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Me wrestling my smaller wife

Started by abekat62, 04-Jul-21, 02:23 PM

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I want to tell about my first wrestling experience with my wife. It happened some years ago when I was 32 and she was 30.
In her younger days she was an elite gymnast, which gave her a lot of strength and flexibility. Since she stopped as elite gymnast, she had maintained her strength and flexibility by practicing yoga and pilates, and by looking at her, you could tell that she had a lot of strength especially in her legs. She always said that she was very strong, and I agreed with her thinking: Yes, for a woman her size. I never imagined that she was as strong as me.
Because she is quite a lot smaller than me. I'm 1,86 m. (6"1) and she is 1,69 m. (5"6). My weight was 79kg. (174,1lbs) and her was 67kg.(147,7lbs.), which means that I was 17 cm. (6,7 in.) taller than her and 12 kg. (26,5 lbs) heavier. I myself went to the gym 3 times a week, was quite fit and considered myself a strong man. I lifted heavier weights than most other men in the gym.
As I said, my wife used to say that she was very strong, and sometimes she even said that she could beat me in a fight. Considering the size difference and the fact that I'm a man, I considered that claim to be ridiculous.
Then one day she came home from pilates class. I thought she looked amazing in her tight yoga pants and sports top. I could see her big leg muscles beneath the thin lycra. I told her that she looked amazing and added that she looked strong too. She answered: "Yes. I told you that I'm extraordinarily strong and could beat you". I replied that there was no way she could, since I was stronger and a lot bigger than her. She laughed and said: "Ok. Let's have a wrestling match, and I'll show you". I said yes and was confident that I would easily win. We agreed about the rules: Only wrestling/grappling. No punching/hitting, biting, pinching, use of nails or hair-pulling, but besides that anything was allowed. The match could only be won by submission.
We moved the furniture in the living room to make a big space on the carpet to wrestle. I put on my gym clothes and my wife kept on her tight pilates outfit. I was excited and confident that I would teach her a lesson about the difference between a strong woman and a man. "Get ready to be beaten", I said.
We got in our starting positions and were ready. Actually, I turned out not to be ready! She jumped me, putting her legs around my abdomen and her arms around my neck. Hanging on me she made a lot of strong movements which eventually made me fall. We landed on the floor with me on top, but still with her legs and arms around me. I tried to get out of her scissor, but her legs were locked. I tried to twist myself out, but the only result was that my abdomen now was sideways between her massive legs and her arms still around my neck. Now I really got to feel how strong her legs were. I didn't imagine that it was possible, but she started to squeeze my abdomen even harder. I was in great pain and had a hard time breathing. It felt like her legs was made of steel. I struggled like crazy to get out and moaned in pain, but I was stuck. "Hey big man, when are you going to beat me?" she laughed and tightened her scissor even more. One last moan and I tapped in desperation.
I couldn't believe that my much smaller wife just beat me, and felt humiliated. I argued that she caught me by surprise with her quick attack and asked for a rematch. "If you can take another defeat, I'm ready" she laughed.
We got ready again. Off course she tried the same attack as in the first round, but this time I was ready for her. I stepped backwards, got my arms around her body and my feet behind her legs and made her fall. She was lying somewhat stunned on her back, and I quickly got on top of her with all my weight. Holding her arms down with my hands and holding her legs with mine. "I got her" I thought, and asked her if she wanted to submit right now to prevent her from a lot of pain. "No way. Never!" She replied. "It's not over yet!" I was aware that her legs were strong, but was surprised to learn that her arms were too. I couldn't hold her arms. She managed to lift her arms up. Obviously, I couldn't hold her legs either, and by using her great flexibility she managed to turn herself around. She got on her knees and arms, still with me on top. She grabbed one of my arms, pulled hard and threw me off of her back. I tried to move away but she was faster. She got on top of me, and sat on my chest. "Well, hubbie. Looks like you're being beaten by a girl again" she mocked. Before I could do anything she scissored my neck and locked her legs into a figure four. Once again I was caught by her legs of steel, but this time even worse! I felt the lycra legs tightening around my neck. I was completely locked. I even tried to stand up to get my neck out, but there was no escape. I felt down and couldn't breathe. I tapped but she didn't immediately loosen her hold. "Do you recognize that your wife can beat you?" she yelled. "Yes I do" I whispered gasping for air. "And that I'm stronger than you?" "Yes, yes". "When I let you go you will satisfy me in any way I want you to, agreed?" she said. "I will. Let me go!" I said with my last breath, close to fainting.
Finally, she loosened her grip and let me go. She beat me twice, fair and square. I felt very humiliated, but also aroused.
"Remember what you promised me, when you were totally defeated, big strong man?" She said. "Yes" I mumbled. "Lie on you back", she ordered. I did, and she sat on my face. "Lick my pussy" she said. "Beating my husband made me so horny". I licked for a few minutes, with her sitting on me laughing and mocking me for being beaten by a girl, and softly slapping my face. Then she changed position and sat on my very hard dick instead, riding me very hard, until we both came in an exploding orgasm.
This was my first wrestling experience with my wife or any woman for that matter. I have challenged her many times since then, but she beat me every time. Size doesn't always matter.

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