-loving smile. She was, however, drenched in sweat.

All the supplies in her backpack were now laid out on the ground. A roll of blankets, in the center of them all.

"You made it," she said, without looking back at me.

I tried as hard as could to pretend like I wasn't gasping. "Yeah, tough climb," I stuttered.

"Worth it though. Just you and me," she said, turning around. She walked toward me, once again fanning her BO in my face.

"Remember that time I said I was gonna baptize you in my sweat?"

She wiped the droplets off her forehead, and went to put her hand on my face. I batted her hand away.

"Knock it off."

"Oh sweetie, this is happening," she said, and now her grin had an evilness to it I hadn't seen before.

"Yeah, yeah, let me deal with your bullshit in a second," I said, pulling my water bottle from my pack, to take a gulp.

Bonnie knocked the water out of my hand.

"You don't get to drink water. You drink my sweat."

"What the fuck, Bonnie?"

"Are you gonna do it willingly? Or do I have to make you? Please say I have to make you."

I froze, paralyzed by that mix of arousal and fear she always knew how to cause.

She charged me so fast, I couldn't react. I was on my back in a second. Her sweat dripped onto my face. She put her sweaty hand out.

"Come on. Lick it."

"Cut it out."

I tried to throw her, with everything I had. She didn't budge.

"Awww," she said, as if she genuinely found my struggle cute, "You're exhausted. Aren't you? Don't even have enough left in the tank to throw a little thing like me."

She climbed off, and I tried to back away, but I could barely move. She grabbed my neck with one arm, hooked under my armpit with the other, and dragged me onto the roll of blankets.

"Yeah, you can't do a single fucking thing, can you?"

"Bonnie, please..."

She pinned my arms flat on the ground with sudden force, and lowered her face so our foreheads touched. She licked my cheek.

"Mmm," she said, savoring me. "You taste good. The salty taste comes from the electrolytes. That's what you need. Now taste me."

Her sweat dripped onto my face. "I'll wait," she said, licking me again.

"Bonnie, someone's gonna walk by and see this."

"Nah. I run this trail every morning. No one ever comes through. We've got it all to ourselves."

Holy shit, I thought. She runs this trail every morning.

"Feel free to scream as loud as you want too. Lots of the guys I bring up here scream. Doesn't bother me."

She licked my neck.

I didn't know what kind of game she was playing, but with the news that no one was coming for me, and I was alone out here to be preyed on by a possibly very dangerous person, I found some strength I didn't know I had left, and rolled Bonnie over.

"Oh wow, baby's still go some fight! Love it," she said from her back.

I pinned her arms behind her head.

"You got me," she said smiling. I didn't even realize she'd snaked her legs around mine, and started pulling them apart.

"This one's called a reverse grapevine," Bonnie said through giggles. "Bet it hurts those exhausted legs of yours, right?"

I reflexively reached down to try to pry her legs off with my arms, as if that would do any good. She took the moment to pull my head into her chest.

"Come on. Don't pass up some boob sweat. Lick it."

Somehow, maybe because she let me, I pulled my legs free, and rolled away.

"Wow, most guys are total silly putty at this point," Bonnie said, pouncing on me.

We rolled around some more, me fighting for my life, her laughing, and trash talking and pulling me into different parts of her body. And the more I struggled, the more tired I got, but Bonnie didn't seem to fade even a little. And I started to realize, even if I did manage to somehow get the upper hand, what would I do then? Run back down the trail? I didn't have it in me. Every muscle was shaking. It was time to accept that I was hers, and negotiate whatever I could.

"I give up Bonnie. I give up. Surrender. truce. Whatever, just please don't hurt me."

"Bravo baby," Bonnie said, sitting on my stomach, looking down at me. "Such a fighter. Very sexy. We're gonna have an ecstatically good time. And it starts with you tasting me."

She held out her hand again. "Come on."

I licked it.

"Such a good boy!" she clapped and smiled. "You want more? I bet you do!"

I licked her hand more, and suddenly I realized just how thirsty I was. Between the walk and the tussle and the sun, I was close to dehydrated.

"Oh yeah, here, let me help you out. Open up."

I opened my mouth. She took off her sports bra and wrung it out over me. I lapped it up gratefully.

She shoved the sweaty bra in my face, cooling it off a little with every dab.

"Plenty more where that came from." She leaned down and scooped my head up into her chest, and I licked her breasts greedily. I licked her breasts for maybe twenty solid minutes, savoring every drop, while she kissed and played with my hair. It was crazy to think just a few hours ago, she'd just been some hot girl at the gym I had a crush on and now we were in the middle of some kind of weird, outdoor BDSM ritual. And the longer it went on, the less I remembered what had led to this point, and the more I started to savor it — to feel like she was taking care of me — saving me even.

"Thank you, Bonnie," I finally said, in between her breasts, laying my head back.

"You're not done yet. You're done when I say you're done. You need more."

Bonnie laid my head down, got up and took off her leggings. She rang those out over me too, then sat down on my face.

'Now we're really getting to know each other" was the last thing I heard, before her thighs engulfed me. She rubbed back and forth. The smell of her, that had once made me pinch my nose, was quickly becoming my favorite smell, as I drank up what I could.  At a certain point, I started running out of breath and started to struggle. Bonnie lifted up just a bit and said "deep breath in...deep breath out...deep breath in...okay, here we go again," and sat back down. Clearly she was an expert in this by now. She kept me there for who knows how long. I guess I blacked out, because when suddenly, the sun was going down.

"You've been going in and out," she said. "You need to rest."

I saw she'd built a fire and pitched a tent while I was out. She pulled me inside the tent, and situated my head on her naked lap.

"You need to eat a little now," she said, feeding me orange slices. "That's it. Such a good boy. Rest now. Big day tomorrow."

She laid down and spooned me from behind, and I fell into dreamless sleep.

By the sun's place in the sky, I realized I'd slept until noon the next day. Everything ached, and I was aggressively thirsty again.

"Hey, you're up," Bonnie said, entering the tent, naked, with a fresh mist of sweat.

"I just went on a run, so I'd have something for you to drink," she said, climbing over me and letting her breasts hang down over my face. I shot up and latched onto one of her boobs.

"Oh wow, such a fast learner," she said. "this is gonna be great."

After twenty minutes, and a breakfast of more fruit plus some beans, Bonnie said "can you walk."

I got up, and made it a few feet, before falling back down.

"Awwwww, that's precious." Bonnie got on one side of me. "Come on, my baby deer. I'll help you."

Bonnie walked me about a mile further down the trail, where there was a hot spring. She eased me into it. It felt amazing.

"You just let that spring work it's magic for a bit," playfully splashing water in my face before rushing off. Where she was going, I had no idea, but I'd long forgotten any plans to leave.

I don't know how, but it the spring helped a lot. An few hours in there, and I was refreshed enough to walk on my own again. I got up and headed back to camp as the sun was setting. Bonnie had lit a fire, washed our clothes and hung them on a line.

"Wanna roll around again," she said as I got to camp. "I'll be gentle."

She took me down on a pile of blankets. We made out for a bit, and then she fucked me, and it was the best sex I'd ever had, because I'd never wanted another body more. The smell of her had become, to me, the smell of life itself.

"Goddess," I said, as she brought me to climax. Because that's what she was.

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